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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

 Tokking kok...tokkok king...errr...Minister of Information, Malaysia

Sigh. It is so sad to see written 'proof' that Rais Yatim is not a very intelligent human being. His offer of 10 minutes air-time to each political party on RTM to present their pre-recorded manifestos in the lead up to Election 2013 proves that, unlike humans, Rais talks through his arse. In English or Bahasa or whatever "mode" he prefers to operate in. Apparently, Rais' offer was to prove that the BN government was as fair and democratic as any. \

Nah! Who says we don't give air-time to opposition parties. We give but they don't want only. And we are fair ma. ALL political parties get only 10 minutes. And that includes BN. (of course we don't tell them that BN also gets all the rest of the 50 minutes in every hour la)

And to further prove that he is quite moronic he stipulates that the offer is for a pre-recorded presentation. Opposition parties, in Rais' mind, may not be too smart either but they are smart enough to remember what Mahathir said a long time ago about 911 being a clever piece of editing and post-production work of fiction. If it can be done to 911 scale it would be a cinch to edit whatever Nik Aziz, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang or Karpal Singh says in that 10 minutes, right? We are not stupid la.

Oh wait, wait, wait. Rais said that all political parties would be given 10 minutes’ airtime each on RTM to present their pre-recorded manifestos in the lead up to Election 2013.

10 minutes to present a manifesto??? How can? Wait......BN sure can one. Because why? Because their manifesto will take less than 5 minutes to present. Nothing to say what. Gerrit? 



I Pilih Pakatan said...

Why 10 mins only when BN swamped our TV with all the stupid BN propaganda songs and clips under the guise of 'Saya Pilih...', 'Terima Kasih...', 'Nadi Rakyat...', 'Satu Malaysia I Bahtera...'.....


Bilik1304 said...

Special dedication to MCA & CSL:


Beng said...

No need 10 minutes, just 3 minutes and 17 seconds is enough to show this:

Anonymous said...

Please support Radio Free Malaysia!

Moo said...

Based on Rais formula, DAP 10 minutes, Pas 10 minutes and PKR 10 minutes total = 30 minutes.

As for BN, Umno 10 minutes, MCA 10 minutes, MIC 10 minutes, Gerakan 10 minutes, and nine other BN component parties 90 minutes . Total equal to 130 minutes??????

Very fair???????

Anonymous said...

One would have thought he would be gentlemen enough to offer a live televised debate between reps of various parties ... oops, that's not Malaysian culture.

I love to see a debate between Anwar and Rosmah (yes, Najib will be too scared shit that he will hide under Rosmah's tent, I mean skirt)

Anonymous said...

I thought this old antiquated obsolete dinosaur had vanished into thin air only to reappear in his usual stupid mode making even more stupid and niamah statements. Rais oh Rais, he should just immersed himself head first in the nearest pit latrine.

Anonymous said...

Najib's dubious “records” for Bolehland Book of Records:

1) The longest unelected PM without a mandate from the voters;

2) Leading an “expired” cabinet and government, as the present 12th Parliament is 18 days past its 5-year natural life, as it was elected on March 8, 2008; and

3) A PM who has been on election campaigning mode for the longest period in history - 4 years in a week’s time when it will be the 4th anniversary of Najib’s becoming the 6th PM on April 3, 2009.

Isla said...

Although PM Najib had announced that he has managed the economy well through the GTP (Government Transformation Programme) and ETP (Economic Transformation Programme), the nation’s national debt is soaring and has doubled from 2007 to 2012.

The value of the ringgit has also gone down in comparison to the Singapore dollar whereas post Merdeka days we were on par with Singapore. Is Najibnomics healthy economics then?

Crime is also on the rise and the recent robbery-cum-rape suffered by an American lady in Malaysia is certainly cause for concern.

Foreign ladies here have had their share of mishaps in recent years – a French lady was murdered while vacationing on an island and a German lady was assaulted while jogging but was fortunate enough to be rescued by her maid who managed to beat off the assailant. Another foreign lady had also met a gruesome death in 2006.

Robberies and snatch thefts are still common.

Najib is only painting a picture of illusory grandeur for the nation and his statements should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

KSF said...

To be modern, a country must be a secular democracy with such sacrosanct values as religious liberty, social tolerance and meritocracy. Tallest building(s) on earth and kris wielding bravado don’t define Malaysia, but government policies and the citizens’ collective morals do.

Onn Jaafar founded Umno in 1946 to advocate for his fellow Malays. In the few years leading up to Malaya’s independence, amid the backdrops of the Arab-Israel conflict and the racial bigotry in parts of the US, his worldliness dreaded what long lasting detriments raced-based political divide would bring to the multi-racial Malay peninsula.

After Umno became a political party, his wisdom, conscience and courage led him to engage other Umno leaders to open its membership to every Malayan regardless of race. At that time, the majority of the populace was non Malay. As it turned out, most of his fellow Malay leaders succumbed to their primal instincts that only Malays were predisposed to promote or support the social economic welfare of the Malays, and rejected his noble proposition and bereaved not only Umno but also the new country under his great leadership.

For a lifetime since then, Umno has wrested almost complete political control of the land, first by engineering Singapore’s expulsion from Malaysia to rid itself of any challenge from Lee Kuan Yew’s statesmanship, then by continuously badgering other political opponents with various scare tactics under the Internal Security Act.

Deplorable in design and dire in consequence, Umno’s refusal to admit non Malays brought the country racial tension and religious animosity, against the letter and spirit of Merdeka, which founding fathers Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lee Hau Shik, VT Sambathan Thevar and other leaders inclusively achieved (in 1957) as and for all Malayan citizens, not only Malays.

Unchecked, remedial government actions undertaken over the decades to aid the Malays have morphed into codified discriminatory policies at the expense of all other ethnic groups. In the process, some Umno leaders have exploited their political positions or connections for dubious largess.

It’s well documented that such graft amounted to billions of euros, dollars and ringgits. Festered with nepotism and corruption, such leadership continues to poison the hearts and minds of the citizenry regardless of religion and race. For good measure, Singapore has leapfrogged Malaysia to become a modern society. By 2012, the island nation’s estimated GDP per capita stood at US$62,000, more than four times that of Malaysia’s.

Malaysians would likely demand more and vote smarter if they are better informed. In this digital age, it’s up to a new generation of political leaders to put an end to this tribal and backward political system. As such, this coming general election is indeed a referendum to Umno’s racial exclusionary and therefore discriminatory policy.

Those gifted and capable must not let material temptations acquiesce in the name of Malay unity. They must not tacitly vote for Umno to keep its leaders from plundering the country, stroking racial and religious hatred, and continuing its divisive and subversive platforms. They must curtail the bad and preserve the good, in the spirit and with the courage of Onn Jaafar.

If the new leadership succeeds in the coming months, they would help to dismantle this cancerous political apparatus and the root cause for today’s corrupt culture, putting Malaysia on the right path to modernity. If defeated, they surely can take solace in knowing that their efforts will encourage others to take up the cause to mend the wrongs of their country.

Anonymous said...

10 minutes so that opposition cannot bring up all the problems facing the country. Too many. From corruption, crime, lawlessness, illegal immigrants, abuse of power, plunging ringgit, crippling debts, just too many.

Anonymous said...

10 minutes enough to show the CSL hotel video?

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