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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend snippets

It looks like our new minister of Home Affairs is a tough hardliner man! But there is a way around his threats to take 'stern action' against anyone who 'foments chaos on the streets'

Back in 1947, without the Internet, Social Media and whatnot Malayans staged a peaceful HARTAL. What is that? Watch this video. 


We always like to say that politicians are "clowns", right? Well, they are not. Not really. They are just performers. Some of them anyway...Story HERE


Can some legal eagles out there help to explain this? How does a statement like “...cannot wait for five years to overthrow Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN)” constitute sedition?

Hiyoh!!! And we thought once the elections are over we can all go forward and make a better Malaysia. Looks like we shall be spending a lot of time throwing stones at each other yet.



Wahab said...

Something is not right at umno, the leaders seem to make up of pendatangs and not peninsula malays. Toyo, Hussein (with turkish blood?), najib & razak (bugis?), mamakthir (of course, kerala), zahid etc. and holding top positions of cm, defence, home, pm? Can we tell these pendatangs balik India, Indonesia, turkey?, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Dear Zahid,

You speak as though you were the Prime Minister even though you are not. As a government servant serving as a servant who is privileged to serve in the people's government for the people's good, you have spoken out of turn. Not even the Prime Minister can tell Malaysians to find a new home somewhere else. In your position as the people's servant, you have absolutely no standing or right to lord it over Malaysians whom you are supposed to serve as home minister. That means your job is to make this country a better home for all; not just for some, and most of all, never just for yourself or your friends.

Anonymous said...

Everyone ought to get the important book by a well-known surgeon and writer Dr M Bakri Musa as mentioned here:

princie said...

This Zahid Hamidi is an idiot. Its people like him who are the cause of the rakyat demanding UBAH. We do not need leaders like him.

This election was a SCAM.

Yek Ming Yong said...

Dear Patrick

How about this? What's next?


Anonymous said...

The police and the government seem to be sanctioning racist rhetoric and the rowdy and violent behaviour of hired thugs.

Do Najib, Umno and BN seriously expect support for the BN government with all these anti-social activities going on? Or are they trying to intimidate Malaysians into submitting to their whims and fancies? Malaysians of today are not gullible and will definitely stand up for their rights.

mukris said...

The Sabah Royal Commission of Inquiry was told that the cost of medical treatment for immigrants was higher than the RM7.7 million for Malaysians over the same period.

Truly Niamah!

Anonymous said...

Ling liong Sik and Khir Toyo stole billions and were not hand cuff but Adam Adli was hand cuff though he did not commit a crime and was not even charge yet!

Anonymous said...

Hadiah regim BN kpd rakyat lagi.

Harga bungkusan pos M'sia antarabangsa naik dr RM15 hingga RM60.Kroni kaya,rakyat sengsara.

Barang Naik sebelum GST!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear IGP Khalid,

Look at the crime rate. Police reports have been made ; but how many cases have you seriously tackled?

My wife's Police report on snatch theft is still lying in Kelana jaya Police Station. It is 4 years; and there is no update of the case! Rape cases and now death in the police station are yet to be resolved!

If you cannot handle crime, kindly bow out! Be a professional crime-buster and solve crimes!

Don't politicise your position; it is unhealthy for the name of Malaysia!

The World is watching; BBC, CNN and Aljazeera reporters will report your work!

Teh Tarik said...

The EC Chairman and his his deputy have brought ignominy to Malaysia. They have presided over the most fraudulent elections in our history akin to Zimbabwe. These two disreputable and despised individuals, will one day, have to pay for their crimes. Their punishment should be to exile them to Zimbabwe, where they, together with Mamakutty, can be the permanent guests of Robert Mugabe.

Anonymous said...

Dalang sebenar Mei 13 dibongkar oleh Dato' Mohd Tamrin Ghafar.

Dato' Mohd Tamrin Ghafar. 解释 513 事情的来龙去脉(这个视频已被 YouTube 禁)

Black Bean Army said...

Even Naj1b now said 'BN perlu berani berubah' to stay relevant.

I take it as an implicit admissiion that his Transformasi has failed, and he has to adopt the UBAH approach. Perhaps he could engage DAP as consultant instead of APCO?

Anonymous said...

Boycott the companies owned by BN cronies would be a more effective method of fighting corruption in Malaysia than depending on action by the police or MACC.

Therefore all Malaysians should boycott all Petron petrol stations to show our dismay over cronyism in Malaysia.

FYI, Petron Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which has links with Mahathir’s son Mirzan, has taken over Esso Malaysia Bhd and all Esso stations are being rebranded to Petron.

Anonymous said...

This is the damn thing wrong with this UMNO government which has no right to govern our country as their leaders are all trash and traitors, and those perverted supporters are equally trash as well. See how the police despite their responsibilities to protect the rakyat, prefer to work as samseng for these traitors and robbers to intimidate and harrass the rakyat and opposition who only wanted a clean government with highest integrity. Is this right? Can anyone tell me if this is right? I'm boiling mad at this UMNO trash.

Seng said...

Harga kereta tidak akan diturunkan dalam masa terdekat, cakap BN.

Turun 20-30%-Tunggu lama-lama~

Sebelum PRU 13,apa-apa pun boleh,
Selepas PRU 13,Semua tak boleh,

Janji Sudah Dicapatikan?

Ex_MCA said...



Anonymous said...

505 Black out rally is more peaceful than that Kuantan stadiumhere Pahang vs Johor DT in FA Cup semi-final!!!!


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