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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Maximum faux pas

By now I am sure that almost every Malaysian with an Internet connection is familiar with the events that took place at the BN-organised PSY concert in Penang. The event saw the first time that Prime Minister Najib Razak was publicly embarassed by Malaysians. Well, actually I would say that he definitely shot himself in the foot. More than a few times. 3 times to be exact when he asked the crowd gathered to watch the Gangnam Style Korean pop star, if they were ready for BN and got a loud NO!!!

Today, The Penang State BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow, said not all the people at the PSY concert in Penang said "NO!" to Najib when he asked if they were ready for BN. 

"We have video records showing a large segment of the audience had yelled ‘Yes’ when the PM asked that question several times", he claimed.

Errr...yes I am sure not all the people there said no. And the point you're trying to make is??? And if you have the video proving your point why don't you post it up on YouTube to counter all that's being viralled against your boss? Simple isn't it? Post it up la then people can decide the truth for themselves. True or not?



Anonymous said...

the scoundrel needs time to manufacture the video lah. BN-style.

Anonymous said...

Patrick... Happy Chinese New Year... i frequently visit you FB and i cant stop noticing in the comments that people keep attacking you... i've been taught that being a muslim is about to forgive when people asked for forgiveness... so patrick you should know by now who is the muslim that practice the teaching and who is just a muslim by the name....

Anonymous said...

Only idiot like you never learned after insulting other people religion.

kamalampang said...

You are right. A good Muslim is one who readily forgives while at the same time if a person does wrong, he would always give that person the benefit of doubt and in good faith (sangka baik) accepts that person's wrong as a genuine mistake or mistakes made out of ignorance.

akazukii said...

it has been up - at least at Rockybru's blog and a few other BN aficionados. Even so, those video, try as they may to counter those viral BN-No videos by imposing that there were crowds of resounding yes - I can't quite see (i mean hear) that alleged hundreds of yes...what i get from their counter videos only a mixed of yes and no that is besides the point. sigh. a true faux pass indeed by Najib, BIG TIME considering the GE is around the corner. pair this up with the listen3 videos - wallah, a real funneh one lah...who's up for that (editing the vid of BN-No and Listen3?) :D

Hello~ said...

LoL hope the quality is not the one they photoshopped the crowd in one of their events

It would be a double blow

And as for Annoymous 3.24pm
Yeah, I'm sure the right thinking Malaysians are aware of true Muslims and fake ones. What about true Muslims who did nothing to condemn the fake Muslims for their hate speech? I'm not saying anyone particularly but it is bullshit when one say how true they are but did nothing to correct the issue publicly. Silence means not true enough eh?

Annoymous 3.40pm

Grow up. Look at the more serious issue at hand. Don't be dumb and continue to dwell on the past. He did apologise unlike Ibrahim Ali whom you squeek shit at all.

People like you will continue to be a burden, and likewise, idiot like you never learn at all

Harris H said...

I couldn't agree more with the crowd's reaction. when faced with a direct question,you'll get a direct answer. PM should have asked "If you make sure BN wins the election, then I'll give you PSY?":-)

Truly Niamah said...

Adoi. BN, BN. All about vote-buying and corruption. Uninterested about the plot at large. When the truth comes out, the deny, threaten and blame others. When they start working hard and not politicking, particularly on race and religion, give up being umnoputras and truly listen to the PEOPLE, not their pr staff and other rent seekers will they truly win and be able to rule.

monsterball said...

Rocky did post it in his blog.
Go..view and listen.
When asked "Are you ready for BN?...the audio sound became we sometime get the same sound..from a conversation on HP...with poor lines.
In any case...Rocky was fucked up..with record commentators....more than 45 commentators ...firing at him non much so he quickly put out a new post.
BN idiots must keep twisting and telling lies.
If not...why else??...have a good debate??? Impossible.

monsterball said...

Najib speech is 30 years too late.
What he said....are music to the ears.
What he is also saying...lets forget the hundreds of billions stolen by him and Mahathir...encouraging all Umno b influential people to steal as much as they can too.
Najib is telling all...forget the unsolved murders....move forward....forget forget forget.
If Malaysians do they....then the on going con jobs by Mahathir and Najib are working still.....showing more idiots than smart Malaysians.
That we not true....and sooooooo.....wait for that desperate man who must win 13th GE at all cost...his last few tricks and treats.
He has 55 days.
We have 55 days to see the birth of a new Malaysia...WITHOUT Umno b.....MCA and MIC.
Anwar Ibrahim will be the PM. That's his destiny.
The only way Najib can stop upsetting the whole country with fights and troubles.....and that will never happen....for the Police and Military are not going to sit idle not support him ...killing innocent people....for the band of robbers and thieves anymore.

Anonymous said...

Y-Tube versi BN telah dibuat ... he..he..selamat menonton!

Anonymous said...

Aiya Patrick, you are over stressing yourself from trying to reason with a lunatic. Come onlah!

Anonymous said...

For Anonymous at 3.40pm, as if you haven't done it before. I bet it's a pleasure for you to insult every bit of others religion. Try looking yourself at the mirror before condemning Patrick.

Ellese A said...

Dear bigot, I think it's indeed najibs faux pas. Just like your faux pas. Next time when people apologise don't mock and be sardonic. What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

This ID issuance to foreign immigrant is still on going.It happen in September 2012 when I took a cab from Jaya One PJ to Subang driven by an Indonsian PR. From the short conversation I gathered he had been approach at his Home a week earlier By a group of people offering services to apply Citizenship for FREE. Only one catch he has to do Vote BN.

Anonymous said...

gangnam style,-psy is it!!
BN-- santa claus style !!
Pas-- moral style as claim!!
MCA-- follow style !!
MIC -- whatever style !!
Gerakan-- No style for now!!
PPP- Ular style!!
Keadilan-- Fighting style!!
DAP-- Stand for right style!!\
Sabah - Sarawak- Untung style!!

Anonymous said...

Gerakan man chang yeow and penang cpo abdul rahim hanafi said Psy's life was in danger of assassination but Psy was at a korean restaurant throughout the 'dangerous period' as reported by The star paper.

Who is kidding whom laa?

Seriously a WTF moment.


Arunzab said...

Oh for Gods sake the man has apologized !!

Happily Speaking said...

Penangites were clear with their No answera to Jibby. Jibby was following his prepared speech text. He was probably too shock by the affirmative answer from Penangites. He must be wondering what happened to the usual planted BN people holding 'I love PM' and shouting 'yes'. On that day, they simply were overwhelmed.

Penangites have voiced out. For the rest of Malaysians, do you hear the people sing?

Anonymous said...

The beauty of Islam can be appreciated if non-Muslim Malaysian go to Turkey.

Anonymous said...

I believe this MCA guy that many people support Najib. That's why he was scared of the Australian senator Xenophon and had him barred from entering Malaysia! Now that he has been sent back, all the Chinese, Malays, Indians (oh, yes namibkar thanmby), etc will vote him. He cannot lose this commng erection, not with the Election Commission registering so many new voters in Selangor, Penang, etc. Truly Malaysia, Truly Malaysia Boleh!

Me, I will stay away from BN. I do not count any way.


Anonymous said...

"Malaysia Truly Asia" edisi terbaru ! Semua orang mesti tengok sebelum PRU13


Anonymous said...

Great video. All must see.