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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

What kok tokking you?

I woke up this morning to read something hilariously funny in The Malaysian Insider. 

Utusan Malaysia reported “It is time for the government through the Human Resources Ministry to draft the Equal Opportunity Act and set up a commission to monitor the implementation of this act so that there will be no discrimination in this country”

Awang Selamat ― the nom-de-plume representing Utusan Malaysia’s collective editorial voice ― also commented ......

“In a modern world which should be based on the capability of the work force, there is still racial discrimination in the job sector”. a Malaysian I say "Bring it on, man!" Level the playing field. Bring on the Equal Opportunity Act!" I would like to see a non-Malay IGP, Attorney-General, Director-General of Customs...etc etc etc....

So how? Want to do or not?



Anonymous said...


What Awang Selamat meant by equal opportunity is for his race to swallow up your business or to take over Chinese or Indian family businesses build up over a few generations because it is their birthright.

Man Man Tang said...

Do not be too optimistic about it.
It will be subject to their own interpretation and quotas system and their ketuanan criteria.
Just like that fler(R.Tee who is genetically a chinese but talked more than a malay)who said the Deputy PM post must be for the malays only becos of the 'ketuanan melayu' factor. NIAMAH!

najib manaukau said...

Your wish is just as much a wish of many of the pendatangs in this country !
In fact it should also includes the ministers positions in the cabinet, after all, I repeat all the senior and important cabinet posts are only held by Umno. These arrangements are not a reflections of what BN is all about ! Umno keeps ALL the important and senior posts while the coalition are only given very junior and unimportant ministerial positions.
Yet without the coalition presence can Umno carry on as the watchdogs of this country ? Everything Umno proposes Umno gets while the partners have to compromise on whatever they want. The worse thing is the pendatang ministers are there to endorse EVERYTHING Umno proposes, so long they don't rock the gravy train ! They are then given some crumbs to enrich themselves thus these lackeys eventually get addicted to the glamour and wealth that go with the positions. And subsequently become the lackeys of the regime forgetting what they are supposed to do in the first place ? They even have the audacity to ask why the people they represent have forsaken them at the election ?
The national reconciliation Najib is talking about
should really begin with the cabinet positions truly reflecting the population of the country.
At the present, the cabinet is represented, in the senior and important positions, by only the warlords of Umno. Yet they are there because of the support of the partners. Don't you think this is not the sprit of partnership, it is in fact a reflection of the big bully of Umno. Therefore in real terms there is no BN, BN is only there to legitimate the actions of Umno. It is the very reason why the grand son of the pariah from Kerala, the shenanigan Mahathir, is asking for component parties within BN to stay in BN. Since when have you ever heard of pleas from the shenanigan for the pendatangs for anything ?
In fact there is no better time for the coalition partners to break away from the regime and thus bringing the downfall of Umno. Despite the choice of prime seats in the election Umno has only managed to capture 88 seats in parliament and as such they don't have the ability nor the right to remain in Putrajaya.
Then and only then can there be a truly democratic Malaysia and not one controlled and dictated by Umno !

Anonymous said...

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ACT-- Boleh pass di parliament ke?
maybe tak boleh lagi

Anonymous said...

Apa lagi Umno/Utusan mahu?

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, Patrick,
Trust UM at your own risk lah...IGP, AG, DG, VC etc.........those are NOT supposed to be in the list of Equal Opportunity Act lah..............

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick, they said Equal Opportunity Act does not apply to public sector and government linked companies lah, only private sectors especially non-bumi owned.

Anonymous said...

What? give it up? NO WAY!!! you can continue being a moronic comedian and still be on the other side?...hahahaha

A Bad Boy said...

Patrick Teoh,

The proposed Equal Opportunity Act will be designed to be applied unequally.

R-Truth said...

Majority of local graduates studied courses that are not relevant to industry needs. As much as the civil service can absorb them, there are still plenty that are jobless and Utusan chose to blame the private sector namely the Chinese firms?

If the standard of English is no more than 'Oh My English!', why should I hire such graduate?

ACR said...

The post-13 GE rally in Kelana Jaya was multiracial. In fact, there were more Malays where I was seated.

Mahathir, like most Umno leaders of the past, has no idea what the younger generation of Malaysians want.

Like the ex-judge Mohd Noor, these old Umno leaders cannot fathom that society can be non-racial.

The only reason he keeps labelling DAP and the Chinese racist is to justify Umno's inherent racism.

That is Umno's business model - we have to protect the Malays because others are out to fix them. Bollocks!

Anonymous said...

The urban Malays have wised up to the deception of Tun M but those in the rural areas, who only have access to Umno's monopolised print and electronic media, have not been able to overcome the effects of the constant brainwashing, propaganda and the false news such as the one now by Mahathir that the majority of the people attending the rallies are Chinese and that the "DAP's hatred of the Malays has been consistent throughout the years".

The harsh and sad reality is that Umno had more than 55 years and almost dictatorial powers to uplift the Malays. If the Malays are still backward, it is entirely because of Umno's rotten policies and massive theft.

the howseow guy said...

Hahaha,Utusan talk kok kok kay only.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, don't waste your breadth commenting on what these idiots say.

Afin said...

Bujang Lapuk's S Shamsudin passed away recently without a Datukship conferred to him while Shah Ruth Khan could get one. Why Perkasa and Seniman is quiet on this matter?

Anonymous said...

utusan and their likes are like spoilt brats. Declare themselves winners despite loosing the game then change the rules to ensure they will at all cost.

Blame the waves for they cant swim in the sea.

Obnoxiously disgusting.


gerak khas said...

Malaysia pdrm solving crime related cases capabilities like kindergarten standard only in comparison to singapore police force. They are not serious enough and hard to change because BN government are protecting them for their wrongdoing. And vice versa.

Anonymous said...

today MCA blast some malay consumer for abolish Chinese vernacular school, Bloody hell this group, tak-habis habis , find fault with the Chinese community which only 20% in Malaysia plus / minus.
celaka this malay group indeed--niamah.
we come from 5000 years of history.

Suwon said...

Umno had lied by claiming that the DAP won only in Chinese majority areas, ignoring unprecedented results of the party’s Malay and Chinese candidates winning in Malay majority areas with comfortable majorities such as:

1. The Seremban parliamentary seat in Negeri Sembilan won by Anthony Loke by a majority of 12,553 votes or 53% of the popular vote in a seat with 44% Malay voters, 14% Indian and 41% Chinese voters;

2. Raub parliament seat in Pahang with 50% Malay, 40% Chinese 6% Indian and 4% others;

3. Duyong state seat in Melaka with 50% Malay voters;

4. Mentakab state seat in Pahang with 52% Malay, 40% Chinese 6% Indian and 2% others; and

5.Derga state seat in Kedah won by Tan Kok Yew with 1,156 votes, a seat with 56% Malay, 39% Chinese and 4% Indian and 1% others.

OMK said...


Muthu said...

PM Najib said this:
"We will enforce the law to ensure no one uses the race or language card to spread disharmony in the country or do anything that is against parliamentary democracy."

If Najib really means what he says, he should take immediate action on all the newspapers (eg Utusan) and individuals who are so boldly making racists remarks. If such people can still get away with their actions, then Najib will only lose more respect from the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Pray for Beng Hock - a short film:

Please watch to give your support!

Anonymous said...

In Turkey the Taksim Square protest does not have a racial tone in it

In Malaysia, any kind of street protest will be labeled with all kinds of racial attributes, courtesy of Utusan and its arm no master

And because of that (please read that other thread about Mahathir asking Najib to be tough on the opposition) Najib could do what his dad had done, back in the 1960's, sent in agent saboteurs and create riots, and follow by martial law, parliament dissolving and, finally, the kaput of the entire nation of Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Umno has successfully spooked rural Malays, and even some urban professionals, by whipping up fears of DAP dominating Pakatan.