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Friday, March 15, 2013

What the fuck!!!

When I read this report in The Malaysian Insider this morning I got quite upset. Wouldn't you?

KUANTAN, March 15 — Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will not compromise and will shut down the controversial Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng, Pahang if it comes into power, said Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh today to allay fears that it will do otherwise.
This follows media reports quoting Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as saying last week that the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) can continue operating if it is found to be safe.
“Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto is crystal clear. We shall shut down Lynas once Pakatan Rakyat gets to form the federal government,” Fuziah (picture)said in a statement here.
As one of the earliest opponents of the plant, Fuziah stressed that it must not be allowed to operate neither in Gebeng nor anywhere else in Malaysia.
“Even if there is a one per cent chance that the Lynas plant is proven safe, it still shouldn’t be there in Gebeng,” the PKR vice-president said.
Observers noted Anwar risks being accused of inconsistency in his stance on the plant following a report in Melbourne-based daily The Age last week where he pledged to back Australian miner Lynas if it is proven safe by a new public inquiry.
Anwar was quoted as saying that he would fast-track the inquiry, but until then the Lynas plant would quickly be shut down.
“I am not prepared to risk the safety of people in and around Kuantan,” he told The Age.
The statement appears to conflict with a remark he made during a Himpunan Hijau rally in Kuantan last year. He assured his audience then that Pakatan would dismantle the plant.
Wong Tack, a prominent activist in the anti-Lynas movement, also dismissed this week suggestions that Anwar was being inconsistent with his position on the Lynas plant.
Wong said he agreed with the opposition leader’s opinion that the Australian mining giant, which he described as coming into Malaysia through the “back door”, should be allowed to operate here should it observe the stringent safety requirements.
“If Lynas went out back through the back door and comes back in properly through the front door, complying with our procedures, then we would let you come,” he said.
But Wong suggested that Lynas did not meet with the safety standards set by the Malaysian government and that its operating licence was acquired irregularly.

So is Anwar and Pakatan for or against the Lynas plant? Front door. Back door. WTF!!! We thought Lynas was a danger to Malaysians and must never be allowed to operate here. Has it now become a matter of approvals and points of entry? 



Domino said...

Welcome to the realistic worlld of politics..... Semua pun ada caranya...

Anonymous said...

The BN government has exceeded its allocated budget by RM44 billion between 2008 and 2011. The figure does not include contingent liabilities, which stood at RM117 billion as of 2011.

The federal budget also grows at about eight percent each year. For the 2013 budget, the government announced 56 new expenditures amounting to RM30 billion, he said.

In comparison, however, the new spending promised in Pakatan Rakyat’s manifesto only involves about RM45 billion spread over five years.

Anonymous said...

The Ah Pek actually wanted to say, "main belakang", "main depan" but no speaking Malay-lor.

Same2, dua pun kena "main". Go figure...

Toky said...

PINTU BELAKANG???? Hahahahahaha...

Seems PAKATAN RAKYAT simply CANNOT resist the BELAKANG way.

1) Anwar-Saiful....tuduh masuk Belakang.
2) Zairil Khir Johari...paksa masuk Belakang.
3) Wong Tack...jemput masuk Belakang.

Alamak!!! asyik Belakang, Belakang, Belakang!!! orang boleh ikut DAP's way ka??? UBAH wei!!!! Jangan asyik Belakang. Jom!!! UBAH DEPAN!!!

Anonymous said...






DR SURESH said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more suprises are in store for Malaysians from Anwar. Here the Aussies are dead against such hazardous plants operating in their back yard, hence they look for a third world country to dump their toxic waste. The whole world knows that, only Anwar needs a second opinion on its safety aspect.This U-turn doesn't surprise a tad, after all this is the same man who gave a similar promise to the KBP folks in the run up to the 12th GE and look what happened to them hardly a month after winning? Politicians must be always be kept on a leash by their masters (the people)not the other way around.

Magpie said...

Anwar need to be politically correct at Aussie interview. He can't talk like an hooligan, gangster that PR will shut Lynas when they are in power. Aussies will ask what next you are going to shut or shoot, Mr Trigger Happy Gunslinger?
When PR take over the government, Lynas safety should be reevaluated jointly with Himpuan Hijau and reliable authority based international standard and incident experience and information. I am sure Lynas will not have a chance to continue its operation in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

maybe buld a house for them to stay next door to lynas sit. that will solve all the issue.

the safest site is the lynas site, so stay there.-niamah.
ask australia gilliard to build a palace there also.

Hello~ said...

Anwar won't be able to close down Lynas even if he wanted to without getting a solid reason

The reason is, Lynas was built (even the permit was not approved yet - the reason? go figure)

If he was to shut down the plant just like that, the government will have to bear the cost of entire operation (most probably mark-up price) and face lawsuit. In the end, the people will have to pay for a haste action

If safety test are conducted when PR is in power, and there is proof (or no) of safety concern, then he can shut down the plant according to the law

He is smart not to give any hint because if he say things without concrete evidence, BN might hit him back if Lynas proved to be safe

Basically, he can't do things hastily or PKR & the public will pay the price for the shit BN caused

Anonymous said...

Please Patrick, not the backdoor. That belongs to the Government, even Saiful fellow's, as you know.