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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GE13 snippets

Phwaaar!!! This is the best one I've seen so far. This Tengku Adnan fler must be some powerful wizard la. Vote BN and you can transform from Bangla to Malay and marry a HOT chick! If Najib's transformation programmes were this successful I am sure we'd all vote BN.


Liow Tiong Lai says, "......but we are more concern [sic] for the Chinese community because if we lose, they will also lose their voice in government."

Lose our voice in government? MCA got voice one meh?


Hudud! Schumudud! Everyday also got something about Hudud and how we non-Muslims must be so scared of Hudud. Very tiresome la. Okay la since nobody seems to understand simple arithmetic let's try and resolve this another way. Kelantan is Pas. There are a lot of non-Muslims who live in Kelantan who must be connected online right? So Kelantan non-Muslims let's hear from you. What's life in Islamic/Hudud Kelantan like? Seriously. Tell us flers over here who are being bombarded daily with this Be scared of very scared campaign. We want to know to make an intelligent decision on May 5. Let us hear both sides of the story la. Good and bad. No please don't tell us to look at the figures, 2/3 majority, number of seats etc. etc. etc. It's seems that most non-Muslim Malaysians are really bad at arithmetic.


Whether you love him or hate him the man tells the truth. Hee hee hee....

“When choosing a government you must choose a good one, not one which will damn the country ... " - Daim Zanuddin, former finance minister.

The full story HERE


You must give it to the man. He is a master who can veil threats to make them sound like promises.

“The only people who can solve your problems is Tengku Adnan, because he is the secretary-general of Umno ... And the president of Umno is the prime minister” - Daim Zainuddin, former finance minister.


And so another DAP fler quits the party because he believes that Pakatan Rakyat partner, Pas is 'hell-bent' on creating an Islamic state should PR get into Putrajaya and he urges all non-Muslims to NOT vote for Pas. I as a Malaysian think about that too. But I think I am more focused than these 'leaders'. My focus is to see a change of government because I am sick and tired of all the corruption and bleeding of our resources over more than 50 years. Quitting parties and jumping ship only gives the opponent more chances of winning and doing what we do not want. True or not? How come our leaders don't see that hor? It's almost like Muhyiddin's Malay first Malaysian second. Only in these cases it could be Me first Rakyat second.



Anonymous said...

I am a Kelantanese Chinese, staying here for over 50 year, after my parents came over from Penang in the early 60s.I would not leave Kelantan for any other places, even though all my children are now working in KL and begging mmy wife and I to stay with them in KL.I love Kelantan too much. Why?
The wrongs that BN wrought on Malaysians are not wrought unto us non-Malay citizen here in Kelantan.

We have one of the biggest pork market in the country,in Kota Bharu town centre.... you have to see it to believe it.And you can have pork served in almost all the numerous restaurants that caters for us Chinese. Not only that... what type of liquor or beer you would like to savour, just name it, those Chinese restaurants have it.There are wats or temples galore all over the state, especially in Kota Bharu, Tumpat, Pasir Mas and Bachok districts.And the people, the Malays, Chinese, Indians and local Thais are more like brothers when they conversed with one another in their unique local Kelantanese Malay!And these Kelantanese Malays are so friendly without any airs about them!!My wife has her hair cut, dyed and washed monthly at her favourite hair salon in Kota Bharu by a Chinese male hair-stylist.

If I say that Kelantan is akin to an utopia in Malaysia, you would not believe it especially for those who read the lies spew daily in the msm. Only one thing, I wish non-believers can do for themselses.... visit Kelantan or Kota Bharu once to find out for yourself!!

Problems, what problems in Kelantan?? Nothing but lies, lies and more lies spew by those msm!!

najib manaukau said...

This Liow fellow does not know what he is talking about, since when has MCA got any say in the running of the government ?
Can he or any MCA minister tell the people of Malaysia one instance when their proposals are implemented ? These lackeys are in the cabinet just to endorse whatever proposals Umno has come up with. In other words they are there to be seen as partners and most of all Umno can then claim whatever policies they are implementing are with the consent of the coalition partners.
Whatever Umno proposals Umno gets, simple as that, there is no real partnership, no partnership at all. What has MCA got to say about the 96% percentage of Malays employed in the civil servants ? Why are the percentages of the population not reflected in the civil services ?
Aren't the pendatangs Malaysians ? This is just one good example of the true situation in this country and there is nothing, I repeat nothing these lackeys can do about it.
Please don't try to fool the people that at least it is because of them at least 4% of the civil servants are pendatangs. These 4% pendatangs civil servants are there because Umno just can't have their own kind to handle dogs in the police or pigs in the farming industry. I can list here thousands , if not millions of cases where the pendatags are being sidelined. These lackeys know why they have lost the support of their own people, or are they pretending not to know ? So long as they are given the post of a junior minister in the cabinet. Every important job is held by an Umno rapscallion irrespective of their qualifications. You call these partnership ? It is during election time, when they need the votes of the pendatangs they then come up with the slogan that they are partners. What kind of partnership is that and what have the pendatangs ministers got to say ? Stop selling your own kind for a few dollars, so should all the intended votes for them be redirected to the opposition at the coming GE !

Orang Bujang said...

I like the first one on Tengku Adnan.
How about those married men who lost their spouse(so now become single(bujang)can apply or not?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Patrick, if you really wanna know about how Kelantanese live their lives here, visit Kelantan once, or see and hear from the horses' mouths from this link here:

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't care if hudud rules Malaysia. Just f##*king get rid of this bunch of thieves called Barisan Nasional. They are the ones who will feel the brunt of hudud because they are into stealing ... BIG TIME!

As for me ... if there's no beer, there's always teh tarik. 4 ekor ??? Nah! Why do I want to give money vincent Tan.


cikun said...

Hi Patrick,
The photo used in the poster from your post, was reported to be used without consent.

Anonymous said...

You getting old Patrick.

You never mention about "GONCANG" problem. Election Commission staff did not "goncang" the ink bottle, that's why the colour came off after finger being washed under the tap.

I tink the staff too busy goncang,goncang everyday to remember about ink bottle. Maybe they did goncang many times but the "sold by UMNO" ink is not indelible anyway. I tink so.

Anonymous said...

KS1M = Kedai Seks 1Malaysia!

Sazali said...

The truth from the son of ex-DPM Ghaffar Baba to counter the lies of Suhaimi Baba in Tandas Putera.

The real mastermind of May 13 racial riot is none other than Tun Mahathir in his bid to oust Tunku,
This is revealed recently by Tamrin (son of former DPM Ghaffar Baba) in his captivating ceramah (see Youtube link below) to defend Lim Kit Siang against all the unfounded allegations by Umno for fear of losing Gelang Patah seat:

TV3 chose to ignore this revelation.

Anonymous said...

Simbol rasis BN adalah Zul Noordin

Tetapi masyarakat India dah ditipu nambikei Najib!

Pak Nil said...

bn sini janji sana janji , mahu pi mana cari duit ?????????? Hutang Negara tahun 2013 sudah mahu capai RM 600,000,000,000.00 atau RM 600 billion lagi mahu macam nasi tambah sampai cucu-cucu kita lahir sudah hutang KUAT-KUAT kah ???? TOLONG selamatkan anak-anak cucu kita.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Mainstream media don't want you to know that the Kelantan Chinese is alive and kicking. They make you think Chinese people is suffering under Muslim rule. Hell no. They suffer mostly due to no Federal fund for infrastructure project , holding back of oil royalty and jobs creation in the state.

pilocarpine said...

listen to Uncle Heng's opinion about Hudud.. exceptionally hilarious and true...

pilocarpine said...

goldfries said...

Patrick - they even changed the face of the lady.

Anonymous said...

These clowns are a bunch of fools,idiotic & moronic people.Do you all think the majority of rakyat will fall for your hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a snake oil salesman. UMNO created problems for people like me in the first place.

How and why should I vote for UMNO to solve the problems it created in the first place? UMNOI says I am a pendantang even though my family has been living her for more than 100 years. Let their CIMB vote for UMNO if they want.

Sanil said...

Zulkifli Noordin, BN parliamentary candidate for Shah Alam, and vice-president of Perkasa, said this:

“I’ve been to the Ganges River. How sacred is the Gamges? Chicken carcasses, with wood, small pieces of timber floating…how can they say it’s sacred?”


Anonymous said...

BN now stands for Bangla Nationals. So when these BN fellas like Ah Jib Gor and Moo Hee Teen urge voters to vote BN, they are urging us to vote Bangla Nationals.

Anonymous said...

Niamah big time, this MIC fler (see below) asked the Govt. not to help the Chinese who voted against BN.I didn't get any help woh. I didn't get the BR1M but have to pay tax instead. I voted against BN leh. So how does it affect me huh? Hold on, there were also Malays, Indians, Kadazandusuns, Ibans etc. who voted against BN. So this Saravanan fler should also suggest that they should not be helped.

MAY 07, 2013
KUALA LUMPUR, May 7 — MIC leader Datuk M. Saravanan has backed Utusan Malaysia’s attack on Chinese voters, calling them ungrateful for voting against the Barisan Nasional (BN) government which he said had served the community well.

The Tapah MP also suggested that the government not help Chinese voters who rejected the coalition in Sunday’s polls.

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