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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some recent great NIAMAH!!! Moments.

That's right! Fight for justice. Defend your right to remain stupid.

I just read from the Internet that Malay Consultative Council president, Ibrahim Abu Shah was quoted as saying....

'Abolish meritocracy in education and return justice to Malay students. Today, meritocracy has created Chinese supremacy. There is nothing to benefit Malay students.'

This makes me wonder why my Malay brethren do not get upset when they are constantly insulted by people who are supposedly their leaders.


Here! Go suck on it. It's edible.

So now we're told that the indelible ink that we had painted on our fingers during the GE13 was just food dye. Edible ink was what it was all along. Perhaps someone in the Election Commission's purchasing department can't spell. How many millions did we spend buying this food dye? Quite a lot kan? And I am sure that there's a lot left over too. So where it's all going to go? Think about it the next time you bite into your pasar malam dodol or enjoy your ice-cold glass of grape juice or sarsparilla or air mata kuching. Enjoyssss!!!


This is funny. The Elections Commission also insists that the edible ink...sorry indelible ink also contained silver nitrate and not just food colouring. But it was reported that the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim had told Parliament that no chemicals were used in the indelible ink; only “approved food colouring”. Minister say one thing EC fler says something else. So what else is new in Malaysia eh?

Hiyah typical la. Fuck up already but still fuck us in the end. Food dye the minister said so just when you thought you could at least suck your fingers they tell you it will kill your ass if you do. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Mahathir confuses me more and more each day...

In a recent speech he said...

......"we need to settle down and understand what democracy is and tell them to trust the government". 

Understand democracy and be TOLD to trust the government??? Lu faham tak?

The man also told Malaysians that having a national school under one roof for all races, can keep Malaysia peaceful, united and will help build a better future for its citizens.
"Going to the same school increases the chances of togetherness. I'm the product of this kind of school," he said.

Sir, just like you I came from the same system. And I agree with you. But don't always blame us for not wanting our children to go to national schools anymore. Have you recently checked on the level of education and the level of teaching offered by most national schools? Can you blame us parents for wanting better for our children? You would do the same. If national schools got back to the same standard as when you and I were in school I, for one would gladly put my children in national school.

"The problem we face today is that we do not come together, and barely speak or use the national language."

Sir, have you ever considered this? That we don't speak or use the national language because more and more we are being made to feel like we are NOT part of this nation? You often quote the example of Indonesia when it suits you. Everybody there speaks Bahasa Indonesia. Sure. Everybody there is INDONESIAN. Are we here ALL Malaysian? Really?

"We should have less segregation in schools for example, and make it compulsory to use and learn the national language" 

Segregation? In schools? Segregation and racial polarization now are evident everywhere. And most of us will agree that you started it. So how?

And now you say that Malaysian history needs to be re-written. I wonder how you would want that to be done. That really scares me. 


Friday, June 14, 2013

Police Tokkok

No need. Tak payar la. Crime rate reduced already. Dah!

Recently there have been reports of daring robberies in KL. Machete-armed gangs rob open-air restaurants. I am sure that you have also heard about such robberies in PJ. I think it is fair to say that residents in PJ especially have been living with the specter of crime for much too long. Almost every housing estate is now gated and guarded with the residents paying for the security services. It is so bad it has almost become simply a part of the rising cost of living in the Klang Valley. Just as clean water had become. So it is not a big surprise when I read that the MBPJ of the Opposition-governed state of Selangor has applied to the IGP several times to have its own auxiliary police force to ensure the safety of its residents. The big surprise is the reason given by the Inspector-General for the rejection of the applications. The man supposed explained that the rejection was because of the decline in crime rate and the fears of "overlapping functions" with the police.


Okay, okay when was the last time, YOU as an ordinary Malaysian citizen living in KL/PJ felt that there was a reduction in crime rate? Okay it may be a perception but my perception is that my environment is NOT safe. But the IGP tells me it is. But then he's got a gun. And he's got escorts wherever he goes. I don't. 


Come on la, tan sri (or whatever title you've got). Where got? I don't think MBPJ is interested in arresting Opposition politicians. After all they're on the same side ma. And nobody is interested in rejecting permits for peaceful assemblies or firing teargas or water cannon at peaceful citizens. So nobody is overlapping shit with anybody la. Sir! 


Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What kok tokking you?

I woke up this morning to read something hilariously funny in The Malaysian Insider. 

Utusan Malaysia reported “It is time for the government through the Human Resources Ministry to draft the Equal Opportunity Act and set up a commission to monitor the implementation of this act so that there will be no discrimination in this country”

Awang Selamat ― the nom-de-plume representing Utusan Malaysia’s collective editorial voice ― also commented ......

“In a modern world which should be based on the capability of the work force, there is still racial discrimination in the job sector”. a Malaysian I say "Bring it on, man!" Level the playing field. Bring on the Equal Opportunity Act!" I would like to see a non-Malay IGP, Attorney-General, Director-General of Customs...etc etc etc....

So how? Want to do or not?