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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Still more GE13 snippets. May 05, 2013

UBAH! Today we start a New journey. Toward a better Malaysia. Well done Malaysia!

After I voted this morning.


It is true. You can wash it off. A bit of it anyway. This after just a casual wash with shower foam. The bits on skin seem to be pretty indelible. Not that I tried that hard la.
After washing my finger with water and shower foam.


HOLY CRAP!!! Thanks The Malaysian Insider. You almost scared me to death. Hiyoh! Be mindful that there are people with weak hearts when you choose photos to put up on TMI.

You all really do love Rosmah, don't you? Each time I post something about her the post gets thousands of 'reads'. I posted her photograph just 36 minutes ago on Facebook and already it's had almost 11,000 reads! Come on, admit it la. You all lururve her kan? :-)


To say that Nurul Izzah has an uphill task against Raja Nong Chik in the Lembah Pantai seat in an understatement. I drove past a school in the Abd. Hukum area and the Barisan Nasional presence was OVERWHELMING!!! It all but swamped the PKR presence. But I am still hoping that the people of Lembah Pantai will vote for the future of a better Malaysia rather than for someone who came along just before the elections and handed out some goodies. But if you're poor and have nothing and someone comes along and gives you a roof over your head choices aren't that easy. Vote well, Lembah Pantai.


Issues? Economy? Education? Some of us might vote for these but there are some others whose vote is dependent on the temperature of the day, the length of queue at the polling centre or if it is going to make them late for breakfast. 
I met a man who said that the queue was too long and it was inconvenient. And so he went home. He wasn't planning to vote later in the day either. I guess different folks find different important.



lucy said...

So many strange shiny lumps on her face.. scary la..

Anonymous said...

I never quite understood what Najib meant when he pitched his TRANSFORMATION stuff until I saw your pic of RoastMa. Now I finally realise what he's been trying to hard to sell to you guys.
Looks like his better half IS TRANSFORMING into the Mother of all KATAKPURUs. Have another closer look............

Anonymous said...

BN the Jaguh Kampung won because the rural folks are blinded by the propaganda of mainstream media controlled by BN/Umno.

Najib should be worried that it lost the urban votes from all races.

Umno blames 'Tsunami Cina', but it is 'Urban Tsunami' that wiped out many BN leaders.

MCA and Gerakan are wiped out. CSL has been warned that hudud card was no longer frigtening to teh Chinese. Also MCA was stupid to discard capable candidates as CSL only focus on maintaining his control on the party.

DUN Johor ill now have good and strong opposition, so BN cannot play play in Iskandar matters.

Not sure if the 30 minute free internet from Najib for rural folks could make riral folks accessing alternative media. I guess the rural folks will be bombarded with 30 mins 1Propaganda (with creative input from LimKoking) daily FOC!

Goh Chun Lai said...

Money Politics never work in Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Niamah leh. The EC fella said that with or without indelible ink, the same person kenot vote twice as his name would be crossed off the list. Wait.... the person can vote again using another IC right? What is the possibility that a person can have more than one IC? With project IC, I think a person can get more than 1 IC. The EC fella even said that a foreigner can vote and his vote is legit as long as he as an IC. He has whose IC ar? Very fair election huh! Niamah leh!

Anonymous said...

We all must punish the lies of the mainstream media. The Star, Utusan Malaysia, BH, NST and others have dragged down the noble profession of journalism.

But their lies and scare-mongering didn’t work. More than 50% of the country voted for PR, which performed better than in 2008.

Malaysians prefer balance and the truth. Malaysians generally have a sense of justice and hate it when only one side of the story is told, even more so when the bad guys are always the opposition.

We must now put the mainstream on probation for a week and if they still don’t change, start a massive boycott and hit them where it hurts.

Mr Lonely said...

just feel so sad... =(

Anonymous said...

It is not about race thing that the Chinese voted for Pakatan Rakyat. You can check the facts that where Pakatan won, there were Malay and Indian candidates. Yes, it is right to call it a Chinese Tsunami BUT wrong to view it as a race thing. The Chinese vote for fairness, against corrupt practices, against money politics and most of all for a BETTER MALAYSIA. Niamah the Chua, Ghani, and whoever who tried to pin their failures on the race thingy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you EC & BN for conspiring together to cheat to win the GE. May retribution fall upon all of you soon.

Anonymous said...

A “Tribute” to Dr M

A Doctor In The House wry and sly,
The Malay Dilemma you feign to cry,
Soon after the tragedy in May 69,
Rising from the ashes you became mighty and high,
A good 22 years you reign in style,

Shedding crocodile tears when time to say good bye.
A crooked man with a crooked mind,
Wanted a crooked bridge, the rational hard to find,
Billions vanished without any trace or sign,

Plundering the country is never a crime,
Corruption, cronyism and racialism, all are fine,
Leaving this beloved Bolehland way far behind.

Ketuanan Melayu, Hidup Melayu is your battle cry,
You scream all these to cover your deception and lie(s),
Many saw these but pretend to be blind,
Mercy upon those who do not toe your line,
Know not why you lose your memory when in a bind,
Another intelligent devil like you we hope not to find.

Anonymous said...

Citizens of Malaysia had been seen screaming their discontentment all over the vast cyber media space, which unfortunately is the final fortress of free media in this nation.

Barisan Nasional, a coalition which had ruled over the nation for 56 years was continuously accused of purchasing votes by exhausting large amount of liquidity, controlling national media streams and just recently, exposed of ferrying large quantity of foreign citizens (speculated over 600,000) into the polling stations in order to corrupt the outcome of the election.

Speculations were yet to be verified but without the help of an external intervention, our people are rendered powerless against such extreme measures. With all due respect, we wish not a dramatic counterpart nor are we preaching our speculations; we wish only to be heard. If the UN launches an investigation, the eyes of many more will be watching; and when the global awareness rises, transparency follows and truth shall prevail.

If our voices were robbed within our own land, please help our voices reach the world.

Sign the petition here:

Anonymous said...

Happy Days are here. Najib's problems are just beginning.

Mahathir will do all to destablise him so his son Mukriz will be in with a chance to be PM. Muhyddin will do all he can to topple Najib so he can get his name into history books.

Najib will be his own worst enemy because he will dare move against either of them.

Najib will continue his old policies of discrimination and appeasing the UMNO no help for Indians now that he has won anyway.

UMNO extremists will foam at the mouth but really try and loot as much as they can before the next general elections. Why? Because they are smart enough to realise that UMNO will now be targetting the small (number of voters)seats in rural areas. He will play his "victim" card to the fullest, knowing that he will win votes.

Utusan will still spew lies but may be that old fool Ibrahim Ali and his sidekick, Zul, will wither away. But that is unlikely.

Only Rosmah can save Najib by providing ammunition (indirectly of course)on the carrying ons of corrupt UMNO cronies to Anwar so he can stop Mahathir.

Either way, happy days, I say.

Anonymous said...

Tribute to the Bangla in Malaysia:

dikelentong said...

It is better to be underrepresented than to be misrepresented It is time that both MCA and Gerakan close shop completely and don't come back!!! The remaining elected representatives please join UMNO and see if they want you or they prefer Ibrahim Ali and Hassan Ali !!! The community doesn't need apologist of UMNO and corruption money politics or free dinners and drinks to determine who they want to represent them.

Anonymous said...

Hoi Patrick,

Why you bloody fucking quiet? I thought you and your supporters wanna take over the government? You and your bunch of idiot DAPsters will never take over, kapish? Dream on, man......

Anonymous said...

Wah...lo-sai, u got a nail polish ah? new trend woh...hehehe...

Anonymous said...

RM8 million spent on the washable ink?

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