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Friday, April 26, 2013

I vote for a better Malaysia

I vote for a better Malaysia. And a much needed haircut. Please share. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

God's voice has spoken!

najib manaukau said...

The rapscallions in Umno are not only getting the Malays whom these morons have stolen from especially so all in their name. They now are making them count the loots they have stolen. Even worse these morons hae the audacity to ask the Malays to keep them in Putrajaya for another five years to continue stealing.
The worst of all, the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir is asking the Malays to risk their limbs and lives to protect the him and the loots he has stolen. All in the name of the survival of the Malay race, especially when he is not even a Malay. He is not a Malay, at best he is an Umno made Malay. Allah did not have him born as a Malay, why ?
He adamantly claims that he is a Malay just so he can steal in the name of a Malay.Also why is he having his descendants becoming Chinese, his grand children are now more Chinese than Malay or Indian. Why he must feel very ashamed to be known as Malay now that he has become the richest man in Asia and in the league with Bill Gates. He knows he can't change himself, therefore he is having his descendants changed from Malay to a Chinese. Regardless of what he is planning to do his DNA and that of his grand children will show that they are descendants
of a pariah from Kerala.
Yet when I offer to challenge him to have his DNA tested, at my cost, if the test shows that he is indeed a Malay. And the offer still stands to day. He has not taken up my challenge, to date. In this coming GE he knows that he and his family very existence hang in the balance and as such he is out there to protect himself and his family at any cost. Including instigating another May 13 ? So much for the love of this Malaysia.

History will show the pendatangs are never, I repeat never. a threat to anyone especially the Malays, it is their own educated kind who are now out there demanding a change ! When the inevitable happens in the coming GE the first to disappear from Malaysia will be the shenanigan Mahathir and his schlub sons. So much for their claims to be sons of the soil or shall I say descendants of the pariah from India !

Harith said...

Please boycott Rapp Malaysia for their fear-mongering ads from Barisan Nasional on mainstream newspapers. These racial fear campaigns are the biggest insult to the intelligence of today’s voters. It reflects the mentality and quality of the BN leaders.

It has been exposed by Campaign Asia-Pacific that Rapp Malaysia is responsible for these advertisements. Rapp Malaysia is a part of Naga DDB Malaysia.

Sign your petition here:

Anonymous said...

I had heard a rumour, I stand corrected if I am wrong, the reason for the USD44 billion man fixing Anwar Ibrahim. There was time when the PM went a long leave about six months and Anwar was acting PM. During that time, Anwar managed to pass an amendment to the corruption act to investigate corruption going back without a time lapse. When the PM was back, his cronies got around him and told him that Anwar was after him, his cronies, vested interests with that amendment. The USD44 billion then decided to fix Anwar. The rest is history. The PM then had that amendment by Anwar amended, status quo.

Mr Lonely said...

hopefully everything will be better!

monsterball said...

"I vote for a better Malaysia" said Pat.
I believe Pat has been voting for a better Malaysia for decades......and so are millions...young...middle poor... doing so..for the love of the country...for their families...their children.
13th GE is the best chance we are having...and lets all go out to vote...rain.. matter.

Labu8455 said...

Patrick f*@k you

Anonymous said...

I will vote for BN if they tell me who killed Altantunya. I mean who was really behind the murder -- not just the two stupid police men who were found guilty.

Anonymous said...

I Vote malaysia.
I vote for Justice.
I vote for pakatan!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

I want a better Malaysia too. If you allow me to post the following links, for all to see, and to see what positive changes coming our way, it will be great.

Anonymous said...

I vote for BN because thats for the better malaysia.

If we want to be united, lets start with schools, people names... all the rich buggers, tax like mad.
lets all be named Ahmad. How about it Patrick, you call yourself Abu Malaysia ? and schools, everyone must attend national school. Shutdown all vernacular schools. Im pretty sure guys wont agree. Double standards, all looking at the benefit trail but wont take steps make sure we can contribute much more for the betterment of the country.

BN has supported diversity the best. Which other country really has this ? It has supported vernacular schools, it has supported different races, it has create somewhat a balance approach. nothing is perfect, but the policies done and policies that are improved under BN is much trustable then whatever PR is pledging. never believe anything PR says.

Dont be prejudice on your own country. You are here because the government gave u the opportunities for u and your children. You expect idealism ... PR wont give u that... Im quite sure they will turn things upside down.

The guys coming out from PR is not us. All rude and rowdy. Lets take a look at PR controlled states, all managed like shit. I totally hate PR mindset... full of hatred, double standard, cheaters and gangsters. Im for peace and harmony. For all that is going on, I hope BN, prove all this crappy naysayers wrong. Because they are.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brader Pat. Please write something about our Police force. What the FUCK have the Police been doing as snatch thefts and robberies are so rampant nowadays. Where the FUCK are the policemen? You don't see their presence at the crime (snatch thefts and robberies) area. Two nights ago saw one poor girl limping into a clinic as she was a victim of a snatch thief. Also heard form my daughter, that one of her fellow university mates got stabbed while being robbed at her rented house while another student got beaten. Both these students are girls and these BASTARD robbers beat them up. It was recently reported that one TAR College students died due ti snatch theft. Apparently, the snatch thefts and robbers are targeting students. Where are the POLICE? They can be seen busy with taking down posters and banners of opposition parties. You can also see them hiding near some traffic lights cari makan. You can also see them at some of the construction site areas making their cari makan rounds. It is most probably true what the opposition parties were saying that only 14% of the police personnel are actually working. NIAMAH!!!

Anonymous said...

With election just round the corner, you are like Pak Lah still sleeping.

Ketuanan Rakyat said...

We, Malaysians should come out of our racial outlook and look at real issues with open heart. The ruling party have been in power for 56 years. In the last 30 over years, corruptions & abuse of power by UMNOputras led BN have become worse siphoning off Billions of Ringgits through their cronies. MIC leaders are also their cronies. Trillions of Riggits have been left the counrty. It is our duty to put an end to these abuses now. This can only be done through change of Government. Let us vote PR to power to establish a 2 party Parliamentary system which provides the much needed checks & blances to minmize abuse of power & corruption. Forget about other things now including the so called independents who actually will be helping BN by spliting votes. From now on Malaysians should not allow any party to stay in power for more than 2 terms to prevent corruption and abuse of power from striking root.

Tiger said...

Gosh, another BN supporter asking us to be grateful?
For the things that we PAID with OUR TAX DOLLARS, which the Govt MUST DO FOR US?
Vernacular schools ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY BN. If they did, they wouldn't have to ask me so much to donate every month!

Anonymous said...

Take note of the genuine website

not .com or .net or else

Anonymous said...

Only fools & morons will vote for or support

Mongroose said...

A better Malaysia means no irritating BN propaganda on TV and newspapers.

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