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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday funnies

There are quite a lot of funnies today in the media. Both online and mainstream. These are a couple of juicy ones from the online media. Okay, okay...they're from The Malaysian Insider


Prime minister Najib is pulling out all the stops as he and Umno/Barisan Nasional shift into top gear for the 13th GE. How I know? Well look at the calibre of his ammunition these days...

Help me if you love me, Najib tells civil servants


That is some powerful shit man. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Funnie #2

Why do politicians think that walking around some markets or having a drink at some kopi tiam for photo ops makes an ounce of difference to whom people will vote?

"Muhyiddin woos Putatan folk through bazaar walkabout" - The Malaysian Insider

But a Putatan resident put it best when he said, "It’s more of a surprise for us. As far as I can recall, I have never heard or met a deputy prime minister in this tamu ground."
But to be fair the same resident later said, "I did not expect a great leader like the deputy prime minister to visit our market... this is the kind of leader we want."

Well, if that's the kind of leader you want I am sure you will get them. Good luck!!!

Funnie #3

Here's a headline that is most likely to make you exclaim, 'NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!!!'

Polls offer a choice between reforms and ruin, says Najib

Funnie #4

Okay, this isn't from the media at all. But I think it's funny.

Somebody told me yesterday that if we were living in the 3rd Reich, Rais Yatim would be Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. Goebbels also held a PhD. What you think? Hee hee hee... No, no, prize for guessing who'd be Hitler.



Mohd Daud said...

Naj1b seems like no onfidence else why would he keep asking rakyat to help him?

Anonymous said...

Najib already nambikei Hindraf, the kingmaker in GE13?

More airtime for Indian movies on RTM?

Anonymous said...

Hitler equivalent is no other than "checkthat"!

Anonymous said...

On Rais Yatim,his PhD degree means 'Permanent Head Damage'.So how do you expect his thinking/actions to be normal.

Anonymous said...

Pols offer a choice between reforms and ruins?
What kind of idiot statement is that and coming from a PM?
God bless Malaysia.

monsterball said...

Never in the history of UMNO have so few performed such idiotic so many to enjoy.
Never in the history of UMNO have ever performed all!!
Why work so hard?
Not so easy to fool Malaysians.
Experts in double talks....twisting...flip flopping...buying votes..cannot work anymore.
Not one hear Mahathir admit stolen billions...or sue anyone accusing him.
Not one time you hear Najib suing anyone accusing him stealing and murdering Alantuya.
Imagine one goes to mosque and swear his innocence....that's it...all must accept he is telling the gospel truth.
Such is our country with such rouges and thieves and murderers...walking scotch free.
Why so...decades of brain washing have created thousands of half pass racist idiots...and only for personal benefits...and not for the country and people.
When we look back....we can see how cruel and devilish Mahathir is with his Umno b party.
That's not dirty politics he thinks he is very good at.
Mahathir is a big time con man ..rouge.. thief...with a real cruel cunning personality...putting out a mild harmless front.
A vote for Umno b is vote for Mahathir.
Najib is his useless good for nothing dog.

Mr Lonely said...

haiz, i can sense bee enn still can win this round as so many tricks being used~

Anonymous said...


joseph didnt renegade the thesis for his Phd, did he?
cant beat this UMNO dinosaur snob. He thinks he is the gift for human bullshir!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 3.19
tom give the bugger a few quid to enjoy his life in london for another few years, he sell his mother away. now you know why the indians will continue to be slavery class? for A mou, umno BE 2/3 ?

Anonymous said...

DAP for the past 48 years flying , this 13th GE at last landed on the Moon.

Ho Choong Sin said...

Patrick, why do I see a UMNO-BN advertisement on your website?

Do you have no control over advertisements appearing on your website?

Ho Choong Sin said...

Patrick, Why do I see an UMNO-BN advertisement on your website?

Do you have no control over what appeaars on your website?

Anonymous said...

It is now official. Ibrahim Ali is UMNO's "calon hantu". What a clever idea after practising with "pengundi hantu" until now.

I feel that this is a logical extension what with Mahathir a/l Iskandar Kutty being the "PM hantu" all along.

Is there a P Ramlee song about this?

Anonymous said...

The true motives of BN-UMNO.-is to buy votes not that they care for the people.With so many years ruling the majority of the Malays and Indians remain poor.The Chinese have their portion of urban poor who suffers silently , struggling to survive.But generally the few chinese towkays seem to represent that all chinese are wealthy.True that the Chinese middle class is larger in relation to their demographic size but all these are self earned, through hard work, inspite of the obstructions and discrimination heaped upon them by the racially structured governing systems. The core of the matter in this G.E. is: for 56 years the UMNO-BN govt. hasn't done anything for the masses except make promises during every GE.After that the systematic corruption (re)emerges and the plundering starts all over again. Previous there was no ALTERNATIVE and VIABLE OPPOSITION available to face UMNO-BN.Today we see one.No matter how Najib sells his "product",the people have already decided to CHANGE come May 5!

Anonymous said...

I think that "PUTA tan" is good for BN if you speak Italian.

I have always believed that MCA & MIC are first & second class PUTA to UMNO which can PUT it into any "TAN,Ibrahim and Moorthy" anywhere it like. So I say: Hidup PUTA tan !

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