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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy end to a happy day

Here's a piece to help you end International Day of Happiness with a good  laugh.

Rosmah, in her autobiography said that as the PM's wife she was compelled to accept expensive jewellery as gifts from foreign governments out of courtesy because it was not nice to reject. 

“And when I’m given the gifts, I wear them. Why would you want to just keep them in a safe when the items were given sincerely, are beautiful and can be used? It’s a waste if they’re just kept in a safety deposit box,” she wrote. 

Woo Hoo!!! Good save, Rosmah!  Hahahaha...

But then hor you were given these gifts as the wife of the Malaysian prime minister, right? So the gifts rightfully belong to Malaysia and not to you personally. No ah? Were you planning to return them to the Kerajaan when you move out of Putrajaya?



Anonymous said...

I think the diamond will be hers ,after the election, maybe another round of diamond from the mugabeland.
if BN win again.all hell will broke lose, tol increase, TBH no justice, Submarine case close with a smile. C4 bombing is swept under the carpet, Sarawak keep logging free.Sapurakencana keep elevating,Company keep swallowing from the rest, opposition keep mum.
media can fly kite again. polis can run again as hooligan killing people with handcuff on., Even CJ is diam-diam again. uum


Anonymous said...

I read that in Hong Kong, the Chief Executive (equivalent to the PM here) and his family has to declare every single gift received of above certain value (very low threshold) while in office. An inventory is kept and when he leaves office these items will be retained by the government.

najib manaukau said...

Patrick, You forgot to mention that this is Malaysia ! She also claims, with support from the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir that she was at a certain place when the mongolian beauty was blown up in another. In that circumstances how could she be the one to have committed the murder ? Just like the murders committed by the mafia, did the head of the mafia .had to pull the triggers to have the victims killed ? What kind of alibi is she giving ? She did not explain how come her personal body guards, who had never met or known the mongolian beauty from Adam would want to have the mongolian woman C4ed ? Also what actions or enquires were held or conducted by the immigration department on how the computer records of the mongolian woman were deleted ? Plus also how come the C4 was taken from the arsenal of the country to have the mongolian blown up ? All these actions could only be committed by someone who is so powerful that no questions were ever asked ?
Finally the shenanigan Mahathir was not there to support you but he was there to trying to justify the many atrocities he committed ?

Anonymous said...

Rosmah said this in her biography: "Normally they give me watches, rings, cosmetics, and so on. Some of them are expensive and are specially ordered. When someone gives us to receive gifts of high value. This is called integrity.

She is not supposed to keep the presents given to her by dignitaries of other countries. She is supposed to give them back to the state. If she keeps them, it amounts to corruption.

Jim said...

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BP Hotel said...

CSL = Cari Sexy lady accuses Lim Kit Siang of being a touch n go politician.

What about Chua Soi Lek? Touch and Play?

Anonymous said...

You not fair. People like Ros Mah so so so very much, they want to kiss her feet. But she so humble, let them give her gifts. After all she has no position, so no corruption. If they give to her husband, then Najib must declare and hand over it to Treasury. Good.

I am sure Najib gives no favours to anyone who sends Ros Mah expensive gifts. But why does Ros Mah have an office in Pejabat Perdana Mentri if she has no position? Oh, I have got a headache thinking about our beloved, humble and beautiful (full of integrity) Ros Mah.

Anonymous said...

新婚之夜,新郎轻抚着新娘的重点部位问道: 这地方我应该怎么称呼?是叫私处?还是应该叫 ....?

新娘正言道: 都不对,这叫党!从今天起,你要懂得党的原则是什么!









Anonymous said...

Bigmama subscribes to the principle that whatever is given to me is mine, and all that is given to you is also mine! Understood?

Anonymous said...


Can u publish the photo of young Rosmah?

Anonymous said...



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