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Thursday, February 28, 2013

To Smile or not to smile

Diorang semua kerja kuat ma. Bab tu diorang berjaya la.

The statement most likely to bring a slight smile or snarl to your face. Or maybe a mixture of both...

Claiming that his sons are successful in business or politics only because of their own hard work, Mahathir said, 

"If they succeed in business or politics, it is due to their own effort. And all this took place after I resigned as prime minister."



Anonymous said...

Ya,when other people are successful is bcos of their kinship but this mamak kutty's son is the exception.Bullshit! Go n fly kite,you this hypocrite,senile and cursed-to-death old man.

Ghanapathy said...

His son can kerja kuat because of the Indian blood, instead of Guiness Stout, he drinks San Miguel beer!

Anonymous said...

Daddy kasi la... Get it?

华人 said...

我是华人我投 PAS!!!

longman said...

after resign baru success . salute my xxx hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Famous words from Ex-PM in his blog:

9) The anti-corruption people can even now investigate whether I have ever received illegal gratifications, whether I have detained or thrown people into jail for personal reasons, whether I benefitted personally from any of the projects carried out during my time.

10) I have not taken anything that is not mine. In fact all gifts given to me, many very valuable, have been given to the Government including a score of expensive cars. They can be seen in Langkawi or at the old PM’s house in KL. I must admit that I ate some of the fruits given me to prevent them from going bad.

11) I had not allowed my children to do business with the Government or to be candidates in elections though they have been offered several times when I was PM and President of Umno. Only after I stepped down did I allow Mukhriz to contest.

12) Whatever money I now have is from savings during 29 years in the Government. My salaries were not big. But the Government took care of my housing, water and electricity, my travels. I don’t even spend much on food as I get invitations to functions like weddings etc.

13) I was therefore able to save my pay and allowances.

14) Except for Mirzan, my children did not get any scholarships. I believe Mirzan paid back what he owed MARA. He had the scholarship before I became a Minister, in fact when I was expelled from UMNO.

15) I have bought or been given no shares except for 200 Malayan Tobacco shares I bought long before I joined the Government. Other shares are the Unit Trusts issued by PNB and State Governments which I was obliged to buy. I own shares in MICO pharmacy in Alor Star which I set up when I was a private practitioner.

16) I am not interested in getting rich or living a life of luxury. What I have now is far more than I had hoped for when I was dreaming as a student. I am grateful to Allah for what I have and for sparing me to live this long.

17) I am ready to go when my time comes. I am conscious that all that I have will not accompany me to the grave.

Ellese A said...

Excellent inspiring words from TDM. It's one thousand times better than many of the bigoted write in this blog.

安安 said...

Stealing milk powder had to be jailed for 7yrs.. Killing ppl n intruding into ppl's ctry will hv red carpet.. No wonder BN created MALAYSIA BOLEH as tagline..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Zahid dan Hishamudin mesti letak jawatan. cukuplah membaruakan polis dan tentera. jangan disebabkan kawalan di sempadan longgar, nyawa anggota keselamatan melayang. mereka pun ada keluarga seperti anda semua.

polis dan tentera, pakat-pakat tukar menteri dengan tidak mengundi Barisan Nasional.

jangan politikkan hal ini? berhenti mabuk kerana dua barua ini hanya boleh dijatuhkan dengan sistem politik dan mereka semamangnya ahli politik.

Anonymous said...

Jealous lah got such a powerful support at the back.

bunohan said...

The UMNO regime siphoned off RM1.2 million of tax payers money to hire American propagandist to spin malicious stories about Anwar. Now the UMNO cyber troopers are trying to cover up the incompetence of UMNO by disseminating malicious and false attacks against Anwar, Tian Chua by shamelessly fabricating outright lies. Yet this very hypocrites pretend that they are holier than thou Muslims and Malays. Real Muslims don't indulge in fitnah. Real Malays are not biadap The UMNO putras are nothing but shameless politicians looking for the next contract!

Anonymous said...

Inspiring words ? Have you been sucking your grandad bolexs ? May a thousand curses on this old motherfcuker ...He is the World's living hippocrit where everyone is waiting to pee on grave...even Iblitz is ashame of him.