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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Post GE13 snippets

Mahathir calls the Chinese ungrateful. He's obviously forgotten that it was the Chinese votes that kept him in power when the Malay votes deserted him all those years ago.
Mahathir accuses the Chinese of being 'ungrateful'. He's obviously forgotten that it was the Chinese votes that kept him in power when the Malay votes deserted him all those years ago. Mudah lupa is correct. 

I am Chinese and I am grateful. I am grateful for:-

1. Being a citizen of this beautiful country.
2. Having a unique bond with all my Malay, Indian, Kadazandusun and other fellow Malaysians. All of whom I am proud to call my Malaysian brethren.

I am NOT grateful for:-

1. Politicians who constantly try to tell me that I am not part of this nation.
2. A government who throws its citizens crumbs while squandering and pocketing the nation's wealth.
3. A government who buys submarines that don't submerge.
4. A government who spends less on education and health and the people's well-being than on defense.
5. A government who blames me for election results.

I could go on and on but I am sure you get my drift. So, the elections are over. No matter the circumstances under which the new government came into power let's get on with it and work for change. For the better.


I am grateful we have LAT.


1991. Can Malaysians remember back that far? That was when Mahathir launched his Vision 2020. That was when Mahathir spoke of a “Bangsa Malaysia” (Malaysian Race) who competed on meritocracy in a developed nation.

This is the same man who accused other Malaysians of "mudah lupa" (forget easily).




"MAHARJAthir apa lagi Mahu"...

Anonymous said...

Before asking "What else Chinese want", can BN list out specifically what have been given to the common (working class) Malaysian Malays, Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indians, Malaysian Ibans, etc.? Majority of Malaysian citizens fall under the working class. Let's look at what have been given to these working class. Scholarships (how many ar?)only given to those with at least 9A1's in SPM. So how many would be given? Let's be generous and said 200 scholarships. How many working class people got BR1M handouts? Not many I suppose as most of their household monthly incomes exceeded RM3k. So the Govt. have been helping which group of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans etc? Not the working class I suppose. So how does all these working class manage to put their children through higher education? I know many of them are working more than 1 jobs. Many also worked overtime to make ends meet. Just look at the election results, at the urban area (most of the working class are located there)how many votes majority won by DAP, PKR and PAS? Like Kit Siang said, it is a Malaysian Tsunami. We can also call it the working class Tsunami.

Hajar said...

Reading his writing is akin to the pot calling the kettle black. :)

Ex-馬華 said...


Mr Lonely said...

sad lor being said until like that~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

Anonymous said...

LAT is no longer credible as it is now with NST.

Now we prefer the cartoons from Zunar.

Anonymous said...

Kami bukan tidak boleh terima BN menang . Tapi cuba tuan/puan nilai sendiri faktor dibawah :-

a) Begitu banyak kes pengundi hantu yang berjaya dibongkar.

b) Dakwat kekal yang dijanjikan langsung TIDAK KEKAL! Padahal berjuta2 habis untuk beli.

c) Keputusan hanya diumum jam 1 pagi iaitu paling lambat dalam sejarah Malaysia!

d) Setelah DSAI umum PR menang banyak negeri, serta merta banyak pusat kiraan tiba2 blackout dan secara tiba2 undi BN naik mendadak.

e) Berjaya dibongkar apabila 3 peti undi disorok di parlimen Putrajaya.

f) Pada pukul 11pm masih ada peti undi cuba dibawa masuk ke tempat pengundian padahal pusat mengundi ditutup pada pkul 5pm. Adakah tempoh 3 jam tidak cukup untuk proses kira undi di buat.

g) Negeri Perlis, Terengganu, Perak dan Negeri Sembilan semua BN menang majoriti mudah. Untuk pengetahuan, negeri2 tersebut antara diumum DSAI telah dimenangi PR dan negeri2 tersebutlah yang tiba2 mengalami blackout!!

i) Ada pengundi hantu berjaya ditangkap kerana berjaya mengundi 2 kali

j) Kertas undi yang dibawa dari luar oleh petugas SPR!! berjaya di tangkap sedangkan adalah mustahil kertas undi boleh berada diluar dan ia satu kesalahan yang besar!

#Jadi tuan/puan nilailah sendiri apa yang terjadi pada PRU kali ni. Kalau faktor2 diatas tidak berlaku, kita sama sekali tidak akan bantah keputusan PRU kali ini.

Semoga kita jangan berhenti untuk menegakkan kebenaran dan menjatuhkan penipuan!! Perjuangan era anak muda baru bermula..


dukuhead said...

Patrick, i'm happy about the GE 13 elections results. We have a simple majority govt and a strong opposition. The deadwood MCA and Gerakan have been shown the door out. Now there is check and balance. Maybe we didn't get to change the government, but the people have voted and this is the people's will, we have to respect that, whether we be on the side of the govt or the opposition. I'm proud to be malaysian today.

Anonymous said...

This is really a good time to get people thinking about such gerrymandering etc:

Theoretically in GE12 (I only have data for the last GE), BN could win with only 17% votes. This is how it works. In GE12 and GE13, there are 222 parliamentary seats. BN needs only 112 to have >50% seats. In each of these seats, BN only needs 51% votes (Or even less % in a multi-corner fight.) Since the smallest 112 seats are really small, if you calculate one by one, from Putrajaya (smallest in GE12) to N. Sembilan’s Tampin (112th smallest), BN only need a total of 17.27% voters for BN to control the government with >50% parliamentary seats.

This phenomenon is a combined result of 4 issues, the last 3 of which are not highlighted enough, that is why PR and activists did not gather enough momentum to prepare for it. The 4 issues are:

(1) Gerrymandering – creatively shaped constituencies. Everyone is becoming aware of this now,

(2) Malapportionment – unequal sized constituencies,

(3) First-past-the-post election system, the largest majority, even if less than 50% means a win – winner takes it all,

(4) Most small seats are in Sabah and Sarawak.

Come 2013-2014, things will only get more scary because re-delineation/ re-delimitation of seats can help BN distort the seats even further. And PR only has 3 state assemblies to block any abuses.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mahathir,you are the worst scumbag on earth. You got to correct yourself first before correcting others. Respect have to be earn not forced & asked. I think you are getting nyanyuk day by day.You obviously don't know what nonsense you are babbling about. You need to look yourself at the mirror more.

Anonymous said...

Poor and weak leaders can't look at themselves in the mirror for all the dastardly schemes they had conjured up. They only care about blaming others if something goes wrong and divide the nation for their own selfish benefit. Some aim to be the world's biggest shit stirrer due to insanity while still thinking they can fool everyone all the time despite their time is already up long time ago.

The only real leader I admire the most is still Tuanku Abdul Rahman who sacrificed everything for a truly united country regardless of race, colour, creed, religion, gender, class, caste, or any other social markers of difference even before the term 1Malaysia was coined. Please do not forget what he fought and stood for.

ApaNama said...

Ask him to go to hell the faster the better!
Malaysians do not need him anymore and he looks like more of a liability than an asset.

Anonymous said...


Didn't Mahathir repeatedly said he "could not remember" or "did not remember" during the VK Lingam court case? Of course Mahathir could not remember the then "Chinese Tsunami" voted for him back in 1991. He has what the medical docs termed selective amnesia which is symptomatic with people suffering from grand delusions of unimaginable depths or put it simply, Mahathir is senile.

Anonymous said...

Ask Najib to blame Mahathir for BN fallout ..

While Najib print voucher and deliver cash to vow us ...Mahathir send Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli to scare us

Anonymous said...

A lot of racial and social problems can be solved quickly if the Mad Hatter Doc is thrown into the looney bin with immediate effect.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Teoh ...

..besides the submarines that don't submerge...

You forgot to mention :
1) The cows that produce no milk
2) The execellent anti-crime KPI high crime-rate
3) The 'clean" BN with dirty corruption

Anonymous said...

A foreign writer, Bryant wrote this great letter way back in 2010 which is still highly relevant today:

Mariam Mokhtar also wrote this excellent article for all to ponder:

Anonymous said...

These courageous women listed here have faced a lot of harassment, intimidation, etc. despite fighting for the good of the country:

But tell me how come the Mad Hatter who is hell-bent on sowing discord among brethren is treated like a king?? Do we now realise what is right or wrong for the country anymore as a result of his evil deeds???

Anonymous said...

BN lost because in the 21st century; their biggest component party still subscribes to defunct medieval ideas of political parties based on ethnic divisions - and stoking sentiments on this as well as promoting racial supremacy and 'special rights' of a particular ethnic group.

This will ensure the eventual death of BN in a few years as this thinking makes them irrelevant in the modern world. The 21st century voters have shown BN this.

Instead of blaming MCA and Gerakan, look at yourself and see what flaws you have - are you capable of leading a modern nation? Or are you sinking deeper into oblivion/debt as BN has done in the past five years?

Anonymous said...

The last paragraph in this old but interesting letter drew quite a number of ferocious comments by readers:-
Mahathir’s record: More negatives than positives

This guy was seriously pissed off at that time and probably still is right now:-
By JJ Ray

Many might be able to remember this little list here for posterity:-
Dr M: 22 fiascos in 22 years of power
By Batman

And of course he was there too! Check this out:-

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