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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Video entertainment

I am sure that you have all heard about if not actually seen the latest 'sex' video which shows a man alleged to be Anwar Ibrahim in a room with another man and ... well you know the drill la. I saw a photo grab of that video on the Internet a couple of days ago. Ho-Hum!

I found this video much more entertaining. See what you think.


Anonymous said...

The cousin sister of Taib(CM of Sarawak) admitted that Taib is a corrupted leader.
Taib qualified that all the land deals are genius work(using the brain, which he is trying to imply smart people make big money).But then does he realise he is overdoing it for his/cronies personal interest? Which amounts to abuse of power?
So MACC,now the ball is in your hand.

Niiqui said...

this is what I truly say


Anonymous said...

the rakyat have open the pandora box, so sad indeed for all of malaysia, get screw by minister and their allies.

mitchell said...

Fucking awesome video, Patrick!!! The smuck of the lawyer to boast of his antics!!!! Hope the Council of Lawyers throw the book at him!!!

shithappens said...

will only succeed in showcasing macc as an epic failure and impotent anti corruption agency

sarawak's white hair has already come forth denouncing everything and blatantly stamping a NFA on the file even b4 a file can be created

the interesting bit as when it was revealed that najib's relative was also part of a company that received generous amounts of land from white hair...really one big friggin happy family

abu time

Tanda Kondo said...

Shahrizat has admitted that buying the condo in Singapore was an investment for NFC, but is unable to confirm the purchase was done using the RM250 million soft loan?

Is Shahrizat hinting that her husband and son used their personal assets (aka cash) to pay for the RM10 million purchase? And a similar mode of payment was made for the purchases of units in Marina Bay Suite (Singapore) and One Menerung Bangsar (Kuala Lumpur)?

Anonymous said...



当然,马华也肯定没有告诉大家,当地人称为“BAK TIAM”的猪肉档比外州更加开放的,因为外州的猪肉档都是在有四壁的室内摆卖的,反而丹州一字摊开摆卖的猪肉档是不需要遮盖的,售卖时也不需要用报纸及黑色塑胶袋包的。猪肉档主也告知他们是天天营业的,不像外州那样,一个星期只有数天特定的宰猪日。

T-Beng said...

Najib says free internet service for the first 30 minutes for the poor......not enough time to see Chua CD (Batu Pahat hotel action)!

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY!. Entertainment and nothing more. No laughter but 2 minutes of anger perhaps. Maybe gossip a bit again in the coffee shop tonight and by tomorrow, all forgotten. How many years, this kind play has been going? How many years they have been "entertaining" their rakyat? So? Niamah

Anonymous said...

corruption has become a culture to these people......everything is $$$$$

vote these idiots out!