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Monday, April 29, 2013


I hope you will allow me the liberty to ask a silly question. I was reading in The Malaysian Insider a story about billboards erected in Johor ahead of Najib's visit to bolster the BN campaign in the southern state. The billboards all tell about the great success of the Iskandar developments. Created 554,000 jobs since 2006, created 54,184 new jobs in the first six months of 2012. The government's investment of RM8.3 billion successfully attracted investments from the private sector worth RM103 billion.

Of course the message in all that is that the people should vote Barisan Nasional to sustain the wonderful-ness of the whole thing la. So my silly question is this. If what is being advertised on the billboards is true wouldn't any government who cares about the Rakyat continue the work? You mean if people vote Opposition and they win Johor, the flers will come in and dismantle the whole Iskandar project? Make half a million of their voters lose their jobs? Close down LegoLand even? Why?


Try and say this with a straight face. Najib Razak can!

“Malays, Chinese and Indians — we all sit in one peaceful family. Our foundation is based on 1 Malaysia. We are inclusive and fair, and with this people will be confident in us. The Indians are already confident in us” - Najib Razak



Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh. But I laughed even louder when I read in the Sun Daily that the Election Commission chief Datuk Kamaruddin said that only 3 people knew the colour of the indelible ink to be used. He said that would ensure that it could not be duplicated!

Is that guy real or what? The purpose of the ink is to PREVENT people from voting TWICE or THRICE! Now if this lembu does not know that, I wonder about those below him. And Najib thinks that people are beginning to warm to the UMNO government!

Mr Lonely said...

totally agree!! when there is no fund, how to do all those development project.

It is like giving someone a name but that person do not have any financial support..


anakmalaysia said...

1malaysia my ass ! Can lanun be trusted ?

Anonymous said...


Najib can have multiple orgasms (not with his porky wife though) and yet keep a straight poker face throughout. That's how good Najib is in faking everything.

Najib's 1Malaysia is so inclusive that he can provide the entire BN machinery to support a well known infamous racist and Indian/Hindu insulter Zul Noordin to contest in Shah Alam so that more severed cow heads can be dragged on the streets of Shah Alam should the infamous racist wins the Shah Alam seat and Najib will maintain a straight face throughout.

Maybe Najib is trying to match his porky wife's straight deadpanned face which is filled with botox.

mongroose said...

Teoh Beng Hock's birthday was on 20April - same date as nomination day. Altantuya's birthday is May 6. Will it mean a new govt? The RAHMAN prophecy - add up the alphabets. R=18, A=1, H=8, M=13, A=1, N=14. Add them all up you will total 55. Is 55 years of BN rule about to end? I hope so .....

Anonymous said...

如果来届大选你还想投BN...... 我们会尊重你!毕竟,你有权力决定投给谁...

但,从今以后 请别抱怨 油起价, 车很贵,房很贵,面粉起价,糖又起价,米又起价,电费又起价,邮票又起价,Astro又起价,工钱没起,外劳多过我们,治安不好,不平等,不公平,不服气,

孩子很优秀却进不了大学,学费贵供不起孩子读大学, 为什么外国Highway,卫星电视都是免费的,而我国却样样要付费,独中几十年还没被承认。。等等等等


Anonymous said...

Maybe hudud is what we need to make Malaysia safe again. Look at the rampant robberies and snatch thefts that have caused many deaths. Every time I read about all these crimes and senseless death and hurt caused by them, my heart sank. I am a non-muslim and I don't think hudud can cause harm to me. So FUCK off MCA. Are u scared of hudud because you did something wrong?

Anonymous said...

The Star is full of 1Shit. It is the people's toiletpaper from MCA. The refuge of journo-whores like Wong Chun Whore, Jostling Tart, Brothel Kuppusamy, Philip Godzilla. Prostitutes used to prop up tyranny. Led by the Porn Star President CSL.

Kepong Insider said...

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