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Friday, March 29, 2013


Coming soon to a school near you

A government that openly supports bigotry in the name of religious purity. Do you want to support them too?

Read the Guardian news article HERE.



Ellese A said...

Dear Bigot,

The fact you and other Chinese support DAP shows your hypocritical stand. DAP has always supported our youngs to be separated by race in school. It denies our children to mix laugh and cry together. My children now have no Chinese friends. Can you believe that? This belief in superior culture is from day one of our merdeka. The support of vernacular school has nothing to do with the standard of SK education system. Then even SK were on English syllabus lah. It's due to pure chauvinistic angst. Look at the recent PR manifesto. They still want to perpetuate this separatist racist policy. So don't be selective you fool. We know you and DAP are racist.

najib manaukau said...

Muslims in Malaysia may be the majority but only when the imported muslims are taken into accounts. The scumbags and parasites from Umno know that. Especially the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir. That was why he manipulated the statistics just to show and most of all to justify his numerous actions and his policies. To make cover up what he did he started to import million of muslims from the southern Indonesia, Philippines and also many other muslim countries. At the same time it also gave him the opportunity to stay re-elected and thus stayed as P.M. for 22 years.
Therefore no one should ever believe the statistics released by the government and in particular by the shenanigan. They were released to justify all his pro Malay muslims policies. Even the veteran Umno leader Abullah admitted openly on T.V. that sometime in last few decades the population in Malaya of the pendatangs were larger than the Malays. Surely that could not be accepted by Umno in the country they are 'claiming' to be they own. When Malaya has always and will always belong to the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters.
Malaysia ,just like Australia or United States, there were never called Australia until just a few hundred years ago when the Brits and the Europeans took over these countries from the real natives and called gave them their present names. So did the immigrants from Indonesia named the country Malaya and to just to affirm their claim they called themselves Malays. Thus making them as the real natives of the land, when the real natives of this land are the Orang Asli and the Head Hunters, period.
The Malays are really just descendants of immigrants from Indonesia, and if anyone wishes to dispute the above just have their DNA tested to show they are not descendants from Indonesia. There is no better way to settle this long disputes !

Lanciau said...

What the fuck the writer of the play is saying? The play is trying to imply that the LGBT are a bunch of loud party goers,drug takers and casual sexers.
Come on,there are many who are also like that even they are not LGBT.
You will do better social contribution if you do play to depict the negativity of youth taking drugs,becoming snatch thieves,extortions and robbing innocent people,house breaking and petty theft which I read them everyday in the news media.

Fazli said...

BN doctrines are permeating in school now!

Very sick of the propaganda clips of Nadi Rakyat, Terima Kasih, IM4U, ... that is flooding the TV.

BN should blame God for LGBT?

Niamah truly!

Oh My Ellese said...

Ellese A better got its facts right before it farts.

Ask yourself why the national schools are all like religious schools? Bring non-halal food to school also cannot. Standard also very low. Study there also no garanti can enter local universiti despite better results than the bumis, right?

Anonymous said...

All LGBTs should not vote BN!

Anonymous said...

This Umno government, like usual, emphasises on wrong things, as if they themselves are 'perfect'. In this case, they forget those with LGBT tendency are God's creations as well.

They, LGBT, are born that way and is not their choice. Staging such shows will not only disseminate wrong information to the so-called 'normal' people but cause hate and hatred to these LGBT, who need lots of love and compassion from us.

Letchmi said...

I am very angry to watch the video of Zulkifli Noordin (MP for Kulim-Bandar Baharu) making sensitive statements that insults the Hindus in Malaysia.

Zulkifli is now an Umno/perkasa agent, thus a threat to the Indian community.


F1NAS said...

Suhaimi Baba must watch this to get her facts right for Tanda Putera:

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