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Friday, April 19, 2013

Free? You will pay later. Trust me.

Where do you think you are in this 3-ring circus?

It would appear that a lot of people with a lot of money to spend fervently believe that giving free dinners and having shows featuring international acts will swing votes to the party they support. 

Allan Tam, George Lam and Leon Lai are going to be performing at a concert in Penang tomorrow night. Apparently, to get tickets you only have to fill up a form and make a minimum donation of  RM1.00!!! And the objective of the concert? To raise RM5million for charities in Penang!!! I am not a business whiz by any stretch of the imagination but there seems to be something wrong with the arithmetics la.

Also happening tomorrow in Klang is a massive dinner function which hopes to draw 55,000 diners (which will gain it entry into the dubious Malaysian Book Of Records.) The dinner is being organised by a group of BN-friendly Selangor businessmen who call themselves “United Chinese Association of Selangor”. Hong Kong stars are also performing at the event which is being titled  “The Prime Minister has a date with you”. According to reports the prime minister's date for the dinner is none other than Michelle Yeoh!!! Oh sorry, Dato Michelle Yeoh.

But at least the flers organising this mega-dinner did not hide behind the cloak of charity and have the honesty to admit that they are doing it in support of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and BN’s bid to win back Selangor.

If this is what happens when we have general elections I honestly believe that if P.T. Barnum was alive and living in Malaysia he'd be Prime Minister.



Anonymous said...

Actually the Chinese businessman is holding a farewell dinner for Najib !!

bye-bye Najib !!

Anonymous said...

DAP will use the PAS symbol in Peninsular Malaysia and the PKR symbol in Sabah & Sarawak for the 13th general elections unless the Registrar of Societies (ROS)’s cowardly and dastardly attempt to assassinate the Rocket is withdrawn

Let us support PAS and DAP!

Reject BN at all cost!

mad dog said...



mad dog said...



Anonymous said...

Brader Pat. What do you think of Ong Tee Kiat's chances of beating Chua Tee Yong if he opt to contest at Labis? If he wins, then BN would have one seat less.

Anonymous said...

would like to bring your attention to this.

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes,there is no free lunches.
But what the hack! Najib is no more the PM after the dissolution of Parliament.So why still use the caption"a date with the PM'?
NIAMAH betul this is a case of abuse!

monsterball said...

P.T.Barnum famous words.."Every second born a sucker"....and he fooled everyone who trusted him.
From a penniless bugger to become a owner of a world famous circus at his time.
In is mind control all along...for decades...from schools..newspapers...TVs news...making P.T.Barnum's com jobs...looks like child play.
Umno b show must go on...and on...non stop.
The day...Umno b stops fool the day...Najib and Mahathir feeling so safe...Umno B will win 13th GE.
Since Mahathir also performed regularly for 3 months......and mouth shut off by Lim Kit Siang....he is back ....behind the curtain...directing the show.
Right now....getting DAP declared unlawful party is their last act.
Tomorrow....PR will be performing.
As for me...I waited 5 years to cast my vote and this 13th GE,
It is most important....I do matter how this 73 year old body behaves...mati mati must go and vote...feeling good after one patriotic Malaysian should be.

Mr Lonely said...

sigh, but conservative people will still believe it~

Ray said...

I heard that all those who attend will have to provide IC num or even a photocopy if their ICs...what the heck do the organizers plan to do with them? More phantom voters???

Kris said...


This is the ad appearing on top of your blog today:

Barisan Nasional

1 juta rumah mampu milik. Menepati Janji, Membawa Harapan.

How much are you paid by BN?

patrickteoh said...

Hi Kris. Thanks for alerting me to the ad. I have personally not seen any of the ads although a number of people have told me about them.

How much does BN pay me? Hahahaha...I wish they did! With the kind of money they are spreading around these days I'd be very rich.

I guess they pay Google to advertise on Google's Adsense. I subscribe to Adsense and I get paid a decent sum from the advertising Google places here. So I guess that's how the BN messages get here.

Are you suggesting that I remove Adsense now?

Anonymous said...

Ill never vote all cost

Anonymous said...

Michelle Yeoh spent too many years abroad and failed to realise the ills of BN and MCA. If only she reads niamah blog every now and then...

Anonymous said...


Who cares how many people turn up for the dinner?

After all, the backers of the dinner might seem to be private but the money they are using would have probably originated from some Govt contract, or from some other ill-gotten gain.

Most of those who turn up to eat are there for the free food - it was most likely bought with the rakyat's money anyway, somewhere along the line.

SYA said...

Are you sore that those chiese businessmen did not invite you to the mega dinner at Klang? or Jho Low did not invite you as MC to the 1malaysia concert in Penang?

Anonymous said...

United Chinese Association of Selangor - U C ASSS?

Anonymous said...

In simple terms Najib doesn't understand the cliche that you cannot buy loyalty and respect. They have to be earned through words and by deeds. Doesn't he understand that we need accountable, responsible, clean and transparent government who strives to provide us with equal opportunities, fair and equal treatment, rule of law, high level of public safety, no corruption, decent job opportunities, a good education system and a decent standard of living and not temporary relief or vote buying measures. Band aid measures are only good for a very short period of them. We see the Umno/BN govt robbing us, our children and future generations of Malaysians of their potential and chances to make good in life in this borderless world.

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