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Friday, May 17, 2013

And so it goes...on and on and on and on.....

I just read that Najib announced, “The new ministers bring both the measured calm of experience, and the vibrant energy of new ideas; a grounding in anti-corruption and human rights law, and an appreciation for the dynamism of the private sector".

Measured calm of experience? Vibrant energy of new ideas? Grounding in anti-corruption and human rights law? Appreciation for dynamism of private sector?

Phwaaaar!!! Sound damn terror, right? But for an ordinary Malaysian like me it just sounds like politic-speak. Well, you can go look at the photos of the new cabinet lineup and decide if you can see any measured calm of whatever, detect any vibrant energy of any kind....I haven't figured out what 'appreciation for dynamism of private sector' actually means to us folks yet.


Okay, so Najib says his new cabinet brings a "grounding in anti-corruption..." (whatever that actually means la) but the new cabinet line-up includes a man who was sacked from Umno in 1995 for alledgedly paying RM6million to secure a position as Umno division cheif. This new deputy minister of agriculture was also alledged to have used corrupt means to gain the award of a RM1.3 billion contract to his own company.
Hiyoh!!! I don't know la. Maybe emigration isn't such a bad idea. Okay...I am going back to learning my script for the show tonight. Can't read these news anymore la.


Why am I not hopeful or excited about the appointment of the new Communications and Multi-media minister. That Shabery Cheek fler. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath about being back on radio anytime soon. Sigh.


Have you noticed that a lot of Malaysians never say what they actually mean the first time they say it? Indelible ink is not indelible? No what we meant was that indelible ink in Malaysia has to be Halal and contain less silver nitrate. That's why our indelible ink is slightly delible la. Then why you never say in the beginning? Jihad? No, no, no I didn't mean Jihad like in go to war and kill people. I just meant that jihad can also mean righting wrongs and bringing things to the correct way. Then why you didn't say in the beginning? If you don't like it you can fuck off to another country. No, no, no. What I meant was that Malaysia's voting system follows the Westminster one. First past the post and etc. So if Malaysians want to live under a different system then they have to emigrate to another country that has the system they want. Then why you didn't say in the beginning?
Something tells me that we are going to have the most back-tracking, back-peddling cabinet in history. Enjoy!


I was wondering whether there was a cut of beef that we have not managed to can yet. There isn't.



Simplex said...

Dear Niamah,

Are those canned food "cut of beef" or "cut of politicians from component party"?

TalkAboutStuff said...

I agree. This "winning" cabinet does not look inspiring at all.

Anonymous said...

That 6million man and that"u don't like it u can leave" fler are old men in their own era.Very arrogant!
I think BN will sink faster with them around.

Anonymous said...

What emigration? And which beef brand?? Try consuming more of these highly popular products mentioned here for our long-term benefit:

Anonymous said...

Whole bunch of spider fcukers...thats what they are! Effking country of morons!

Anonymous said...

I'm so scared of Zahid n all of umno pricks ! I respect them so much n honor every word that comes out of their ass ! They are so intelligent , head full of shit . Malaysia is on its way to greatness ...of longkang standard !

ps: I doubt Shaberry can resurrect 'Rehat Tunggu Mati' RTM.

Kopi-O said...

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that “the laws of the country determined that the winner of the general election was based on the number of seats won and not the popular votes”. This is the crux of the fraudulent electoral system and the ludicrous mindset of UMNO politicians and their boofhead supporters. What they fail to acknowledge or pretend not to understand is UMNO’s entrenched gerrymander, where BN won electorates have much fewer voters than Opposition won electorates. If this is the attitude of the Home Minister towards Opposition supporters after one week in office, we are in for one hell of a ride in the next five years. Najib should have chided Zahid for his outburst, but as we have come to expect, Najib’s silence is deafening.

Fan of Niamah said...


Do not hope long long that Shaberry will invite you back to RTM.

I sugest you create your own Youtube show like the Singapore blogger Mr Brown:

You have all the talent to be successful here!

Anonymous said...

not going to national radio anyday soon- need to wait, or maybe wait until the cows come home to condominium in orchard road , maybe another 5 years.

Anonymous said...

After 56 years, we have enough! The govt is not willing to listen to our voices, that's why we turn up in large numbers, but we are peace loving people. Only when the rakyat are silenced for way too long, they see the need to rise and speak up. Now with a string of arrests and threats, people can see clearly the true colors of the BN govt after the GE13!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Mr Wayang Moorthy will cure all Indian ills and Malaysia will send a spaceman to the Sun...better than those ruddy Chinese who can only think of sending a man to the moon like the Yanks. Better still send this clown to the sun and then it will be all calm in the streets of KL. Hidup BN!

Maryam said...

That 6million man and that"u don't like it u can leave" fler are old men in their own era.Very arrogant!
I think BN will sink faster with them around.

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