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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GE13 snippets

Phwaaar!!! This is the best one I've seen so far. This Tengku Adnan fler must be some powerful wizard la. Vote BN and you can transform from Bangla to Malay and marry a HOT chick! If Najib's transformation programmes were this successful I am sure we'd all vote BN.


Liow Tiong Lai says, "......but we are more concern [sic] for the Chinese community because if we lose, they will also lose their voice in government."

Lose our voice in government? MCA got voice one meh?


Hudud! Schumudud! Everyday also got something about Hudud and how we non-Muslims must be so scared of Hudud. Very tiresome la. Okay la since nobody seems to understand simple arithmetic let's try and resolve this another way. Kelantan is Pas. There are a lot of non-Muslims who live in Kelantan who must be connected online right? So Kelantan non-Muslims let's hear from you. What's life in Islamic/Hudud Kelantan like? Seriously. Tell us flers over here who are being bombarded daily with this Be scared of very scared campaign. We want to know to make an intelligent decision on May 5. Let us hear both sides of the story la. Good and bad. No please don't tell us to look at the figures, 2/3 majority, number of seats etc. etc. etc. It's seems that most non-Muslim Malaysians are really bad at arithmetic.


Whether you love him or hate him the man tells the truth. Hee hee hee....

“When choosing a government you must choose a good one, not one which will damn the country ... " - Daim Zanuddin, former finance minister.

The full story HERE


You must give it to the man. He is a master who can veil threats to make them sound like promises.

“The only people who can solve your problems is Tengku Adnan, because he is the secretary-general of Umno ... And the president of Umno is the prime minister” - Daim Zainuddin, former finance minister.


And so another DAP fler quits the party because he believes that Pakatan Rakyat partner, Pas is 'hell-bent' on creating an Islamic state should PR get into Putrajaya and he urges all non-Muslims to NOT vote for Pas. I as a Malaysian think about that too. But I think I am more focused than these 'leaders'. My focus is to see a change of government because I am sick and tired of all the corruption and bleeding of our resources over more than 50 years. Quitting parties and jumping ship only gives the opponent more chances of winning and doing what we do not want. True or not? How come our leaders don't see that hor? It's almost like Muhyiddin's Malay first Malaysian second. Only in these cases it could be Me first Rakyat second.


Monday, April 29, 2013


I hope you will allow me the liberty to ask a silly question. I was reading in The Malaysian Insider a story about billboards erected in Johor ahead of Najib's visit to bolster the BN campaign in the southern state. The billboards all tell about the great success of the Iskandar developments. Created 554,000 jobs since 2006, created 54,184 new jobs in the first six months of 2012. The government's investment of RM8.3 billion successfully attracted investments from the private sector worth RM103 billion.

Of course the message in all that is that the people should vote Barisan Nasional to sustain the wonderful-ness of the whole thing la. So my silly question is this. If what is being advertised on the billboards is true wouldn't any government who cares about the Rakyat continue the work? You mean if people vote Opposition and they win Johor, the flers will come in and dismantle the whole Iskandar project? Make half a million of their voters lose their jobs? Close down LegoLand even? Why?


Try and say this with a straight face. Najib Razak can!

“Malays, Chinese and Indians — we all sit in one peaceful family. Our foundation is based on 1 Malaysia. We are inclusive and fair, and with this people will be confident in us. The Indians are already confident in us” - Najib Razak


Friday, April 26, 2013

I vote for a better Malaysia

I vote for a better Malaysia. And a much needed haircut. Please share. Thank you.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The sifu of the "method"

After spending RM300 on repairs and to upgrade my 6-year old laptop, it is now running as fast as a cacat (crippled) snail. I seriously need a new PC or laptop. 

Anyone want to sponsor one? ACER, Apple, Dell, ASUS, HP...anybody? I promise I will credit you at the end of everything I write online. My has had 6+ million hits. My Facebook fan page averages 50-70,000 reads per week with the record being 260+ thousand. 

Eh? Wait a minute....this sounds like prostitution, doesn't it? 
But I do need a new computer. Hee hee hee...The Malaysian way!!!


Janji TIDAK ditepati

Najib mouths the words. The mainstream media parrot them. Election bunting carry them right into our faces. Every day. Everywhere.  JANJI DITEPATI! Really? My wife doesn't think so...

I have never been very interested in politics but I feel very strongly these days to exercise my right to choose who I want to represent me in parliament.  This is something I have to get off my chest.

Security - I remember growing up in SS2 PJ at a time when kids in my neighbourhood could come and rattle on my gate to call me out to play.  My mother didn't allow my brothers and I to play on the streets çoz she thought it was too dangerous.  Not because she was afraid we would get abducted but because she didn't think we knew enough about road safety to play on the street safely.  However, we could play badminton in our compound, using our house gate as the "net".  My children have never known a day in their life when housing developments did not have security guard posts, whether they were gated community or recently put in with makeshift tents and a chair for the guard.  Now, it's not safe for our kids to play outside the house without supervision.

I remember playing outside my school gate when waiting for my school bus to arrive.  My schoolmates and I would play "catching", jumping across the school drain and going across the road to the Hindu temple opposite the school to catch fish in the big drain next to it.  My children's primary school has parent volunteers who sit at the guard post at the front of the school (guards during my time was on duty only at night!) to make sure children are safe.

People's confidence in the police force is at rock bottom.  When my wallet and phone was stolen from my shop a couple of years ago, reporting the incident at the police station felt futile.  They wanted to know if I installed CCTV, and basically told me to forget about finding my things.  The Rakyat has taken their own safety into their own hands by installing guard posts, developers are building gated community and confidence in the police force at all time low.  Therefore, janji keselamatan tidak ditepati!

Education -  My father was late in registering me for Std 1.  He wanted to send me to Assunta Primary School but because he was late, I was sent to SRK Jalan Selangor, which is located behind Assunta Primary School.  SJS had always played second fiddle to Assunta, perceived as the better school.  However, I remember my primary school years with fondness.  We had dedicated teachers like Miss Angela Wong, Mrs Naidu, and Puan Halimah who taught us well.  Miss Angela Wong encouraged us to read and I developed my love for reading, thanks to her.  Then I was sent to SMK Taman SEA, then known as a gangster school.  However, I also enjoyed quality education although I couldn't understand why we had 6 different principals in 5 years of my studies.  My schoolmates have gone on to become very successful in their chosen field.  

Now, more and more parents are sending their children to Chinese primary school (as have I), even though we do not read nor write Mandarin.  Chinese schools are still seen as better compared to sekolah kebangsaan.  I hear horror stories from my friends who send their children to sekolah kebangsaan.  Of teachers who don't turn up çoz they have gone to some "kursus" or other.  Teachers who brainwash children with their beliefs.  More and more private schools have opened.  Parents are forking out good money to send their children to private schools and international schools to provide their children with better education.

And what is with the textbooks?  In the BM workbook for lower primary, students are asked to write out the root word (kata dasar) for words like pembangunan, etc but they hadn't been taught what was the root word in the first place!  When my kids were working on their workbook and they get stumped, I have told them to check their textbook for answer and guess what?  The textbooks do not provide the answer.  The workbooks do not seem to complement the textbooks.  Someone has lost the plot somewhere.  And I've not even mentioned tertiary education yet!  So, janji pelajaran tidak ditepati

Essentials - Remember when haze made the news?  Air quality index was reported in the newspaper.  The Rakyat were advised not to burn their garden refuse.  People wore mask, school activities were cancelled.  Now, the haze has become a part of our lives.  Some days are ok, we can still see blue skies, some days we see a haze of grey but life goes on.  

My mother used to filter the water in our house.  With some gauze, a square piece of muslin and rubber band.  Just in case, she said.  Now, our postage stamp size garden has big ass water filters.  When we first moved into our condo in Ampang, I couldn't understand why our clothes had orange stains on them.  Put the clothes in to wash, the clothes came back out with orange stains.  For the first time in my life, I installed a filter to filter water that goes into the washing machine!  Water filtration is big business, whether it's the RM20 plastic ones sold in hypermarkets or the big ass ones that cost thousands.  Rakyat taking matters in their own hands again.  Over the years, we are paying more for bad quality water.  So, has our quality of life improved?  Janji tidak ditepati

Healthcare - In 1984, my father had a bad fall which broke his hip bone.  As he was diabetic, his hip took some time to heal.  He was hospitalized in UH and when in hospital, he had a minor heart attack and was later diagnosed with kidney failure.  My father experienced top notch health care from doctors and nurses in UH.  UH was very strict with visiting hours.  Family members were not encouraged to stay, in order not to disrupt the doctors and nurses' duty. We paid minimal sum for his healthcare as his medical cost was subsidized. 

In the late 90's, my mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer.   The best oncology ward was in GHKL.  My mother went through a hysterectomy and subsequently radiotherapy.  Then she suffered from intestinal adhesion which resulted in rapid weight loss as she couldn't eat properly.  She received treatment in GHKL and UH.  The conditions in GHKL was appalling! I witnessed with my own eyes an elderly lady sleeping in her own pee next to my mother's bed.  The stain on the mattress had gone brownish, so she must have soiled herself for some time but none of the nurses bothered to change her sheets.  Family members were expected to stick around to assist the nurses in caring for the patients.  Or at least have a maid there 24-7 to do the bathing and cleaning.  I was late visiting my mother one day.  When I got to the the ward, my mother was not there.  She was brought to the bathroom to shower but was forgotten!!  I found my mother shivering in the bathroom but was too weak to dress herself to get back to her bed.  

UH was not much better.  Taking my mother for treatment in the UH meant arriving early to get a number to see the doctor, waiting to see the doctor and then spend the rest of the day at the pharmacy to get medicine.  At that time, UH was going through a revamp.  The private section of the hospital was being built and the UH was being upgraded.  Externally, the hospital was upgraded but health care quality had gone down.  In the 10+ years since my father received treatment, government healthcare had deteriorated.  We tried private hospital too, which resulted in RM30,000 spent on a surgery and almost losing my mother at the operating table.  Quality healthcare janji tidak ditepati

Let's not even get started on finances.  Our money buys less these days in spite of what our politicians try to tell us.  Giving out BR1M and whatever 1M "financial aid" is just covering a gangrenous wound with a plaster. In the 80's. Malaysia was one of the Asian dragons, comparable with Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.  Now, we are being compared with African countries.  On top of rising food cost, we are paying security fees (have to pay the security guards ma), install water filter, set up broadband at home to keep up with real news and not what the government want us to read in the newspaper, increased electricity bill and private school fees for our children.  Financial janji tidak ditepati

So far, security, education, medical care, quality of life, finances tidak ditepati.  What the fuck is BN talking about then?  If there are still people who still thinks that BN should govern, please tell me why!

- Min Chan


Watch before eating only

I know. The word is to reach out to the young voters. But this is ridiculous!!! First of all the song ISN'T young. Second, the MCA baargers can't sing. Third, the MCA flers proved that their Engrand is really bad. But it is good for a laugh as you vote.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Free? You will pay later. Trust me.

Where do you think you are in this 3-ring circus?

It would appear that a lot of people with a lot of money to spend fervently believe that giving free dinners and having shows featuring international acts will swing votes to the party they support. 

Allan Tam, George Lam and Leon Lai are going to be performing at a concert in Penang tomorrow night. Apparently, to get tickets you only have to fill up a form and make a minimum donation of  RM1.00!!! And the objective of the concert? To raise RM5million for charities in Penang!!! I am not a business whiz by any stretch of the imagination but there seems to be something wrong with the arithmetics la.

Also happening tomorrow in Klang is a massive dinner function which hopes to draw 55,000 diners (which will gain it entry into the dubious Malaysian Book Of Records.) The dinner is being organised by a group of BN-friendly Selangor businessmen who call themselves “United Chinese Association of Selangor”. Hong Kong stars are also performing at the event which is being titled  “The Prime Minister has a date with you”. According to reports the prime minister's date for the dinner is none other than Michelle Yeoh!!! Oh sorry, Dato Michelle Yeoh.

But at least the flers organising this mega-dinner did not hide behind the cloak of charity and have the honesty to admit that they are doing it in support of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and BN’s bid to win back Selangor.

If this is what happens when we have general elections I honestly believe that if P.T. Barnum was alive and living in Malaysia he'd be Prime Minister.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday funnies

There are quite a lot of funnies today in the media. Both online and mainstream. These are a couple of juicy ones from the online media. Okay, okay...they're from The Malaysian Insider


Prime minister Najib is pulling out all the stops as he and Umno/Barisan Nasional shift into top gear for the 13th GE. How I know? Well look at the calibre of his ammunition these days...

Help me if you love me, Najib tells civil servants


That is some powerful shit man. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Funnie #2

Why do politicians think that walking around some markets or having a drink at some kopi tiam for photo ops makes an ounce of difference to whom people will vote?

"Muhyiddin woos Putatan folk through bazaar walkabout" - The Malaysian Insider

But a Putatan resident put it best when he said, "It’s more of a surprise for us. As far as I can recall, I have never heard or met a deputy prime minister in this tamu ground."
But to be fair the same resident later said, "I did not expect a great leader like the deputy prime minister to visit our market... this is the kind of leader we want."

Well, if that's the kind of leader you want I am sure you will get them. Good luck!!!

Funnie #3

Here's a headline that is most likely to make you exclaim, 'NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!!'

Polls offer a choice between reforms and ruin, says Najib

Funnie #4

Okay, this isn't from the media at all. But I think it's funny.

Somebody told me yesterday that if we were living in the 3rd Reich, Rais Yatim would be Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. Goebbels also held a PhD. What you think? Hee hee hee... No, no, prize for guessing who'd be Hitler.


AIYOH! How la like that?

We have all heard the line before. Mostly from the lips of Opposition politicians. "IT'S GOING TO BE THE DIRTIEST ELECTION IN MALAYSIAN ISTORY". Perhaps it will be. Perhaps not. We shall see. But in the meantime things are already happening which serve to confuse the hell out of ordinary Malaysians hoping to vote for a better future for themselves and their children and grandchildren.

The feeling is:-

Barisan Nasional is going to town with hand-outs using our money.
Pakatan Rakyat have not got their act together.
Multi-cornered fights will hand the votes to Barisan Nasional.

......and so on and so forth.

As an ordinary Malaysian voter I am increasingly getting confused, frustrated and disappointed. With Barisan Nasional for sure. But increasingly I am thinking Pakatan Rakyat may not really be the answer either. So how?

I received a message this morning which brought the whole mess to a unbearable explosion.  Here it is...

Dear Sir,
As a resident and voter, I'm dismayed at the prospects of having a 4-way fight in Bkt Gasing.
We voted in Simon's father in 2008, the late Edward Lee, who was under DAP. He was a good, selfless people's representative. After his passing, Simon, who was his father's personal assistant for 4 years, has risen up to take over the mantle. Truly, there's no one better who understand the people of Bukit Gasing and will fight for them with the same selfless passion.
However, DAP intends to field its own candidate, while a former councillor, Mak is also running independent. It doesn't take a genius to see that the only winner in this race will be BN. The anti-BN vote will be split 3 ways, and we really cannot afford that.
If you hv any connection with DAP, would you please ask them to consider backing Simon Lee for the ADUN seat. With DAP's ticket and the people's support, we can retain the Bukit Gasing seat under Pakatan Rakyat.
TQ for your time and consideration

As the writer said it doesn't take a genius to know that if DAP fields its own candidate to make it a 4-cornered fight it will be as good as handing the Bukit Gasing seat over to Barisan Nasional on a silver platter. Why do they want to do that? Why do they not support Simon Lee? What does this Mak hope to achieve by running as an independent?

This is just one case. I believe that throughout the country similiar situations are happening. Pakatan Rakyat tactic or Barisan Nasional strategy? Right now I just feel that I am going to be screwed again.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday - something funny, something not.

Chinese votes in BN’s bag as long as business chances exist, says Dr M 

When I read that headline I felt angry. And insulted I guess. And a little sad. I grew up during a period in our history where quite a number of people of my community thought, "Hiyah! Don't rock the boat la. Can cari makan can already la. Don't make trouble unnecessarily." 

I know. My parents thought like that. So did their friends and colleagues. So did my relatives. Later on I would accuse my father for being part of the reasons why our country is in the shit house it is. Because he and people like him did not want to be or did not think it was important to be "involved". I know it sounds unfair but it was the way I felt about things back then.

Well, it seems that Mahathir thinks that there are enough Malaysians who still think like that to make it another 5-year term for the Barisan Nasional. He confidently said, “I think the Chinese would still value their opportunities in business. If you take an environment where they can succeed in business, they would be supportive of BN, which they did even when the BN introduced the New Economic Policy”. 

Mahathir also said that if there had been no NEP the wealth of the country would be unevenly distributed and that would lead to instability. The Chinese would be rich and the Malays would be poor. But he didn't explain why after 42 years of the NEP the biggest number of poor people in Malaysia are still the Malays? So, why ah, Doc?

My Sunday was so-so until I came home and read that TMI report. Thanks for spoiling my day TMI.

Wait...wait...wait...phew! Thank goodness I also found this funny bit in the same TMI report. Sort of made the day feel a bit better la:-

Mahathir said, "I keep on telling people that in this country no one should feel extremely happy because if they feel happy, if one race feels happy, it means you are doing the wrong thing. You are helping that race too much."

Doesn't that old make just crack you up?


Sunday, April 07, 2013

Read and share.

I think this article by Zaid Ibrahim taken from The Malaysian Insider is worth reading and spreading to your friends and family. Malays and non-Malays.

APRIL 6 — So at last we are going to have a general election after all. The months of waiting have taken its toll on most people, but it’s important that they continue to have energy and spirit and to work hard to make this GE a meaningful one.

This week I want to talk to the Malays. They form the biggest block of voters and to them I say, this is your chance to have a new government. A new government will enable you to make a comparison with the one we have now. You have been told time and again that no one besides Umno/BN can govern and protect you, but wouldn’t it be better for you to try to find out for yourself? How can we know if Pakatan would be worse than Umno if we do not give them a chance?

You have to be brave and not let others bully you with fear and intimidation. The opposition parties have more Malays than BN so they will not harm you. They have worked hard and deserve a chance. For all you know, you may get better schools, better teachers for your children (as they may devote more time to teaching than politicking) and better security from the police and the army. Even your household income may improve as there will be more for the government to share with less corrupt leaders at the helm.

You will not lose if you vote for the opposition. If the opposition gets stronger because of your support but BN still wins, then you will get more cash handouts than they had promised. Money and projects have only been given to you because the opposition was strong — if the opposition had been weak, you wouldn’t have gotten the BR1M 1.0 and BR1M 2.0. It makes sense to vote for the opposition if you want more from the BN. Learn to value your votes to improve your livelihood.

Umno will use all the scare tactics in its arsenal, like telling you that Islam will no longer become the official religion and that the Malay Rulers will disappear if the opposition wins. You should ask your children and grandchildren if any of these can come true. Even they will tell you that this is all nonsense, just fear mongering by those desperate to cling to power when everything else has failed.

The Malays need to change their loyalty and support PAS as their protector. PAS is a Malay party just like Umno. The difference is that PAS has never been entrusted to rule the country. If the Malays can give Umno 50 years to govern, surely it’s not too much to give PAS at least five years. The opportunity for PAS to rule (in coalition, of course, with PKR and the DAP) is an historic moment for the Malays to seize. If PAS is not able to govern well then the people can always go back to Umno. Choice is what the Malays need for their own wellbeing — they have not had it in the last 50 years.

I know it’s easy to persuade the Malays to support their leaders and not go against them. They will be reminded of the cash and all the help that’s been given to them. They will be told to be grateful. They will be told that BN and the government are one and the same so if you want more from the government, then only BN leaders can help you.

Again, I urge you to talk to your children and grandchildren. The monies/salaries that BN leaders give in exchange for votes do not belong to them, but to the people of this country. It’s wrong for leaders to bribe you for votes. They have not been sincere to you. It’s not wrong for you to vote for the leader/party of your choice and still keep the money. In fact, if you vote for the opposition then BN will have to give you more next year. Either way, you win by supporting the opposition.

The Bahasa Malaysia version of the above article is HERE

Friday, April 05, 2013

Fuck you is still fuck you by any other name...

You have to tabik (salute) the Chief Minister of Sarawak. He is such a civilised man. See how he has reacted to the whole Global Witness video and accusations against him of massive corruption. I am sure he wants to say FUCK YOU!!! to everyone especially the MACC. But being a gentleman of the highest education and upbringing he instead says ...“They don’t deserve my co-operation because they have been naughty... and they have not been honest”.

Taib had said yesterday that he will not co-operate with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) regarding his graft allegations as he believes the government body to be “naughty” and “dishonest” in its investigations. The Malaysian Insider story HERE

Put away your Thesaurus MACC. The old man just said FUCK YOU!!! Nya...nya...nya...nya...nya...

Maybe this woman expresses it better la.


Thursday, April 04, 2013

10 sec. quiz

Who do you think said this?

Lim Kit Siang? Nik Aziz? Nurul Izzah?

It was Najib Razak!!! 

Yes, the same man who said nothing when Ibrahim Ali called for Bibles to be burnt. The same man who alledgedly waved a keris and called for the shedding of Chinese blood. The same man who said nothing when a cow's head was used to desecrate a temple.

This is also the same man who said that if the Chinese support Barisan Nasional (BN), allowing the coalition to form a stable multi-racial government, the result is long-term peace, stability and economic prosperity for Malaysia.

If you believe him then vote BN in the GE13. If you don't then you must do your duty and vote intelligently. But you MUST vote this time.


Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Is it? Sure or not? Maybe lor.

Hey! The Sun reports that the prime minister is going to address the nation "live" on national television at 11:30AM today. No prizes for guessing what he's going to announce I suppose. YAY!!!

About bloody time I say!


Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Sweet Sushi. 
Learn to make this beautiful Sushi Cake. 
MamaMin class. 
Saturday April 13, 2013. 10AM - 5PM. 
Damansara Perdana. 
RM600. All tools and materials provided. 
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Monday, April 01, 2013

More bull

Pre-election bullshit takes many forms and comes sliding out from all orifices. Barisan Nasional are expert at it. Pakatan Rakyat have done their share. And more. But this pile of bovine excrement comes from a hitherto unknown source. 

A professor named Chong who has been working and living in Japan for more than 20 years advised Malaysians to vote with a "cool head" and "cool eyes" and not make an emotional choice.  

Errr...okay. I guess that is sound advice. He said a political party that made too many populist manifestos would be unable to fulfill promises and would not last long. Okay that's good advice too. Both BN and PR have made promises. Lots of them.

Chong quoted as an example, what happened in Japan. In 2009 the opposition, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) had promised in their manifesto, free education, free toll for highways and reduced petrol prices. They even showed how they were going to raise resources. During the House of Representatives election in 2009, they won 308 of the 480 seats.

"Unfortunately, they failed to fulfill their promises. They only lasted three years and a few months. The Japanese returned to the long-dominant Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)"

I suppose, drawing parallels with Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional, Chong said, "DPJ was founded in 1998 from the merger of several opposition parties."

To Malaysians who feel that the power to choose is now in their hands, Chong had this piece of advice.  "You can say, 'we can still wait for the next election if they are not good', but you have to bear the years you have lost."

Mr. Chong, we have waited and gambled with and hoped for more than 50 years la. Bear the years we lose? What's 5 years or less compared to the decades we've lost? 

BTW, who came up with the idea to interview you? Oh wait.....the story is from Bernama. Ahhhhh....I see. Did you get a check in the mail? Looks like political parties ain't the only ones who don't fulfill promises. Haahahaha....

The Sun story HERE