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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Be scared? Be very scared?

One of the questions I most often get asked is this. Eh, Patrick you write all this stuff in your Niamah!!! blog and Facebook all. You not scared they arrest you ah? Or make trouble for you ah?" And my answer always was, "Hiyah! They don't bother with me one la. To them I am small fry only. Let the baarger tokkok la after all the fler only preaching to the converted what. Then we can use him to show off osso. Tell the world we have plenty of freedom of expression in Malaysia ma."

Of late, when I think about it I might have been wrong all this time. Sure I am not in jail. Sure I am still free to blog and write in my Facebook page. But...

For someone who used to voice 90% of all the commercials on radio and television I now would be surprised if I recorded more than 2 commercial voice-overs in a year!

The last time I was offered a role in a local Malay movie's been so long I've forgotten when.

The last time I was offered anything to do on local television there were still dinosaurs roaming the earth I think. Well, okay my poor command of Bahasa Malaysia may also be a cause la.

I used to travel the world with the then Tourism Development Corporation of Malaysia on their international sales missions. I acted as the official master-of-ceremonies at all the events. I represented the team as spokesman on radio and television programmes featuring our cultural and fashion presentations.

The last time I was offered the job of hosting a government or government-linked event was in the previous century.

So, when I thought about it...maybe they did do something to me and I was just too dumb to realise it until now. 

So now I earn far less money than I used to. And it could all have been due to what I write or tokkok about on the Internet. 

Abuthten! I thought about it a bit longer and said, "So what la? All I know now is I don't want to continue living like this anymore." Right?



dukuhead said...

i always believe that one should speak what one means and mean what one says. You do both.

Anonymous said...

How about election day at 5.12 (Sunday)and the next day, memorable day of "513".


CPL said...

Aiya Patrick, you are from Kee Huat Radio time lah. Tell me is there anymore KHR ? That's why they don't call you anymore

Anonymous said...

Kudos Patrick

Life has its many sacrifices and it must be tough for you to take this step and give up so much.

Let us all go this final mile for our children and their children and theirs. We owe them a Malaysia without the scums called "Barisan Nasional".

Anonymous said...

May be you should add in also got competition mah.

OK OK. You were the best in your days and probably still is today. But we do have some good ones you have trained before.

Haha!!! Just tokkok!!!


Sammy said...

Yours is an rewarding task but many of us feel you are doing the right thing. Don't give up or lose hope, rewards may come in different forms.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say local artists have to sell their souls to BN to cari makan.

Patrick Teoh is not the only one 'gam' by RTM/TV3. See what has happened to those malay artists who support the opposition.

Hall of shame include Douglas Lim (Tanda Putera), Jack Lim (1malaysia abassodor) and those who appeared in those 1Malaysia propaganda videos (nadi Rakyat, I pilih...).

Patrick should be proud that he is not wasting his time in Oh My English!

I hope Patrick can work for MediaCorp dramas. The Point of Entry is 100000X better than Gerak Khas.

Molly said...


Strange that the BN's '1malaysia - it's time to take action' ad is on your blog.

BN infiltrated your blog?

Or are you paid for the ad to appear?

patrickteoh said...

Molly, is the BN ad on my blog??? I went to check right after I got your comment but didn't see it? Could you do a screen grab the next time you come across it? Many thanks.

zorro said...

Patrick, you do not need THEIR patronage.

Anonymous said...


I "tapek" you. Some things like speaking out the truth against the rubbish spewed by the 1government unlike a certain datuk seri newspaper editor is worth much more than the voice-overs, commercials and acting roles in some propaganda movies or documentaries.

You can hold your head and shoulder high high and say NIAMAH to RTM and the tourism ministry helmed by the yen yen hag of the Psy "loh hei" fiasco.

Anti Tanda Putera said...

Tanda Putera is funded by taxpayers' money and has many factual inaccuracies. It is a BN propaganda tool to antagonise the Malays and to cow the Chinese. Thankfully Patrick is not involved in this racist project.

Minister in Prime Minister's Department Koh Tsu Koon said this about Tanda Putera: "There have been some private screenings for people to make some judgements and decisions." Truly Niamah statement!
He should have told Umno to scrap this movie altogether. Unfortunately and as usual, he is too afraid to offend Umno.

Ravi said...


I also saw the BN ad (on Google Adsens, top of your blog page) yesterday on your blog.

Suhaimi said...


At least you have your restaurant business to fall back on, not to mention your CPF in singapore for your work there.

Unfortuanatley most of the malay artists are dependent on road shows ala Jom Heboh to sustain their livelihood. They need the publicity on Melodi in order to meletop. Also Finas may insruct film producers to avoid those anti-Umno artists. That is why I rally sanjung th likes of Aisha, Abbey Abadi, Bok Lokman, Yasin etc for willing to break away from Umno's control.

As for Oh My English!, I am not sure it will help malay students to pass SPM English that is already very low in standard. Bring back English 121!

HentamSamaDia said...

I think Malaysia is controlled by BN too long so much so they take this country as their father's property.Niamah!
For once we must 'show' them kow kow!

Anonymous said...

I remember listening to you on Malaysia Airlines in flight radio all the time. Everytime I'm back in Malaysia I go to your restaurant at least twice. Although I always wonder if the typo on the menu makes you go Niamah every single time.

Fazli said...


Not sure if you manage to catch this on Astro Awani yesterday:

Wacana Sinar Harian Siri 18 Artis Masuk Politik: Kredibiliti Atau Pancing Undi.

Zed Zaidi (Seniman/BN) & Suhaimi Baba (Tanda/Putera/BN) vs Bob Lokman (ahli PAS) & Hairie Othman (Leftn Adnan/PAS).

Zed Zaidi said artists joining opposition are not banned on local TV/radio. Trust him?

Summary here:

It is on Youtube too:

I think you should watch it as it concerns the topic in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hairie Othman is a malay actor who lost all movie/TV assignment after joining PAS.

BN controled the local entertainment scene?

Anonymous said...

Oh the poverty, jobless, suffering, i know you always wanted to own a restaurant but... huh Malaysia, multi cultural, religion, race, a failed govt, can't manage.. ugh suffering. How can any body live like THIS!!! Tell MEEEEE! I hope things will change. I sincerly do. Thanks Patrick, carry on doing the right thang! One day Malaysia wil be Freeeeeeeeee!

Gotta go, gotta catch a movie, then a nice dinner with my friends. Hmm maybe we'll check out your restaurant one day when the country's climate is better for you to own one, ha Pat? hehe. Keep up the good fight, we'll get there, someday.


Anonymous said...

This is what Bob Lokman has to say as an artist supporting PAS:

He also said that food (duit) from plate (lakunan) is not wrong, but the plate is dirty. It is the government duty to clean the plate.

Anonymous said...

More scary to watch Najib sings in this vido:

Anonymous said...

Aiya Patrick, u still need to b careful la, look at me, I sue one wanita UMNO member for owing me $$, don't want to pay nevermind she then get her MACC fren to catch me, want to remand me somemore but I wasn't afraid, was ready with my jacket and pajamas when I went to MACC office and of cause I am not wearing a belt just in case !
oh I remember she claim to know u too niahma!! better know your fren la, niahma!!

Anonymous said...

Banyak artis ditaja oleh BN!

Anonymous said...

Was your last assignment for RTM the stint (also a deliberate stink?) in Jazz Cafe before Rais took over?

You should redeem yourself with a better show to leave a good legacy on Malaysian TV.

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous 9:02am, you right. About the stinky part. Ya Jazz Cafe wasn't something that I was particularly proud of. However, the blame is entirely on my shoulders. I just didn't carry the show well although the musicians and artists were great.

A legacy on Malaysian TV eh? Hmmm...that would be kinda hard to achieve. Thanks.

Molly said...


Forget about RTM, TV3 and Astro.

You can be great in internet TV.
With your great voice and good command of English, you can also be a great sensation on internet.
What about starting NiamahTV on internet? Sure meletop one!

Anyway, I wish you all the very best. You are already a legend on radio, now you can still make it on internet or youtube.

I hope my little words have inspired you for action.

Anonymous said...

Suhaimi Baba must watch this for the true history of May 13

Anonymous said...

I still think Jazz Cafe is still better than any talkshow in Astro ie. AC Di mana?

Patrick should follow Namewee's Tokok (talk east talk west) internet show. Sure got people follow one (Oh My English!))

Anonymous said...

Patrick, keep up the good work to open up our eyes on what is really happening in the country for our current and future generations. You are simply a true patriot! We salute you!!

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