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Monday, July 29, 2013

Get your tickets now.

At last count there are 45 tickets left for Wednesday 31, July and 
40 tickets for Thursday 1 August. 

For NiamahSutra at PJLA. 

But I am sure that 1 week after the show we shall have people 
complaining that they couldn't get tickets. 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Remembering a different time

My friend, Art Harun wrote this piece which I think we should all read......

Once we were beautiful

I am blessed. So are many of my friends who are of or around my age. So are many who are older than me.

As a child of the 60s, I went through my formative years in an English-stream school. It was a big school in town. And there were hundreds of us Malays, Chinese and Indian boys (it wasn’t co-ed). Our first headmaster was a Chinese gentleman who was as fierce as they came those days. When he left, he was replaced by an Indian gentleman, who also was as fierce.

My first class teacher was Ms Leong, all long haired and short skirted. And yes, armed with a wooden ruler, she would knock my knuckles for failing to properly write the number 8. My first English sentence, learnt on the first day at school was to be uttered after raising my right hand, “Please teacher may I go out?” That was to be said if any of us had to go to the toilet to do the normal stuffs we all do in the toilet (and not to eat).

Then there were Mr Linggam, Cikgu Aziz and wife, Sharom, Mr Lee the karate guy, Mr Khor, Cikgu Mutalib and various others.

We were a happy bunch. We played together, ate together, learned together and of course, at times, punished together. And we were equal.

In standard 5, I began fasting. The school canteen stayed open for the whole month. No renovation. No closure. Muslim and non-Muslim kids, who did not fast, ate as usual. If they bought a proper meal, such like nasi lemak or mee goreng, they would eat at the canteen. If it was some kind of snack, they would just eat while walking around, in the class or where ever.

No fuss. No issue. No problem.

My impressionable years were spent in a boarding school. It was the same scenario. All of us, regardless of race or religion studied together, ate together, played together and at times, getting one or two rotan together.

Visiting a non-Malay house was not a problem. Eating there was not a problem too. Sharing food with non-Muslims was not an issue.

Things have however, sadly, changed. And change for the worse.

Nowadays, non-Muslims don’t send their kids to national school anymore. They prefer to send the kids to the vernacular schools. The ones who could afford would send their kids to private schools. National schools are almost invariably filled with Muslim/Malay students.
National schools would recite prayers before classes begin in the morning. Quranic verses and hadith would adorn walls in the canteen, school office and even classes. Ustaz and ustazah would even ask school kids to raise their hands if their parents do not pray 5 times a day. In secondary schools, the tudung is not compulsory for girls – according to the Ministry of Education’s circular, if I am not mistaken – but girls without tudung would be viewed askance by schoolmates and teachers alike.

Due to the small number of non-Muslim/Malay kids in national schools, the Malay kids do not have the opportunity to mix around and integrate with non-Malays in their formative and impressionable years. The small number of non-Malay kids also gives a sense of false superiority complex to the Malay kids as well as teachers.

Thus, my race and my religion are more important than you, your religion and everything else. Hence the closure of the school canteen during Ramadhan. This is prevailing in many national schools. Apparently, this is done to “respect” the Muslim students who are fasting. Forget the fact that non-Muslims do not fast and they, like any other human beings or animals, have to eat and drink. Forget the fact that there are Muslim kids who do not fast. Anybody who just about mentions the word “food” would have been taken as insulting Islam.

On Facebook last week, there were two guys admonishing a hotel which advertised its breakfast package on its page. They viewed it as disrespectful. But to be fair, the two were widely condemned by other Muslim facebookers.

The eating-in-the-changing-room debacle yesterday is just the surface of a far unhealthier trend in Malaysia. Beneath that surface is a society which is fractious, intolerant, selfish and uncompromising.

The obvious question is how did we, as a nation, become like this?

As a nation we started so well. The Federal Constitution was agreed upon by consensus between three major races anchored to a give-and-take and win-win camaraderie. There was a blemish in 1969 but that was quickly nipped in the bud and we soldiered on.

In football, we were in the Olympic final in 1972 and 1980. By the law of progression, we should be in the World Cup by now. By contrast, Japan and Korea, whom we used to beat, were already in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. We now struggle to beat the likes of Vietnam and even Singapore.

Like our football team, the state of our racial integration and inter-faith relationship has moved in reverse gear. Years of political posturing utilizing religion and race have now begun to show its ugly consequences. The so-called Islamisation that we embark upon, which is shorn of any meaningful spiritual understanding of the religion, but rather born out of political necessities, convenience and mired in political one-upmanship has now produced a nation which is unsure of itself and a people who are fractious, angry, suspicious and at odd with each other.

We need to take a real good look at ourselves and examine our ways. And we need to reboot our operating system if we want to avoid a total crash.

And we need to reboot fast.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How about having your lunch in the school toilet, kids?

The Guru Besar of this school should be hauled up and grilled as to what insanity could have allowed this kind of thing to happen. Muhyiddin, what do you have to say now?



Has anyone noticed how quiet our prime minister has been recently?

Attorney-General accused of practising selective prosecution.
Ibrahim Ali mouthing off about wanting the Papal Ambassador to leave the country.
Perkasa and JATI (?) demonstrating without giving police adequate notice and spreading fear and confusion and raising religious and racial tensions.

And what does the leader of our country do? NOTHING!


Questions raised by the Opposition in Parliament are beginning to become like the annual Auditor-General's report. Lots of jaw-dropping revelations. But very few answers. And no action taken. Welcome to Malaysia.


Now we know why Najih has been so quiet over so many important issues facing the country's future. He's very busy playing Santa Claus. Again.

---o0o--- you think you can boycott The Star, right? Well, they just done a fuck you job with the article about fat people. It's a ridiculously badly-written essay about why it is bad to be fat. And so everybody gets angry about this article by Tee Lin Say and start lambasting her. And The Star's circulation goes up a few points. Thank you very much. Now, fuck off. 


Somehow this headline doesn't sound quite right to me...

Shafee confident of being able to nail Anwar: "I only need 2 to 3 hours"

He's going to nail Anwar? And all he needs is 2 to 3 hours? All sorts of mental images get generated by that
 kind of headline don't they? Hee hee hee. 


Monday, July 22, 2013

NiamahSutra - the repeat

the repeat again once more show 
is on next week. 
July 31- August 3 at PJLA. 

This show is especially for the people who missed it in May, 2013. It is NOT a new show. Or a revised show. Or a sequel show. It is a REPEAT show. If your English is that bad it means that this show contains the same material as the one in May. There is nothing new. So do not come again and then say, 
"What la! No new material one?!"

There will not be another repeat of this repeat. So if you don't get your tickets this time, too bad. Maybe somebody will post it up for you on YouTube. Or you can be creative and tell your friends, "Alah! What's so good about those two baargers? I got watch Russell Peters what?"


ticket details HERE

Thursday, July 11, 2013


You tell me if it is something to be proud of ok? We Malaysians must have the best imagination of the human race. First, minister Khairy's house gets burgled. Then my friend got his phone taken by a snatch thief in KL, returned home to find his house had been broken into and things stolen. Yesterday, this Tan Sri shoots dead a robber who was trying to rob the clinic he was in. So much crime and yet our government tells us it is just our perception. Crime rate is down. You all just don't believe only. Ya right


I am waiting for the day that Najib tell us, "I have always said that change doesn't necessarily bring good. Nah you see you ask for repeal of ISA and EO all> We sayang the rakyat so we say ok. Ha! Now you see crime is going up because all the bad flers we kept behind bars using ISA and EO are now roaming around and robbing your assl. You let us bring back ISA, EO all I guarantee you no more crime."


It seems that the Ministry Of Transport has demanded that Air Asia reassess its female flight attendants' uniforms to "reflect the Malaysian culture". As a Malaysian I say that unless and until someone comes up with an acceptable definition of Malaysian culture, the ministry should shut the fuck up and the phrase be consigned to the tong sampah.


So Home Minister, Zahid has openly told Najib to go fuck himself. I wonder who is next. Poor Najib. Tough times ahead for the man. I help you, you help me. Who's going to help him now? Wonder if he cries into Rosmah's coiffure?


You are suspected of committing a crime. The police investigate. If you are found guilty you are thrown into jail. That's the way kan? Not if Home Minister and IGP have it their way. They would rather...a) you are suspected of committing a crime; b) the police come and take you away, throw you in jail; c) when they (the police or whoever) are free they will investigate; d) if you're lucky you will be sentenced to jail. At least that has a finite term. The Malaysian Way! 

Let's see what debate ensues when the new laws are tabled in Parliament. Follow this closely folks. It might affect you and/or those you love one day. Story HERE


Islam is better taught than fought. 

Best phrase I've read this year. Goes for all religions.


The home minister says that most crimes recently were committed by ex-detainees released after the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance Act. Errrr....and your point is?


Oh I had almost forgotten about this embarassing 'fact'. Just before the 13th GE our kerajaan announced that our crime index had decreased by 26.8% since Najib launched the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) in 2009. Kerajaan Barisan Nasional also informed us that Malaysia was the most peaceful country in South East Asia. Better than Singapore, Hong Kong and even Britain and the USA. Phwaaar!!! Good hor! So when was the last time you got robbed? 


Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday funnies

You tell me if it is something to be proud of ok? We Malaysians must have the best imagination of the human race. First, minister Khairy's house gets burgled. Then my friend got his phone taken by a snatch thief in KL, returned home to find his house had been broken into and things stolen. Yesterday, this Tan Sri shoots dead a robber who was trying to rob the clinic he was in. So much crime and yet our government tells us it is just our perception. Crime rate is down. You all just don't believe only. Ya right!


Malaysia is becoming the laughing stock of the whole region if not the world. Where else would you enjoy the security of alfesco dining with armed guards watching over you but here in Malaysia. Those flers in the Little Red Dot must be laughing their guts out. Or they are not coming over to spend their money anymore. Kiasi ma. The Straits Times in Singapore yesterday ran this story...

PETALING JAYA - Several restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have hired armed guards following recent attacks on diners at eateries by robbers armed with parangs.

The spate of crime, including burglars who entered the bungalow of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin in bright daylight last week, has led to debate on whether the repeal of an emergency law - that put criminal kingpins behind bars without going through the courts - had led to the more brazen acts.

The government in 2011 abolished the Emergency Ordinance (EO), as part of its reform programme after being pushed by Malaysian rights groups. Its abolition led to the release of 2,000 hardened criminals, including leaders of crime groups and gangsters, officials say.

The case of diners at restaurants in shophouses being hit by robbers late at night or in the wee hours of the morning began several months ago in KL and several Selangor suburbs.

In one case, eight parang-wielding men robbed customers and the restaurant owner of RM24,000 (S$9,600) in cash and mobile phones at 4am.

To avoid a similar fate, the South Sea Seafood Restaurant in Kampung Baru Subang, located just outside KL, has invested in extra security.

"It is an unusual and costly move for a restaurant but we feel that prevention is better than cure," said restaurant owner Terence Wong, 42.

"We had heard about restaurants being targeted by robbers so we decided to engage an armed guard a month ago."

The failure to hire such armed guards had proven to be costly for the owners of the Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant, which has two outlets.

Robbers armed with parangs hit its outlet at the upmarket Ara Damansara estate in April.

Manager Wong Thian Foh, 35, said the company had security personnel for its other restaurant but felt the one in Ara Damansara was safe as it was located in an upper-class neighbourhood.

"The Ara Damansara restaurant ended up being an easy target for robbers," he said. Since the incident, more security guards have been hired for both restaurants.

"We are also looking at arming all our security guards in spite of the added costs," said Mr Wong.

Added to this is the series of cases where criminals brought trucks to literally cart away bank teller machines in the early hours of the morning.

Special Task Force (Operations and Counter Terrorism) director Mohamad Fuzi Harun said police needed the preventive laws such as the EO as existing legal mechanisms were insufficient to put away hardened criminals.

Penang police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi said intelligence reports showed that some of the released EO detainees had returned to a life of violent crime.

But sceptics of the EO said the law had been abused to arrest political opponents of the government, and it must not be used as a short cut for sloppy investigations to nail a criminal.


The Home Minister informs us that new laws are being drafted to replace the Emergency Ordinance Act. His reason for this? to bring to book ex-detainees who have been found to be partly responsible for the rising crime rate. This minister who is facing court action for assault also tells us, "After the EO was repealed, ex-detainees who were released were found to be involved in criminal activities. They have taken advantage of this situation and have continued their activities in the areas they had controlled before". Unless he has been misquoted AGAIN, I'd like to ask the YB a silly question. If these ex-detainees are involved in the crimes then why are they not arrested? Oh, you don't know if it is really them issit? Then why use them as the excuse to introduce more draconian laws? Oh you know it's them but can't catch them issit? So what's the PDRM doing? Shouldn't you be beefing up the police force and making them more efficient rather than shooting your mouth in Parliament making silly announcements? 

In the same story this dangerous minister was also quoted as saying that a "special squad" has been created to conduct raids on illegal drug operations and traffickers. Do not be surprised when this special squad, which will not comprise police officers from the state or district headquarters, conduct their raids". 

Huh? Do not be surprised? Is he threatening someone? Who? Hiyoh! We elect these type of flers to run our country ah? Die lor.


The headline read... "Tan Sri shoots parang-wielding robber dead" What's a Tan Sri? Do his friends call him Sri or Mr. Tan?


Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A couple of laughs

Phwaaar!!! This is really getting to beyond ridiculous levels la. As Malaysians I think we're getting quite used to being told to fuck off, emigrate, balik tongsan and whatnot for voicing our opinions about whatever. Mostly it's because we criticize the government or what it is doing that we don't agree with. But today I read in The Malaysian Insider that a Malaysian has been told by another Malaysian to fuck off out of the country for criticizing a newspaper!!! What else is next in this national circus? Story HERE


I read the report about Najib's interview with the BBC yesterday. Unless there's more "lost-in-translation" excuses there are a couple of things that amused and annoyed me at the same time.

Najib reportedly said, "You know, if you're in th
e opposition, it's quite easy for you to promise a number of things, and the promises swayed quite a number of voters.... the agenda of the opposition was not costed, they were populist, they were even irresponsible but that swayed a number of voters".

Huh? That about describes what you yourself did when you went around the country making your famous "you help me, I help you" promises. And you went one step further, okay la so it was your deputy who made the announcement, by saying that your government will help those who voted for you just a bit more than the others who didn't vote for you. Yes?

And this part will piss you (the readers) off. Najib said that his "Chinese tsunami" remark in the aftermath of the election was not an accusation but more of a statement over what had happened. And "....... I did say in the same statement that we must work towards national reconciliation and we must reduce racial polarisation in Malaysia". But you just had to mention that it was the Chinese flers who fucked you up issit? Great, Mr. Prime Minister-for-all-Malaysians. Oh was that you or somebody else? Sorry ah.


Tuesday, July 02, 2013


A woman is raped. A man is murdered. Several people claim to have witnessed the crime. All tell differing stories. Which one is true? Are any true? Can man ever be anything but human? Come watch Rashomon and get even more questions to ask yourself when you can't sleep at night. 

An Actors Studio production
Directed by Joe Hasham
Live music by Hands Percussion
Set design by Paul Loosley
Doppo Narita, Patrick Teoh, 
Anrie Too, Michael Chen, Sani Zainal Abidin, Tan Meng Kheng, Lim Soon Heng, Omar Ali, Marvin Wong, Chloe Tan, Alyssa Mahendran, Lex Laskhman Balakrishnan

July 12 - 8:30PM
July 13 - 3PM & 8:30PM
July 14 - 3PM & 8:30PM

Rashomon contains adult material and is NOT suitable for children.

For more details visit HERE

Monday, July 01, 2013

What a Monday!

It's only Monday and we've had a hilarious start to the week. These 2 little stories should make you feel some pain as a tax-paying Malaysian. One story will hurt you in the head like a face-palm  kind of pain. And the other one will surely make you feel a sharp pain in your ass.  You can choose which one you want first.

(fave-palm type) Story...

Najib says Br1M of RM500 will last a Malaysian household a whole year. 

Now, Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan says that BR1M of RM1,200 will sustain a Malaysian household for only 2 months!

Actually, both are right. It just depends whether you are Malaysians who insist on eating every day or only eat once every leap year. It also showsthat Najib is totally unclear of ... anything. And that his cabinet colleagues maybe out to make a fool of him. 


Sharp pain in your ass story...

The Elections Commission received RM200million in bonuses for their work in the 13th General Elections!!! Now as a tax-payer my question to Putrajaya is...HOW MANY OF THOSE FUCKERS WERE THERE? AND WHAT THE FUCK DID THEY DO TO DESERVE TO DESERVE A BONUS? 

Didn't the boss fuck up the indelible ink shit? Really la. Please tell us what the bonus payments were for. PLEASE! In the real world you get a bonus for a job that's been performed extraordinarily well. Not for doing what you were paid to do. Hard as the circumstances might have been. I think it is true to say that right at this moment not very many Malaysians believe that the EC is worth shit!