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Thursday, May 02, 2013

More GE13 snippets

1st surprise of the day. Zulkifli Noordin, BN candidate for Shah Alam, calls Mahathir "Ayahanda" or 'father'. Wow! I guess if BN wins another term in Putrajaya, Zulkifli will suddenly become a politician whose family and relatives are all great entrepreneurs with hugely successful businesses? What you think? 


Najib tells us to support 1Malaysia but why does Mahathir constantly tell his audiences to be wary of the Chinese?


This headline in The Malaysian Insider made me smile. 

Immigration chief denies foreigners sent to Selangor depots to vote

I never understood headlines like these la. What did we expect the immigration fler to say? Yes it's true we did it?


Mahathir calls Lim Kit Siang a racist. An extreme racist even. But is there any report of how he qualified that statement? Ok. So you say the fler is a racist. How is he a racist? Seriously, as a Malaysian going to the polls on Sunday I would like to know. Can? 
Oh wait...Mahathir did say why he thinks LKS is a racist. This is what he reportedly said....

“Why am I calling Lim Kit Siang a racist? It’s because he has gone to contest in Gelang Patah where the majority there are Chinese. There, he will persuade the Chinese to hate the Malays”

So he has gone to Gelang Patah to contest where the majority is Chinese. But all your macai's also contest where the majority is Malay and then tell our Malay brethren to be wary of Chinese, Indians and all. Then how?

Persuade the Chinese to hate the Malays...hmmm...okay. But why? Ah that he did not say in the TMI report. So how?



Anonymous said...

A leopard will never change its spot. A fool will always be a fool.

anakmalaysia said...

That old SOB him self should be call racist !

Anonymous said...

It shows that old mamak kutty is senile.Talking nonsense!

flyer168 said...

Hi Patrick,

“Why am I calling Lim Kit Siang a racist? It’s because he has gone to contest in Gelang Patah where the majority there are Chinese. There, he will persuade the Chinese to hate the Malays”

Just to share this...

You be the judge.

Shalom & take care.

Anonymous said...

Niahmah, Mamakthir is the father of racist!

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang has no contribution to nation building since he leads DAP. His political speech filled with hatred only to the Malays and UMNO. He has forgotten that the reason why he still alive today and has a son being ex Chief minister of penang are all because democracy is alive in Malaysia.
LKS is not in a mould like Tun Dr Mahathir who is true statesman for TDM has built the nation during his 23 years as PM.
What has LKS done the last 44 (sie-sie)years leading DAP????? Nothing .... ZERO...yilek....seisap..
Come on ma, don't be emotional of LKS......check the facts ma.
LKS being racist..... check Mageran Report on the 13 May 1969 issue....
need I say more?

I am off voting this Sunday and with all the writings in this blog......I have decided that BN is still my choice.

Anonymous said...

Mamakutty is preparing a private jet in langkawi as his escape plan on May 5?

Anonymous said...

Don't miss this one by ex-UMNO man:

Fernz the Great said...

PR claims it won the GE since the majority of the people voted for it. It rightly claims the moral, if not the legal, right to govern. But how is it going to rule with just 89 seats in the 222 seat Parliament? The Government will fall on a no confidence motion on the very first day that Parliament convenes. Again, we assume here that the King will call upon a member of Parliament -- the PR leader in the August House -- who does not command the confidence of the majority, to be sworn in as Prime Minister in defiance of the Federal Constitution. It's not good enough PR claiming and complaining to the King that BN stole 27 parliamentary seats from it . . .

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