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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The sifu of the "method"

After spending RM300 on repairs and to upgrade my 6-year old laptop, it is now running as fast as a cacat (crippled) snail. I seriously need a new PC or laptop. 

Anyone want to sponsor one? ACER, Apple, Dell, ASUS, HP...anybody? I promise I will credit you at the end of everything I write online. My has had 6+ million hits. My Facebook fan page averages 50-70,000 reads per week with the record being 260+ thousand. 

Eh? Wait a minute....this sounds like prostitution, doesn't it? 
But I do need a new computer. Hee hee hee...The Malaysian way!!!



LCPOH said...

Wait for KR1MA.........Komputer Rakyat 1Malaysia or Perubahan Untuk Kerajaan 1Malaysia. You figure out its short form

Anonymous said...


I help you... you help me !!!!

Ok maaa...

Ah Jib Gor will sent you a brand new 1Malaysia laptop. So u must credit him bro....

He help you what????

kaysee said...

Pat, you should try your luck with MCA. Just tell them you may vote for them or say Najib is the best PeeM! (Unelected to boot)

Lord Jim said...

Go and see CSL.
Maybe he can give you a free PC if you can write some nice things about him.

The problem is there is no nice thing about him.

Sya Low said...

Cost breakdown for 1Malaysia Charity concert @Han Jiang on 20th Apr 2013:

本地歌手 (local singer)
Ning Baizura : rm50,000
巫啟賢 (Eric Moo):rm70,000

台灣歌手 (Taiwanese singer)

香港歌手 (Hong Kong Singer)
梁咏琪 (Gigi Leong):rm80,000
草蜢:(The grasshopper) rm100,000
黎明:(Leon Lai) rm120,000
譚咏麟:(Alan Tam) rm120,000
李克勤:(Hak Ken Lee) rm80,000
林子祥:(George Lam) rm100,000

外籍歌手 (International Singer / band)
Suchitra : rm50,000
Swizz beatz : rm400,000
Redfoo of LMFAO : rm500,000
Busta Rhymes : rm800,000
Ludacris : rm1,200,000
Compressorhead Robot Band : rm1,500,000

一馬檳城福利主辦單位 (1 Malaysia Penang Kebajikan) :rm2,500,000
娛樂經紀製作公司費 (media entertainment):rm3,500,000
各電視平面媒體廣告費 (advertisement):rm1,200,000
膳食費 (meal):rm40,000
5星級酒店費 accomodation:rm75,000

Stage decoration and sound system
現場佈置費 :rm800,000

國營電視台現場直播費 (RTM live telecast):rm3,500,000
包括額外不計其數的疏通費 (Others):rm100,000
總共費用:rm27,125,100 (約 2千7百萬馬幣)

估計平均觀眾 (average audience) 15000人次,一人付rm1=rm15,000 (concert fee collection from the audience) 票收

Who is going to pay the balance?

Anonymous said...

Haha, sounds like Lu tolong Wa, Wa tolong Lu..I can't call who said this before.

Anonymous said...

If BN wins GE13, BN will think that their special concoction of political bribery of the people, institutionalised racism and religious bigotry, character assassination via smut, and wholesale abuse of government machinery and media, is the “winning formula” and thus ought to be repeated in a perpetual campaign to retain power.

KRU said...

I enjoy this rap more than the stupid 1m4u song:

KRU said...

I enjoy this rap more than the stupid 1m4u song:

Anonymous said...


If you want a new laptop, you should produce a video of you singing "Can't take my eyes off you!" Remember to swing and rock your body and stare into the distance and smile like you just had an orgasm. And try to hide your pot-belly. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

No tolong wa.. wa makan u

monsterball said...

Pat sounds like as poor as a church mouse....yet owns three restaurants.
This is mind Najib is to Anwar.

Anonymous said...

Umno said "Balik Cina". Umno call the Chinese "Pendatang". Jibby waved the keris in front of Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in 1987 and said "Soak the kris in Chinese blood'. What did MCA do? Sokong, sokong, sokong? Well, Perkasa and MCA worked hand in hand to give the Chinese white ang pau during CNY2012. If MCA is not a traitor to the community, what is? 1VOTE FOR MCA = 1VOTE FOR PERKASA

Anonymous said...

The MAMAKutty on ntv7 interview was talking nonsense as usual... The many races of this nation over the centuries will NEVER accept assimilation... Assimilation is forceful & intentional mixing of culture like forcing Islamic studies on all in Malaysian schools' syllabus... The better way should be Acculturation where the traits of different cultures are accepted into each others cultures.. Example - Nasi Lemak today is Malaysian favorite food (irrespective whether one is Chinese, Malay or Indian).. Most Malaysians love Roti Canai-Roti Prata... Stupid idiots from BeEND (Mamakutty, Jibby, MooHeeDin, HisapPuting, Puad, Wee Kaka, etc) are running the country until now.... Moving forward, lets get rid of them on 5th May 2013 and see more of Acculturation.. ABU.>..!!!!.. UBAH...!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ask you son Adam to get a free Chromebook PC from Wee Ka Siong...

Anonymous said...

Who are the smart professionals advising BN on putting up the buntings that say, "Undilah Najib untuk Perdana Menteri"? IT always used to be, just, Undilah Barisan Nasional! What ever happened to the brand Barisan Nasional? Is this an admission that Barisan Nasional does not sell anymore? Have the members of BN abandoned their famous dacing? What is dangerous about this promotion of Najib is that if they win at all he will claim credit for the win. AFter all the people would have voted for him to be Prime Minister and he then would have dragged the rest into Putra Jaya. The problem with that is that everyone in BN, including UMNO, would be beholden to him. That would be the beginning of a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

With some many comments, you thought someone or they will all chip in to buy you a new laptop ?

But since someone said you own 3 restaurants, this prostitution for just a laptop (which has so many uses it is really an investment) is memalukan. You would say it was meant as a joke, but it is not funny but memalukan.

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