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Friday, March 15, 2013

Really ah?

Here is the statement most likely to make you say, "NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!!"

The old man was referring to his observation that at one time the Malays were angered by Chinese control of the economy. So doc, now the Malays are in control of the economy. Then how? It might have lost something in translation but these days I really cannot understand or believe what comes out of Mahathir's mouth and supposedly brilliant brain. 

In another article Mahathir was reported to have said that while the ethnic majority enjoys a special position under the Constitution the same law guarantees the minorities the right to self-identity through the freedom to practice their respective religion, language and mother-tongue education. What???!!! So while some get discounts on houses, scholarships, places in public universities, top positions in civil service we get to speak our own language and pray in our own temples and churches???  But wait, this is the good bit. Mahathir said that  it would not be possible to abolish Malay privileges without doing away with the rights of the minorities. 

Think about this carefully, folks. If being Malaysians and having equal rights and privileges in everything means speaking the same language and going to the same schools I am all for it. 

Mahathir and anybody who talks about this topic of rights always bring up the example of Indonesia. Mahathir said that in Indonesia the Chinese don't all themselves Indonesian Chinese, they call themselves Indonesians and speak Indonesians. Sure doc. But in Indonesia there are also no Bumiputras. No Bumi privileges. Everybody is Indonesian and enjoy the same rights and privileges. No?



Anonymous said...

So Dr M is saying just because non-malays want to be able to speak in their own language and practise their own customs and is justified that the govt practices discriminative policies favoring malays. Those are fundamental human rights and it is the norm in many countries....why should we made to feel grateful about it. So does it mean that it is OK for Dr. M if a malay chap went to live in another country and he is asked to change his name, religion and stop speaking in malay? By all means help those less able and fortunate......but don't do it based soley on race. What is the logic in giving a filthy rich bumi chap a 5% bumi discount on buying a multi million dollar house? What about the corruption in the name of NEP? Poor malays should realise that ....they are the real losers in this ......because this NEP thing has been hijacked by the politicians and their cronies.

shithappens said...

tun is clearly suffering from a condition where there is a clear disconnect between the brain, heart and the mouth....and ends up vocalising from the rear orifice

Anonymous said...

PI Bala died of " " " Apparently""" a heart attack.
Which hospital was he admitted to,who's the doctor/s attended to him. Betul ke 'apparent' heart attack. Maybe it could be the "special doctors' who attended to him.
Triple autopsy is a needed here.

Anonymous said...

Non malays have no privilege to wat Tanda Putera!

ps: PI Bala RIP!

Anonymous said...

一句话, 大选的时候有火箭投火箭,没火箭投眼睛,没眼睛月亮代表我的心。

Finas 2.0 said...

Jangan tonton Tanda Putera.

Tonton ini:
Apa itu kontrak tupai.

This version with Chinese subtitle

dukuhead said...

the only thing that i look forward to reading about mahathir is his obituary. But he's just too mean to die.

Sam said...

Aiyah! Patrick,

We can rant til Sharizat's cows come home, but nobody can beat Mamaktiu who has perfected the art of twisting, turning and spinning lah!
Besides, he can say whatever he likes because he is above the law. He was the one who could even downgrade the sultans, remember?

Anonymous said...

Mahathir who?

Malaysians should move on and not bother about this evil man. Let him die a frustrated ranting and raving old man lying on a mite infested mattress in a corner of a broken shed in the jungles of Sabah.

Anonymous said...

This Lo Hai (Old cunt) is really His Mader Chao Hai

Anonymous said...

Tiuniamah that old senile mamak kutty.What is he talking about?
You said malays need special rights
and non-malays must give away their ancestral right(right to have chinese name and indian name)and do away with chinese n indian education.Are not the non-malays citizen of this country?
Bloody racist mamak!How many more years the malays need the tongkat?
Bloody shame on you!

Anonymous said...

How come the chinese still control the economy? is it because the only thing that straight about the chinese is their hair?

Anonymous said...

TANDA PUTERA tak sesuai ditayang di pawagam, tapi boleh ditayang secara tutup tutup untuk masyarakat tertentu?

Niamah betul!

Anonymous said...

MCA, MIC GERAKAN AND PPP can RIP after this general election. These parties can never get good outstanding leaders in its ranks because they have lost their relevance in modern "revolutionary" politics in this country where RACISM has no place among the youth in particular. FURTHER ALL THE 4 BN PARTIES ARE LIVING UNDER THE ARM PIT OF DOMINATING UMNO AND DON'T HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS OR SAY ON HOW THE COUNTRY SHOULD BE RUN. That is UMNO's biggest BLUNDER. It also allowed big mouthed Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali to run havoc and this is the biggest mistake of Najib's administration. THE YOUTH ARE SMART AND THEY SEE MAHATHIR AND IBRAHIM ALI AS UMNO EVILS.

Anonymous said...

desperate words of someone who knows the noose is tightening ......

Anonymous said...

我要干净透明不贪污的政府, 55年来你们吃也吃够了, 容华福贵几辈子都够了, 是时候给别人试一试了, 反正不好再换咯, 改变为的是我们的下一代。


Ellese A said...

Mahathir has a point. If we want similar privileges, the Chinese must give up the racist education policy of segregating our children based on race. This racist apartheid policy must end. See hakbersuara.wordpress.

Anonymous said...

Oh mamak you're history. Please don't be a hyprocite and enjoy your pension when still got time . Pity you bloody old man creating all this hate among Malaysians.Niamah mamak ,

Anonymous said...

Shit to namewee who is selling out to MCA!


Hello~ said...

I guess Ellese and Mahathir just went senile on us

For us

Speaking our own language, sticking to our own religion & etc are BASIC RIGHTS

Getting discounts, scholarships, top position in university/public service & etc are SELF-IMPOSED RIGHTS

For your info, basic rights that we have right now does not burden others. It is like our free choice to choose which restaurant we would like to dine at.

While your self-imposed right expect the best seats in the restaurant are given to you only with additional discounts on the same meal ordered.

FYI, if the prince of the land shit doesn't come up, it would be fine and dandy. Just like the way before. And if you are talking about the economic segregation previously, it is not our fault you guys are unable to compete fairly in the first place. Hence resulting in your self-justified Bumu policy which enrich Mahathir's inner circle only

Anonymous said...

patrick will soon sell out to bn if he cannot cari makan?

Anonymous said...

Tell Mamak that the DPM does not want call himself "Malaysian" only Malay. So how? Is it because one race now control the economy? Or it is because Mamak called himself "Indian" when he wanted to study medicine in Singapore?