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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


In 2004, Dato’ Faridah Merican introduced Life Sdn. Bhd., with the purpose of sharing true experiences, tales of all living the Malaysian life openly and without judgement.

The beauty of the production lies in its distinct composition where actors as well as non actors share true stories, on stage, making aware real issues that affects our Malaysian way of life. The Life Sdn. Bhd. series seeks to tell ‘real stories by real people’.

Since then The Life Sdn. Bhd. Series has shared with audiences topics such as breast cancer (2007), HIV / AIDS epidemic (2010), Abuse (2011), Refugees (2011), Human Trafficking (2012).

This year 2013, marks the 10th year of the Life Sdn Bhd Series. Come and hear true stories from the original cast, as we take you on a journey with the Lighter Side of Life.

Featuring: Aliaa Sharif, Andrew Tan, Ariff Akhir, Patrick Teoh, Ashraf Zain, Clarence Kuna, Douglas Wong, Ian Chow, Lex Lakshman, Sharmaine Othman, Sudhan Nair

Date: 14 Mar 2013 – 16 Mar 2013 / 17 Mar 2013
Showtime: 8:30 pm / 9.00 pm
Presenter: The Actors Studio Teater Rakyat
Ticket price: RM38 (Adult) / RM28 (Students, Disabled, TAS Cardholders)
Phone: 03 40479000


Anonymous said...

post the show on youtube ok. i cannot afford to go . no budget due to najib gor! damn lousy bisness nowadays.

kopitiam 88 said...

Douglas Wong should go to local universities to promote his Tanda Putera instead!

Ah Huat Kopi said...

kopitiam 88

Tanda Putera is only screened in closed door event for malays audience only. I see no reason Douglas Wong can be of any further use by Umno at this point of time.