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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday - something funny, something not.

Chinese votes in BN’s bag as long as business chances exist, says Dr M 

When I read that headline I felt angry. And insulted I guess. And a little sad. I grew up during a period in our history where quite a number of people of my community thought, "Hiyah! Don't rock the boat la. Can cari makan can already la. Don't make trouble unnecessarily." 

I know. My parents thought like that. So did their friends and colleagues. So did my relatives. Later on I would accuse my father for being part of the reasons why our country is in the shit house it is. Because he and people like him did not want to be or did not think it was important to be "involved". I know it sounds unfair but it was the way I felt about things back then.

Well, it seems that Mahathir thinks that there are enough Malaysians who still think like that to make it another 5-year term for the Barisan Nasional. He confidently said, “I think the Chinese would still value their opportunities in business. If you take an environment where they can succeed in business, they would be supportive of BN, which they did even when the BN introduced the New Economic Policy”. 

Mahathir also said that if there had been no NEP the wealth of the country would be unevenly distributed and that would lead to instability. The Chinese would be rich and the Malays would be poor. But he didn't explain why after 42 years of the NEP the biggest number of poor people in Malaysia are still the Malays? So, why ah, Doc?

My Sunday was so-so until I came home and read that TMI report. Thanks for spoiling my day TMI.

Wait...wait...wait...phew! Thank goodness I also found this funny bit in the same TMI report. Sort of made the day feel a bit better la:-

Mahathir said, "I keep on telling people that in this country no one should feel extremely happy because if they feel happy, if one race feels happy, it means you are doing the wrong thing. You are helping that race too much."

Doesn't that old make just crack you up?



Mr Lonely said...

wahlau, say till like that, hopefully this time election will have some changes!

Anonymous said...

This ole bugger is one of the worst rascist in our otherwise peaceful country. We inherited a sound and democratic government from the Tunku the true PM of all races and only UMNO leader who held the distinction of kicking out the father of all rascists. This hypocrite played dirty politics to the fullest distracting the poor Malays by screwing up Chinamen while enriching himself and his family. How long will Malaysians put up with this Curse?

Anonymous said...

Ask that senile old man go to die! The faster the better.

givemeliberty said...

Do you know why some people thrive under duress? It is not just some Chinese who thrive when conditions do not favour them. Now, I say some Chinese because there also many Chinese who fail to rise under such oppressive environment. It can be people of any other racial makeup, so-called pure and mixed ethnicity, celup or whatnot.

The ones who thrive and rise above the mire of oppression and discrimination are those who work at overcoming the difficulties and obstacles willfully or inadvertently placed before them.

They shine after honing their capabilities through the trials and tribulations, while others fall away by the wayside.

To back my stand, I would like to use the example of an experiment which some of us may have seen in a BBC documentary recently. The documentary is about extraordinary animals. In this experiment, two birds of the same species were given the challenge to get their food which are seeds in small compartments in a flat board and each compartment is covered with a glass lid. One of the bird was from Kansas where food is plentiful and easily available while the second bird was from a territory far up north where food is scarce especially during the long and harsh winters. Guess which bird got to the seeds? The second bird, the one which had to live by its wits and endeavour. This clever bird straightaway pulled away the glass with its claws to get to the seeds. Meanwhile the first bird was still pecking at the glass lid, it sees the seeds but cannot get at them, and remained hungry.

So, similarly there were many Chinese and Indians and other non-Malays, who actually thrived in spite of NEP. I am not referring to those non-Malays whose fortunes tripled, quadrupled, and godknowshowmuch because of their connections – the type of people that is referred to by Mahather a/l Muhammad Iskandar Kutty. I am referring to many Chinese, , Indians, mixed, celup and whatnot and also conscientious Malays who thrived - just like the second bird - as they did not have an easy life but lived by their wits and did not have to depend on handouts.

Tiger said...

I see. So only Chinese can do business?
Or Chinese can only do business?
Cannot work for Govt like our Malay brothers and sisters?
Or is he saying Malays not good enough to compete in business?
No need for racial categories anymore.
Otherwise next thing he'll say is his grandfather came to Malaysia to only work in rubber estate.

monsterball said...

Mahathir loves to twist...confuses continue his divide and rule policy.
His "Bangsa Malaysia" ...his "Clean-Efficient-Peaceful" slogans are full of shit.
Talk talk talk...for 3 months..talked about Lim Kit Siang disuniting Malaysians at fucked by Lim Kit Siang ..left right and centre.
Challenged to have several debates by LKS....Mamak dare not respond.
Now quiet as a mouse!!
Mahathir loves to see races clashes.
His support and praises for Ibrahim Ali...speaks for itself.
This is an evil man.
No one will listen to him....except Muslim half past sixes...and selfish minorities...all created by him.
13th GE will decide.
Pat is ready to continue being what he has always been....minding no one's business....and I will do the same....for Que Sera Sera...what ever the the result will be...will does not bother bit.
We are walking ..talking ...with no fear..donating with no selfish ulterior motives..all for the country and people.
As for Mahathir...he is still the PM pulling all the strings.
His biggest mistake is to put Najib as his puppet...same same character....liars...big time is a dictator..killing off opponents....dirty ways....the other is a shut mouth..for sex.
Que Sera Sera.

Anonymous said...

Bro, is true. Just ask Francis, Vincent, William and Mr. Liew la. They will tell you so. Chinese businessmen in Malaysia by choice or by force support BN.

Anonymous said...

Nyanyuk old man talking as though we are still living in the seventies.

Ubah for more biz opportunities.

Anonymous said...


Actually I wanted to ask "Mahathir who??" but since he has managed to stir your blood, might as well give you my take on this Apanama fella.

This carTun Mahathir is a clown and a court jester. He is one of those "has been" politicians who do not know what to do with their illegal fortunes they have amassed in their lifetime so they crawl out from the dead wood to try to make themselves relevant again. No one actually pay much attention to this carTun character but the only way for him to attract attention is to mouth irritating garbage. The more he spews his garbage to insult the non Malays, the more damage it does to himself and his family.

So we'll just let him continue to humour us.

Tun Kerala.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Chua SL is evil's, to ceded three Parliament seats to Umno's with one condition that is, Ong TK's should ceased to Contests' in Pandan's or any parliament's seat this up-coming election, which was hatched and demanded by Chua's that's to pleased himself. The Chief Architect's behinds this devilish Scheme is non other than Dr.Devil's ,seconded by Najib, Chua himself........

Steve Yap said...

Dalam PRU 13 yg akan datang. Saya merayu kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia supaya mengundi Pakatan Rakyat. Saya Bukan ahli kepada mana parti, tapi saya seorang yg mencintai Negaraku, Malaysia.

Sesetengah Anda mungkin tanya kenapa nak tukar sedangkan negara Kita ni Aman dan makmur. Tahukah anda, pada tahun 70an.Malaysia Adalah lebih maju daripada Singapura,Hong Kong Dan Korea Selatan.Selepas 40 tahun apa sudah terjadi? Soal Aman pulak, setiap hari Kita lihat kes rompak ,ragut dan sebagainya berlaku.Kalau betul-betul aman,kenapa kebanyakan tempat kediaman perlukan sekuriti?

Ada pulak yg tanya pasal akhlak DSAI, sebagai peliwat .Ada tak bukti kukuh ? Selama ni kita hanya dengar propaganda dari sebelah. Kalau kita boleh caya cerita ni ,bagaimana dengan kes Antantuya pula? Kan kita dengar nya ada kaitan dengan NJ.

Jikalau kedua-dua cerita ni benar, manakah yg lebih serious? Liwat orang ke atau bunuh orang? Ada orang pulak kata kedua-dua pihak sama, mereka semua ni rasuah.
BN rasuah saya percaya semua sudah tahu. PR belum memerintah kerajaan pusat , manakah anda tahu Dia akan rasuah seperti BN?

Mari kita lihat pada 4 negeri yg dikuasai PR. Ada tak bukti rasuah atau kes rasuah? Kalau ada, kenapa ekonomi di bawah PR lebih baik berbanding sebelum ini? Saya tak boleh pasti dalam PR semua bersih. Tapi saya yakin, dengan BN sebagai pemerhati , PR nak rasuah pun susah. Sebab merek tak ada pengalaman dalam isu ini.

Masih anda ingat Teoh Beng Hock dan Ahmad Sabarni ? Teoh hanya diminta untuk membantu siasatan kes penyelewengan RM 2400. Akhirnya apa yg terjadi? Seorang insaf yg tidak bersalah terkorban .Sebaliknya BN sudah banyak pengalaman . Kes melibat RM 2400 pun tak terlepas.Jadi , BN akan menjadi sebuah parti Pembangkang yg kuat dan berpengalaman terutamanya dalam kes Terbeli Mahal ke.

Akhirnya, kalau kita boleh bagi BN 55 tahun .Kenapa tak boleh bagi PR hanya 5 tahun. Jika PR memerintah dengan tak sempurna , kita boleh tukar kerajaan sekali lagi. Ada lagi yg kata negara akan jadi kucar-kacir jika tukar kerajaan . Pada PRU 12 yg lepas , BN kalah 5 negeri. Adakah negara kita jadi kucar-kacir ? Hanya pihak yg kalah akan buat kacau. Berkas PM kita kata , Jikalau berlaku penukaran kerajaan , pihaknya akan pasti kan nya berjalan dengan lancar dan aman. Jikalau anda tidak percaya dengan kata-kata berkas PM. Bagaimana anda boleh percaya janji-janji dia bagi?

PRU 13 akan datang , sama-sama kita buat perUBAHAN demi NEGARAKU YANG TERCINTA , MALAYSIA !

Anonymous said...

Dr M is just like CSL ...They need to stay popular and relevant to support their inexperinced sons in politic .

Pity them . at their ages ...they still need to worry the future of their sons

Anonymous said...

After so so so many years, this old mamak is still dividing the nation by creating fear and insecurity. Still drawing the line by color, race and religion. When the hell is the people going to wake up to know that he was the PM for donkey years and he is largely RESPONSIBLE for the current state.

Anonymous said...

So now he says the NEP was introduced to redistribute wealth in the hands of the Chinese and that the Chinese should be happy. Then BN has got nothing to worry because Mahathir redistributed the wealth to all the Malays. All those people in PAS, PKR, etc should be as rich as those in UMNO? No? Did anythign get into the hands of the Tamils who were also denigrated in the Interlok so-called text book as P.....? No? But never mind Samy vellu is a Tun and the sun shines everyday.

Mahathir, we will all be happy when this corrupt and crooked BN government is thrown out.

Anonymous said...

This is even funnier. The head honchos of MCA & Gerakan are not contesting in GE13. What kind of leadership by example is this? Not winnable candidates, these fellas?

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