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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some recent great NIAMAH!!! Moments.

That's right! Fight for justice. Defend your right to remain stupid.

I just read from the Internet that Malay Consultative Council president, Ibrahim Abu Shah was quoted as saying....

'Abolish meritocracy in education and return justice to Malay students. Today, meritocracy has created Chinese supremacy. There is nothing to benefit Malay students.'

This makes me wonder why my Malay brethren do not get upset when they are constantly insulted by people who are supposedly their leaders.


Here! Go suck on it. It's edible.

So now we're told that the indelible ink that we had painted on our fingers during the GE13 was just food dye. Edible ink was what it was all along. Perhaps someone in the Election Commission's purchasing department can't spell. How many millions did we spend buying this food dye? Quite a lot kan? And I am sure that there's a lot left over too. So where it's all going to go? Think about it the next time you bite into your pasar malam dodol or enjoy your ice-cold glass of grape juice or sarsparilla or air mata kuching. Enjoyssss!!!


This is funny. The Elections Commission also insists that the edible ink...sorry indelible ink also contained silver nitrate and not just food colouring. But it was reported that the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim had told Parliament that no chemicals were used in the indelible ink; only “approved food colouring”. Minister say one thing EC fler says something else. So what else is new in Malaysia eh?

Hiyah typical la. Fuck up already but still fuck us in the end. Food dye the minister said so just when you thought you could at least suck your fingers they tell you it will kill your ass if you do. 



Anonymous said...

The only mistake EC did was to colour the index finger. They should have coloured the middle finger instead. Then all can now show their middle finger at EC.

najib manaukau said...

One day the EC says this and on another day he says something different to come up with a further excuse. This is the kind of EC Malaysia has and who has nominated such kind of EC ? Umno.

Anonymous said...

I tell you, that fler(UTiM Deputy Chancellor)face looks more like a taikoh(underground boss) than an academician.That is why he talks with no 'educational' sense.
Yalah,The EC officials responsible for the indelible(or inedible) ink are the product of topsy turvy education system of Malaysia,that is why they also talk topsy turvy.

Floris said...


You should compile a book for release on the "Niamah moments of Bolehland".

Surely a best seller one, good for your retirement fund!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia spent RM7.1 million on indelible ink!

Truly Niamah!

Anonymous said...

Sure you use the correct picture at the top most? Look like my friend Muthusamy..

Joe said...

Shahidan probably got an E in SPM Science or Chemistry. Food colouring are chemicals and complex chemicals at that!

Anonymous said...

I think Ibrahim is nutty a professorand graduate from Mr Bean universiti London.

If only he understand what he is talking!!

Anonymous said...

Indelible, in-edible or edible?


Anonymous said...

Indelible and inedible becomes delible and edible. It just "ink-credible"!!!!

Anonymous said...


IS IT HALAL??????????


Anonymous said...

UiTM vice chancellor Ibrahim is trying to upstage Ibrahim Ali?

Anonymous said...

Pity this ibrahim abu shah guy. He has nowhere else to go except to become a leader of the stupid committee.

Anonymous said...

Khairy's home kena ransacked by burglars? Could this be a matter of PERCEPTION? Oops, just to borrow a stupid reaction from our EX-HOME MINISTER (who has, since GE13, been upstaged by the new Home Minister who is awaiting trial for assault).............let's hope these retards will also be visited by bold burglars.....then they will understand the rakyat's anger over the lack of security everywhere.......

NCIS KL said...

Can KJ testify thatMalaysia is still the safest country in the world as claimed by BN?

Or it is only the perception of BN and PDRM?

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

we use to have flipflops as decision, now we have ediblely inedible ink for election,
i will need ubat kuat lelaki for erection,
when i see fat mama in action