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Monday, April 01, 2013

More bull

Pre-election bullshit takes many forms and comes sliding out from all orifices. Barisan Nasional are expert at it. Pakatan Rakyat have done their share. And more. But this pile of bovine excrement comes from a hitherto unknown source. 

A professor named Chong who has been working and living in Japan for more than 20 years advised Malaysians to vote with a "cool head" and "cool eyes" and not make an emotional choice.  

Errr...okay. I guess that is sound advice. He said a political party that made too many populist manifestos would be unable to fulfill promises and would not last long. Okay that's good advice too. Both BN and PR have made promises. Lots of them.

Chong quoted as an example, what happened in Japan. In 2009 the opposition, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) had promised in their manifesto, free education, free toll for highways and reduced petrol prices. They even showed how they were going to raise resources. During the House of Representatives election in 2009, they won 308 of the 480 seats.

"Unfortunately, they failed to fulfill their promises. They only lasted three years and a few months. The Japanese returned to the long-dominant Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)"

I suppose, drawing parallels with Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional, Chong said, "DPJ was founded in 1998 from the merger of several opposition parties."

To Malaysians who feel that the power to choose is now in their hands, Chong had this piece of advice.  "You can say, 'we can still wait for the next election if they are not good', but you have to bear the years you have lost."

Mr. Chong, we have waited and gambled with and hoped for more than 50 years la. Bear the years we lose? What's 5 years or less compared to the decades we've lost? 

BTW, who came up with the idea to interview you? Oh wait.....the story is from Bernama. Ahhhhh....I see. Did you get a check in the mail? Looks like political parties ain't the only ones who don't fulfill promises. Haahahaha....

The Sun story HERE 



Anonymous said...

Such April Fool joke from Bernama!

dukuhead said...

i'd rather vote for someone young and eager than for someone old and corrupt. PKR has never held the reins of power on the federal level and i'd rather given them a chance to prove their case than vote for the same gang again. If they fail to perform, we can always vote them out next elections. But if we vote for the government again, we will get the same old predictable policies as before. Which is no longer good in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

One good thing that will definitely come up within 5 years if there is a change of Govt. would be less (I mean very much less doesn't mean zero) corruption or wastages if u call it in a nicer way. Why so? Well simple logic, the new Govt. would be under constant examination under a microscope from the deposed BN Govt. who would have many of their people inside most of the agencies.

najib manaukau said...

What else can one expect from the other end of a bull ? Bullshit and lots of them. This is Umno and the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir tries to turn the horn of the bulls into ivory. With lots of different polishes the horns remain as horns no matter what he can do or how many polishes he applied. One can only expect bull horns from horns and nothing else, especially ivory. Not from bulls for sure, you can only expect only bullshits !

Anonymous said...

Did you ask if this chong ever exist? You know Bernama, right? You might as well just read fiction.

Anonymous said...

Thx for the advice but no thx.
Ini kali lah!

Anonymous said...

Same shit as the 'I Pilih...' video on TV.

Anonymous said...

Najib's family lunch at The Curve is staged for cheap publicity!

He should have gone to Niamah restaurant instead, right?

Niamah can serve him Ayam C4 Meletop!

Anonymous said...

Professor Chong should take his head out of the Japanese hot water bath as his head is already too full of water after spending 20 years in Japan. I wonder why this wise supporter of BN did not choose to return to 1Malaysia since Talent Corp surely would want "talentimes" like him back in 1Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Mr Cool head,
I rather vote for the rocket head or hot head, or the monkey head, not the BN junk head, or Sarawak head, or the Macc head, or course the cow head.

Trevor said...

The biggest question on his credibility of his comment: why would he choose to live and work in Japan for more than 20 years?

Anonymous said...

In a lot of universities in East Asia, i.e. Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. we have lots of these so-called Associate Professors who are either locals or imports like Chong. Note they are not called "professors" but "associate professors" which means they are still sub-standard academics. These bunch of 'associate professors' are publicity seekers who are often sought by media to comment on current issues. The media would then surmise that the "academics of the country" think this or believe that.

Sadly, these 'associate professors' have hardly work a day in their life outside of the university, i.e. in the 'real world'. Many a times, their views and comments are totally out of touch with what's happening in the REAL WORLD!

So, let's all be magnanimous and forgive Associate Professor Chong for his absolute ignorance of what is actually happening in the REAL WORLD.

He fucked up on this one by comparing Japan with Malaysia without factoring in the miles of difference between both countries and its people. That is academic research 101, i.e. make sure you compare apple with apple. Even people like me who graduated from UM (Universiti Masyarakat) can tell him this.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Prof Chong is challenging Prof KKK to be the latest traitor to the chinese community?

Anonymous said...

I agree that malays and other bumiputeras have the special rights but then, that special rights have long been taken away by UMNO/BN regime and given to malays and other bumiputeras who are affiliated to the regime families and cronies. Worst still, the general malay/bumiputeras have been systematically brainwashed and implanted in them the seeds of hatred and unreasonably envying the success of the non- bumiputeras in all fields, especially in the control of malaysian economy. In actual fact, the malaysian economy has been from day one controlled by the elite leaders and cronies in UMNO/BN and that’s how DEP and NEP have been systematically manipulated by them.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz, better known as Sakmongkol AK47, was named as the DAP’s candidate for Raub in Pahang.

Ng Yen Yen to stay on to contest?

Inconvenient Truth said...

The Bumiputera status and Ketuanan Melayu rhetoric are just veils to confuse the minds of the Malays so as to ensure they vote Umno, allowing Umno leaders to continue to reap all the benefits. The ordinary Malay folk will only continue to feel the pinch due to the sad lack of real programs to alleviate their plight and to improve their economic skills.

As long as Umno is still in power, the Malays will always remain poor and this is designed by Umno to ensure continuous Malay support. It is a deliberate vicious cycle of divide-and-rule and poverty, where the rich will be allowed to get richer (and fewer in number) and the poor poorer (and larger in number).

Anonymous said...

The Banana News agency always lives up to its name. Not worth the pisang that bear its name.

But sometimes I think it is not its fault as it just follows orders 9as tose Germans said they did at Nuremburg).

Anonymous said...




Barang Naik!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don’t know how a Prime Minister can disburse RM 4 million from the national coffers to the 4000 Petronas staff and then blatantly ask for their votes !

And if indeed the idea was mooted by the board and management, that shows how callous these people are. It reflected badly on Petronas.

I would be surprise if the Petronas staff who receive the money fail to recognise that they have been bribed. As for Najib, he knew very well he is bribing the voters, as an act of desperation.

But would the general voters at large, the religious establishment and the remaining decent people in Malaysia, sanction this type of behavior ?

Anonymous said...

Now parliment has been dissolved, BN must hand over RTM to an independent party so that those propaganda video clips (Nadi Rakyat, I Pilih, Terima Kasih, 1 Malaysia 1 Bahtera....) should not be shown anymore for neutrality sake!

Spirit of Brooke said...

Voters of Sarawak must watch this video, then reject Taib in GE13:

From Global Witness to Eco Crime Watch: In The Palm of His Hand

As the controversial Global Witness ‘sting’ video continues to gather steam in Sarawak, US online news channel Eco Crime Watch has broadcast a remarkable feature on alleged Taib corruption in the Malaysian state of Sarawak in Borneo.

Anonymous said...

Rakyat Malaysia mesti tolak KIRAM (Kumpulan Import Rakyat Asing Masuk Mengundi) a.k.a Kumpulan Syaitan Yang DiKenali dalam PRU13.

Anonymous said...

Thnks so much for the timely viewing of the video now our people in the longghouses have attained the enlightment on truth how they had been cheated by the bn. They will show the world their true colour in the ge 13. They had been taken for ride for too long. Bye bye bn n hello pr. Hidup powerful dayaks n sarawakians. We'll show the way.