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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ke Gebeng Ke DeBoom!

LYNAS? Okay one. Nothing one la. But will bring lots of money to Gebeng and create lots of jobs for local people with three heads and 15 fingers.



Anonymous said...

Looks very scary after watching the video.
The long term negative implication far outweighs the economic pluses that it brings(in fact the main beneficiaries are the shareholders of the company).
The other question is whether there will be rigid supervision of the waste discharge over the long term and what is the guarantee there will absolutely no leakage for many years to come.Looking at current govt administration,I really have no confidence!

Ellese A said...

Why must we propagate falsehood and baseless fearmongering. Independent experts and scientists have no objection. Third party courts have decided anti lynas claim as baseless. And you know what I have debated for past few years and none from academics to stupid supporters can even articulate what's wrong. Zilch. None.

The video itself is a lie. They forgot to mention the stark difference from Bukit merah. They forgot to mention that ARE content shipped to Malaysia is so safe that no international convention wants to regulate it. It fails to mention that we are all exposé to radioactive exposure. If so scared don't eat banana and fly commercial plane lah. it purposely avoid the debate on level of exposure. Bodoh betul thinking we're all stupid. Only gullible partisan supporters and bigots believe in this stupidity.