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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A couple of laughs

Phwaaar!!! This is really getting to beyond ridiculous levels la. As Malaysians I think we're getting quite used to being told to fuck off, emigrate, balik tongsan and whatnot for voicing our opinions about whatever. Mostly it's because we criticize the government or what it is doing that we don't agree with. But today I read in The Malaysian Insider that a Malaysian has been told by another Malaysian to fuck off out of the country for criticizing a newspaper!!! What else is next in this national circus? Story HERE


I read the report about Najib's interview with the BBC yesterday. Unless there's more "lost-in-translation" excuses there are a couple of things that amused and annoyed me at the same time.

Najib reportedly said, "You know, if you're in th
e opposition, it's quite easy for you to promise a number of things, and the promises swayed quite a number of voters.... the agenda of the opposition was not costed, they were populist, they were even irresponsible but that swayed a number of voters".

Huh? That about describes what you yourself did when you went around the country making your famous "you help me, I help you" promises. And you went one step further, okay la so it was your deputy who made the announcement, by saying that your government will help those who voted for you just a bit more than the others who didn't vote for you. Yes?

And this part will piss you (the readers) off. Najib said that his "Chinese tsunami" remark in the aftermath of the election was not an accusation but more of a statement over what had happened. And "....... I did say in the same statement that we must work towards national reconciliation and we must reduce racial polarisation in Malaysia". But you just had to mention that it was the Chinese flers who fucked you up issit? Great, Mr. Prime Minister-for-all-Malaysians. Oh was that you or somebody else? Sorry ah.



Anonymous said...

Is ok la, what he does not realize how stupid his statements and replies made him look in front of the whole world. The guy is truly emperor in his new clothes.

Anonymous said...


Najib and his merry band of BN people are a bunch of retards. Period.

kacang said...

UMNO is facing a large opposing army in Cyberspace...but its not what they think it is. Its a largely uncoordinated guerrila army of thousands of ordinary citizens who have taken up their own time and energy to write on-line exposing BN/UMNO's misdeeds, abuse of power and dishonesty. Money-faced UMNO just can't believe these people are purely private volunteers, mostly posting on their own efforts and time. To UMNO, the only logical explanation It HAS to be a well-funded DAP conspiracy.

Lao Tze said...

Umno can on looking for the red beans and here is a hint - they are abundantly found in certain grocery shops. When found, perhaps those parasitic useless loitering bums can look for the green beans and the next yellow colored ones used to make Mao Tai wine and so on. These bums are being paid to work for the rakyat and not to go searching for some useless article wasting time and money. Perhaps suitably qualified people should replace them.

Recycled politicians said...

阿Jib gor果然“很环保”,被人民丢进垃圾桶的政客,依然被拿来循环使用...



Anonymous said...

Umno should focus on catching the Oxy Gang, not the imaginary Red Bean Army!

Anonymous said...

1. When the top dog couldn't see the majority that had rejected him and his party in the recent GE, he simply put the blame on a particular race randomly because he couldn't analyse the result properly due to too much s*** clogged up in his head.

2. When too much s*** had clogged up in his head, he went to drink some red bean soup and put too much sugar.

3. When too much sugar in the red bean soup had attacked his brain and body, he suffered cognitive decline immediately.

4. When he had suffered cognitive decline, he began to hallucinate red bean army (instead of Mr. Bean) in his mind.

5. When the imaginary red bean army had controlled his mind, he just couldn't see the majority that had rejected him and his party in the recent GE.

6. Repeat step #1.