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Monday, March 18, 2013

The future is in cheaper cars!!!

The statement most likely to make you shake your head in disbelief...

"Undilah Pakatan Rakyat untuk kereta lebih murah"

What the fuck!!!

I saw this at the back of a Pakatan Rakyat Video entitled "Kenapa kereta mahal sangat di Malaysia?" Ok so car prices are very high with all the taxes etc imposed. Ok so one of things you promise to do if and when you take over the government is to look into that and perhaps make car prices a bit more realistic. 

But don't ask us to vote you "untuk kereta lebih murah"!!! Fuck man don't we have bigger issues to deal with?



Anonymous said...

Dearest Pat,
Be clear on this-some PR guys may not be able to package an issue as sexy as BN could, nonetheless the intention is sincere unlike the other guy.Surely you know we are paying one of the highest price for cars,just ask some mat sallehs.Unless we have great rail transports connectivity, we all must depend on our kancil-viva RM30k to move around. In Aus,US,Japan $30k local currency will get you a Ford,Camry,Accord sedan,which cost us RM150k.So for poorer chaps like us who make up 70% population, this clear and present issue should be addressed.

Anonymous said...

Aww ... come on Patrick...

True that this is trivial compared to the other major agendas that the political parties should be focusing on.

BUT, it still makes a lot more sense than the "rubbish" and "garbage" that came out of Barang Naik politicians.

Anonymous said...

bro.. people can vote only for one kain pelikat all this while.. why not a cheaper car for a change..

Anonymous said...

no shit! what a mentality.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,
I stop subscribing to Star newspaper since mid of last year, due to lot of rubbish talk and too much of politics. Politicians in Malaysia is seriously politician only, speak with no economic sense. I want to quote, Stupid it's the economy!!!!!! Economy will shape a nation not politics. 10 years from now or sooner, we will be a poor country if those commodities like cpo, oil prices drop to low level.

Anonymous said...

the bigger question is why Tanda Putera is only shown to selective audience.

Aizat said...

Shahrizat's family used public money for personal enrichment and not for the original purpose that money was meant for. She cannot claim ignorance of what her family has done with the RM250 million meant for lembu, not kondo.

There's no such thing as a start-up company entirely dependent on taxpayers' money, being allowed to buy condominiums in Singapore. And for a start-up company, must it buy a brand new Mercedes and not a second-hand one or perhaps, a Proton limousine?

Anonymous said...

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