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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some snippets again...

Don't worry boss. I will get everything under control.

First the new IGP announces that the PDRM was setting up a 'Crime Prevention Department'. Now he's announced the setting up of a special committee to curb incidents involving deaths in police lock ups. Apa the fuck!!! If all these departments have to be "set up" what have the PDRM been doing all these years???  Full story HERE


I read in The Malaysian Insider that Perkasa is demanding that Bumiputra equity and university places be increased to 60%. The group's acting president Datuk Abd Rahman Abu Bakar said that this was not unrealistic. He also suggested that Malay and Bumiputra students be given full scholarships. But the funny bit is, in the same breath this fler also said “The government should consider continuing Vision Schools... they promote unity” .

These Perkasa flers are real racist, unfunny comedians la. Shouldn't they be arrested for something? Or hauled in by the police to "help in investigations"?


The statement most likely to make you throw up. So be careful ya? Ready?

“This is not our way, we must have principles... in any matter, we must have principles, follow the rules" - Najib Razak, prime minister.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend snippets

It looks like our new minister of Home Affairs is a tough hardliner man! But there is a way around his threats to take 'stern action' against anyone who 'foments chaos on the streets'

Back in 1947, without the Internet, Social Media and whatnot Malayans staged a peaceful HARTAL. What is that? Watch this video. 


We always like to say that politicians are "clowns", right? Well, they are not. Not really. They are just performers. Some of them anyway...Story HERE


Can some legal eagles out there help to explain this? How does a statement like “...cannot wait for five years to overthrow Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN)” constitute sedition?

Hiyoh!!! And we thought once the elections are over we can all go forward and make a better Malaysia. Looks like we shall be spending a lot of time throwing stones at each other yet.


Friday, May 17, 2013

And so it goes...on and on and on and on.....

I just read that Najib announced, “The new ministers bring both the measured calm of experience, and the vibrant energy of new ideas; a grounding in anti-corruption and human rights law, and an appreciation for the dynamism of the private sector".

Measured calm of experience? Vibrant energy of new ideas? Grounding in anti-corruption and human rights law? Appreciation for dynamism of private sector?

Phwaaaar!!! Sound damn terror, right? But for an ordinary Malaysian like me it just sounds like politic-speak. Well, you can go look at the photos of the new cabinet lineup and decide if you can see any measured calm of whatever, detect any vibrant energy of any kind....I haven't figured out what 'appreciation for dynamism of private sector' actually means to us folks yet.


Okay, so Najib says his new cabinet brings a "grounding in anti-corruption..." (whatever that actually means la) but the new cabinet line-up includes a man who was sacked from Umno in 1995 for alledgedly paying RM6million to secure a position as Umno division cheif. This new deputy minister of agriculture was also alledged to have used corrupt means to gain the award of a RM1.3 billion contract to his own company.
Hiyoh!!! I don't know la. Maybe emigration isn't such a bad idea. Okay...I am going back to learning my script for the show tonight. Can't read these news anymore la.


Why am I not hopeful or excited about the appointment of the new Communications and Multi-media minister. That Shabery Cheek fler. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath about being back on radio anytime soon. Sigh.


Have you noticed that a lot of Malaysians never say what they actually mean the first time they say it? Indelible ink is not indelible? No what we meant was that indelible ink in Malaysia has to be Halal and contain less silver nitrate. That's why our indelible ink is slightly delible la. Then why you never say in the beginning? Jihad? No, no, no I didn't mean Jihad like in go to war and kill people. I just meant that jihad can also mean righting wrongs and bringing things to the correct way. Then why you didn't say in the beginning? If you don't like it you can fuck off to another country. No, no, no. What I meant was that Malaysia's voting system follows the Westminster one. First past the post and etc. So if Malaysians want to live under a different system then they have to emigrate to another country that has the system they want. Then why you didn't say in the beginning?
Something tells me that we are going to have the most back-tracking, back-peddling cabinet in history. Enjoy!


I was wondering whether there was a cut of beef that we have not managed to can yet. There isn't.


Thursday, May 09, 2013

More post-GE13 snippets

I was reading in The Sun this morning the story about how planeloads of East Malaysians (Sarawakians?) were flown back to the Peninsula to vote. This was a statement made to dispel allegations of electoral fraud. 
No la they were not illegals being flown in to vote.They were just East Malaysians coming back to the Peninsula to vote.
Huh? Got such thing one meh? I thought if that is the case they would be flying the other way ma. No ah? And then got NGO sponsor the flight some more. I osso confuse la. The Sun story HERE.


Quote that will probably make Malaysians more pissed-off with Najib...

“The prime minister has a right to be disappointed with Chinese voters... after he had worked so hard to win over the community through various programmes and aid” - Prof Dr Ho Khai Leong, the Chinese Studies Institute’s dean at the MCA’s Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

As a Malaysian I don't question his right. It's that "worked so hard to win over ... " I find difficult to deal with. You?

The full story HERE


Najib Razak keeps harping on “You blamed Utusan but you don’t ask about the Chinese papers”.

I think one lady said it best. "I can't read Chinese papers but I can and do read Malay ones. So?"

Hee hee hee......


Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Post GE13 snippets

Mahathir calls the Chinese ungrateful. He's obviously forgotten that it was the Chinese votes that kept him in power when the Malay votes deserted him all those years ago.
Mahathir accuses the Chinese of being 'ungrateful'. He's obviously forgotten that it was the Chinese votes that kept him in power when the Malay votes deserted him all those years ago. Mudah lupa is correct. 

I am Chinese and I am grateful. I am grateful for:-

1. Being a citizen of this beautiful country.
2. Having a unique bond with all my Malay, Indian, Kadazandusun and other fellow Malaysians. All of whom I am proud to call my Malaysian brethren.

I am NOT grateful for:-

1. Politicians who constantly try to tell me that I am not part of this nation.
2. A government who throws its citizens crumbs while squandering and pocketing the nation's wealth.
3. A government who buys submarines that don't submerge.
4. A government who spends less on education and health and the people's well-being than on defense.
5. A government who blames me for election results.

I could go on and on but I am sure you get my drift. So, the elections are over. No matter the circumstances under which the new government came into power let's get on with it and work for change. For the better.


I am grateful we have LAT.


1991. Can Malaysians remember back that far? That was when Mahathir launched his Vision 2020. That was when Mahathir spoke of a “Bangsa Malaysia” (Malaysian Race) who competed on meritocracy in a developed nation.

This is the same man who accused other Malaysians of "mudah lupa" (forget easily).


Sunday, May 05, 2013

Still more GE13 snippets. May 05, 2013

UBAH! Today we start a New journey. Toward a better Malaysia. Well done Malaysia!

After I voted this morning.


It is true. You can wash it off. A bit of it anyway. This after just a casual wash with shower foam. The bits on skin seem to be pretty indelible. Not that I tried that hard la.
After washing my finger with water and shower foam.


HOLY CRAP!!! Thanks The Malaysian Insider. You almost scared me to death. Hiyoh! Be mindful that there are people with weak hearts when you choose photos to put up on TMI.

You all really do love Rosmah, don't you? Each time I post something about her the post gets thousands of 'reads'. I posted her photograph just 36 minutes ago on Facebook and already it's had almost 11,000 reads! Come on, admit it la. You all lururve her kan? :-)


To say that Nurul Izzah has an uphill task against Raja Nong Chik in the Lembah Pantai seat in an understatement. I drove past a school in the Abd. Hukum area and the Barisan Nasional presence was OVERWHELMING!!! It all but swamped the PKR presence. But I am still hoping that the people of Lembah Pantai will vote for the future of a better Malaysia rather than for someone who came along just before the elections and handed out some goodies. But if you're poor and have nothing and someone comes along and gives you a roof over your head choices aren't that easy. Vote well, Lembah Pantai.


Issues? Economy? Education? Some of us might vote for these but there are some others whose vote is dependent on the temperature of the day, the length of queue at the polling centre or if it is going to make them late for breakfast. 
I met a man who said that the queue was too long and it was inconvenient. And so he went home. He wasn't planning to vote later in the day either. I guess different folks find different important.


Friday, May 03, 2013


At the PKR ceramah on Wednesday night ADUN Elizabeth Wong said something that sounded very logical to me. She said that on polling day nobody should question anybody's right to vote. 

The law states that any Malaysian, meaning anyone who has a valid Malaysian IC can vote. If we see or suspect instances of fraud we should just report them. Under no circumstances should we take the law into our own hands and attempt to check or prevent the person from voting. To uphold the law, we must obey the law. 

As Malaysians what we must do is to ensure that there is a 100% voter turnout on May 5, 2013. When that happens all their cheating will come to naught. Spring will finally arrive in our beloved Malaysia.


Thursday, May 02, 2013

More GE13 snippets

1st surprise of the day. Zulkifli Noordin, BN candidate for Shah Alam, calls Mahathir "Ayahanda" or 'father'. Wow! I guess if BN wins another term in Putrajaya, Zulkifli will suddenly become a politician whose family and relatives are all great entrepreneurs with hugely successful businesses? What you think? 


Najib tells us to support 1Malaysia but why does Mahathir constantly tell his audiences to be wary of the Chinese?


This headline in The Malaysian Insider made me smile. 

Immigration chief denies foreigners sent to Selangor depots to vote

I never understood headlines like these la. What did we expect the immigration fler to say? Yes it's true we did it?


Mahathir calls Lim Kit Siang a racist. An extreme racist even. But is there any report of how he qualified that statement? Ok. So you say the fler is a racist. How is he a racist? Seriously, as a Malaysian going to the polls on Sunday I would like to know. Can? 
Oh wait...Mahathir did say why he thinks LKS is a racist. This is what he reportedly said....

“Why am I calling Lim Kit Siang a racist? It’s because he has gone to contest in Gelang Patah where the majority there are Chinese. There, he will persuade the Chinese to hate the Malays”

So he has gone to Gelang Patah to contest where the majority is Chinese. But all your macai's also contest where the majority is Malay and then tell our Malay brethren to be wary of Chinese, Indians and all. Then how?

Persuade the Chinese to hate the Malays...hmmm...okay. But why? Ah that he did not say in the TMI report. So how?