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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This Mahathir confuses me more and more each day...

In a recent speech he said...

......"we need to settle down and understand what democracy is and tell them to trust the government". 

Understand democracy and be TOLD to trust the government??? Lu faham tak?

The man also told Malaysians that having a national school under one roof for all races, can keep Malaysia peaceful, united and will help build a better future for its citizens.
"Going to the same school increases the chances of togetherness. I'm the product of this kind of school," he said.

Sir, just like you I came from the same system. And I agree with you. But don't always blame us for not wanting our children to go to national schools anymore. Have you recently checked on the level of education and the level of teaching offered by most national schools? Can you blame us parents for wanting better for our children? You would do the same. If national schools got back to the same standard as when you and I were in school I, for one would gladly put my children in national school.

"The problem we face today is that we do not come together, and barely speak or use the national language."

Sir, have you ever considered this? That we don't speak or use the national language because more and more we are being made to feel like we are NOT part of this nation? You often quote the example of Indonesia when it suits you. Everybody there speaks Bahasa Indonesia. Sure. Everybody there is INDONESIAN. Are we here ALL Malaysian? Really?

"We should have less segregation in schools for example, and make it compulsory to use and learn the national language" 

Segregation? In schools? Segregation and racial polarization now are evident everywhere. And most of us will agree that you started it. So how?

And now you say that Malaysian history needs to be re-written. I wonder how you would want that to be done. That really scares me. 



Anonymous said...

MARA itself is only open to one race, that is SEGREGATION.

A Bad Boy said...


I noticed that you did not seem to have a title for your article on Mahatir.

May I suggest recycling the title from your previous article on the police and re-title the Mahatir article as "Mahatir Tokkok"??

najib manaukau said...

This grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir conveniently for got to tell you that the democracy he is talking about is his type of democracy.
What he also is advocating now is something he could have done during his 22 years rule as P.M., why didn't he ? Also it was when he was a minister in the government when the May 13 took place but yet it did not help to keep Malaysia peaceful. The truth is he just wanted all Malaysians to be so inferiorly educated and then move backwards so that he and all the pugnacious Umno rapscallions can continue to stay as the watchdogs of Malaysia. Most important of all, continue to steal and to enrich themselves.
If he really cares for the national language to be used by all, why did all the embassies and high commissions of Malaysia use Jawi to depict Malaysia in front of them instead of the national language ? Or is it because Malaysia is trying to tell the world Malaysia is part of the Arab world ? Just remember Malaysia will never be part of the Arab world even though you have adopted their religion.
Also what you are advocating that history needs to be re-written, haven't you and all the Umno rapscallions been doing that for quite sometime already ? A good example is calling all the Indonesian immigrants refugees as the sons of the soil when the real sons of the soil are the Orang Asli ! Why are these sons of the soil being marginalized and frequently protesting being called as pseudo Malays ?
If you any dispute to these, I will only be happy to pay for your DNA tested, if you can prove to be a Malay, how about that ? It may be pittance to a man with US$44- billions but it is a chance to prove what you are always claiming to be. Even your own daughter has the decently to openly claim that most of you are only second or third generation of immigrants.
For your informations I am the fourth generation of immigrant, almost 50 years before your pariah grand father came to Kedah to work as a security guard at the Palace !

Anonymous said...

Wonder why the readers' comments here are so highly critical of him nowadays:

Never in his wildest dreams and insanity streaks did he imagine this would be happening to his extravagant pet project now:

Strangely enough he is deeply worshipped by this writer here:

But then who can deny his high profile in this one:

And especially this too:

Anonymous said...

Can we just leave this old fart alone!

maveric said...

@ Patrick

Spot on with all your points.We can debate the issues until all the cow come home and none the wiser at the end.

To be fair,there was a glimmer of hope when the Teaching Of Science And Mathematics In English(PPSMI) was implemented in 2004..I think? The level of English would have improved had they for example included a 'language' subject like History or Geography too.

This policy alone, had it been allowed to continue, would have encouraged many parents to send their children to national schools where both Bahasa and English are utilized side by side.

As we know now,this program was rescinded as some quarters find it too 'hard' & 'unpatriotic' ..!

The problem is we do not have the political will to continue 'hard' stuffs..

MelChindia said...

Just take it that the old mamak kutty is becoming senile and he is now worry that and so must speak some nonsense lest he lost his speech and also he wants attention(just like a child who wants attention so must make some noise).

Anonymous said...

I think it is a conspiracy now to abolish vernacular schools?

Shadan said...

I think Tun M would be scared of this most powerful woman in Malaysia:

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you're not the only human being who have been confused by the old man but in fact the entire human kind are. The old man is gradually losing his mind. He knows well that his days are numbered,so he needs to speak eventhough the words are senseless,silly or meaningless. He has been talking nuts and somethings destructive. He changes his mind from hour to hour. His mind plays trick on him prior to taking his senses away from him completely.
We should register him a place in the rambutan institute otherwise he will set fire to our beloved country and beautiful malaysia.

Anonymous said...

The old man is losing his mind and it is playing trick on him. This is proven by changing his words from hour to hour. He knows his days are numbered so he needs to speak out eventhough he talks nuts n silly things most of the time.
Someone should register him at the rambutan institute before he sets fire on our beloved and beautiful malaysia as he did.once.
Pray for his poor soul.

Anonymous said...

This fella is a Devil. What do you guys expect?

najib manaukau said...

This old fart forgot that he is no more the P.M. and as a consequent he has no more say to what is happening to this country. All he is trying to do is to ensure that he is able to distract attention from his US$440 billions hidden abroad , period !

Anonymous said...

politician is supposed to be the last person to talk about unity.

Anonymous said...

Why not have a close look at our NATIONAL school system post primary level paid and maintained by the tax payers? You have the followings:-
1. the "normal" SMK. Even here you have "rancangan khas" classes and other "normal classes.Then you have the semi-residetial and non-residential "normal" schools
2. you have the MRSM (Junior Science College MARA)
3. the fully Residential Schools
4. SMA( religious secondary school)
5. SMAS(religious science schools)
6. SMAB(integrated religious secondary schools)
And i'm just talking about the secondary schools fully funded by MOE. The next question, " Are schools type 1-6 open to all? the answer is obvious la.....

Anonymous said...


TDM is a fcuking loonie, period! He's so full of shit that when he talks, you have to stay at least a mile away from him otherwise his fart will just contaminate everything within the 1 mile radius. Now you can understand why his sycophants and Perkasa followers are all contaminated and also full of shit.

Gosh, just the mention of this fcuking loonie is enough to give one nightmares.

Mastura said...

Do not bother with speeches by BN flers.

Watch this excellent speech by Adam Adli:

Anonymous said...

It is regrettable that despite the haze emergency in Johore, the Department of Environment has failed to set up more APIM locations in the state to monitor the air pollution readings – such as Kulai, Pontian, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Segamat etc. This is another example of Pananivel sleeping on his job as Environment Minister.

Anonymous said...

Patrick and All,

Most of us sometimes forget that Old Man Mahathir is reaching 90years of age!

What person of that age speaks with clarity of mind. The UMNO folks sees him as a superhero....

A 90 year Superhero? My Foot!

agence de voyage marrakech said...

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Anonymous said...

The Malacca government's decision to shut down the historic city's popular weekend night market, Jonker Walk, has been described as "political retaliation against Chinese voters" who backed the opposition in the 13th general election.

Hang Tuah said...

It is the most absurd action or reaction, revenge from that Melaka CM to close the night market at Jonker Street. It is a clear case of lack of maturity, intelligence, unwillingness to accept reality. These brianless people should think hard why the Chinese voted opposition which is their constitutional right and address their grievences, State wise, nation wise. It is not UMNOBARU right to have the people's votes whatever they or do not do. But then, these fellows think HARDLY. The days of intimidation is over, behind us.

Anonymous said...

His "Inglees" is not so good. He even confused "Rule of Law" for his "Rule BY Law" (i.e. He makes the law and you and I must obey it)during his tenure as PM. I used to think he was no intellectual. Now I know he is an idiot.