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Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday funnies

You tell me if it is something to be proud of ok? We Malaysians must have the best imagination of the human race. First, minister Khairy's house gets burgled. Then my friend got his phone taken by a snatch thief in KL, returned home to find his house had been broken into and things stolen. Yesterday, this Tan Sri shoots dead a robber who was trying to rob the clinic he was in. So much crime and yet our government tells us it is just our perception. Crime rate is down. You all just don't believe only. Ya right!


Malaysia is becoming the laughing stock of the whole region if not the world. Where else would you enjoy the security of alfesco dining with armed guards watching over you but here in Malaysia. Those flers in the Little Red Dot must be laughing their guts out. Or they are not coming over to spend their money anymore. Kiasi ma. The Straits Times in Singapore yesterday ran this story...

PETALING JAYA - Several restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have hired armed guards following recent attacks on diners at eateries by robbers armed with parangs.

The spate of crime, including burglars who entered the bungalow of Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin in bright daylight last week, has led to debate on whether the repeal of an emergency law - that put criminal kingpins behind bars without going through the courts - had led to the more brazen acts.

The government in 2011 abolished the Emergency Ordinance (EO), as part of its reform programme after being pushed by Malaysian rights groups. Its abolition led to the release of 2,000 hardened criminals, including leaders of crime groups and gangsters, officials say.

The case of diners at restaurants in shophouses being hit by robbers late at night or in the wee hours of the morning began several months ago in KL and several Selangor suburbs.

In one case, eight parang-wielding men robbed customers and the restaurant owner of RM24,000 (S$9,600) in cash and mobile phones at 4am.

To avoid a similar fate, the South Sea Seafood Restaurant in Kampung Baru Subang, located just outside KL, has invested in extra security.

"It is an unusual and costly move for a restaurant but we feel that prevention is better than cure," said restaurant owner Terence Wong, 42.

"We had heard about restaurants being targeted by robbers so we decided to engage an armed guard a month ago."

The failure to hire such armed guards had proven to be costly for the owners of the Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant, which has two outlets.

Robbers armed with parangs hit its outlet at the upmarket Ara Damansara estate in April.

Manager Wong Thian Foh, 35, said the company had security personnel for its other restaurant but felt the one in Ara Damansara was safe as it was located in an upper-class neighbourhood.

"The Ara Damansara restaurant ended up being an easy target for robbers," he said. Since the incident, more security guards have been hired for both restaurants.

"We are also looking at arming all our security guards in spite of the added costs," said Mr Wong.

Added to this is the series of cases where criminals brought trucks to literally cart away bank teller machines in the early hours of the morning.

Special Task Force (Operations and Counter Terrorism) director Mohamad Fuzi Harun said police needed the preventive laws such as the EO as existing legal mechanisms were insufficient to put away hardened criminals.

Penang police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi said intelligence reports showed that some of the released EO detainees had returned to a life of violent crime.

But sceptics of the EO said the law had been abused to arrest political opponents of the government, and it must not be used as a short cut for sloppy investigations to nail a criminal.


The Home Minister informs us that new laws are being drafted to replace the Emergency Ordinance Act. His reason for this? to bring to book ex-detainees who have been found to be partly responsible for the rising crime rate. This minister who is facing court action for assault also tells us, "After the EO was repealed, ex-detainees who were released were found to be involved in criminal activities. They have taken advantage of this situation and have continued their activities in the areas they had controlled before". Unless he has been misquoted AGAIN, I'd like to ask the YB a silly question. If these ex-detainees are involved in the crimes then why are they not arrested? Oh, you don't know if it is really them issit? Then why use them as the excuse to introduce more draconian laws? Oh you know it's them but can't catch them issit? So what's the PDRM doing? Shouldn't you be beefing up the police force and making them more efficient rather than shooting your mouth in Parliament making silly announcements? 

In the same story this dangerous minister was also quoted as saying that a "special squad" has been created to conduct raids on illegal drug operations and traffickers. Do not be surprised when this special squad, which will not comprise police officers from the state or district headquarters, conduct their raids". 

Huh? Do not be surprised? Is he threatening someone? Who? Hiyoh! We elect these type of flers to run our country ah? Die lor.


The headline read... "Tan Sri shoots parang-wielding robber dead" What's a Tan Sri? Do his friends call him Sri or Mr. Tan?



Dr Kru said...

I think our armed forces should be stationed to guard the ATMs as the Oxy Gang is still on the run!

I think PDRM should engage that Tan Sri to train the police force.

Anonymous said...

Every day the newspaper reports of robberies, snatch thieves and rapes. Need a guard with semi automatic guarding a restaurant while patrons enjoy their food? Has the country degraded into such a situation? It shows the severity of the security situation and foreigners may think twice even to pay Malaysia a visit. It also reminds us of the old Western movies where gangs would ride into town with guns blazing, residents would run to hide and the sheriff and his deputy would stand to defend. Such a comical scene only in Bolehland where crime is a perception and the policemen are virtual.

YB Lim said...

The IGP and the Home Minister cannot on the one hand claim that Malaysia is a safe country with crime rate decreasing by 26.8% since the launch of the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) in 2009, and ranked the safest and most peaceful country in South-East Asia according to the Global Peace Index, but suddenly attribute the recent spike of violent crimes to the abolition of the Emergency Ordinance (EO) in 2011 which put nearly 2,000 suspected hardened criminals back on the streets.

If the release of the 2,000 suspected hardened criminals under EO in September 2011 was responsible for the spike in crimes, why is this not shown in the crime statistics of the police, which instead claimed that there had been a reduction of overall street crime and index crime by 41.3% and 7.6% respectively in 2012 as compared to 2011?

Or did the leaders of the violent and organised crime syndicates only suddenly become active after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s declaration of “war against crime” a month after the 13th general elections – causing a worsening of crime and the fear of crime when for the first time Malaysians feel unsafe eating out with the public spate of armed robberies of owners and customers at mamak stalls and restaurants?

Anonymous said...

1. Name : Mr. Mohammad Najib Bin Abdul Razak Post : Minister of Education Passport No. : D 371981 (M) Bank : American Express Bank Type of Account : Current Account Account No : E-7194-303-45- G Amount : USD 7,500,000.00 Date of opening account : 22/12/95 Withdrawal : USD 2,500,000.00 on 10/01/96 Cheque No. F1742330 Withdrawal : USD 1,000,000.00 on 16/03/96 Cheque No. F1742331 Withdrawal : USD 1,000,000.00 on 01/07/96 Cheque No. F1742332 Withdrawal : USD 500,000.00 on 11/06/97 Cheque No. F1742333

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6. Name : Mr. Muhyuddin Bin Yassin Post : Minister of Youth and Sports Passport No. : D 512717 (M) Bank : American Express Bank Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency) 5 years Account No : AF- 3712-229-33- Y Amount : USD 7,700,000.00 Date of opening account : 15/06/96 Date of Maturity : 15/06/01

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9. Name : Mr. Mohammad Bin Rahmat Post : Minister of Information Passport No. : D 423717 (M) Bank : Development Bank of Singapore Type of Account : Fixed Deposit 2 years Account No : C-2965-173-384- F Amount : S $ 5,000,000.00 Date of opening account : 29/11/96 Date of Maturity : 29/11/98

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11. Name : Mr. Sabbarudin Bin Chik Post : Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism Passport No. : D 196432 (M) Bank : Bank of China Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency) 3 years Account No : E-699-3172-982 (B) Amount : USD 8,500,000.00 Date of opening account : 02/09/96 Date of Maturity : 02/09/99

Suri said...

Umno is facing a large opposition army in cyberspace, but Umno chose to atribut it to the illusory 'Read Bean Army' which ia actually a largely uncoordinated guerrilla army of thousands of ordinary citizens (like this blog and its readers) who have provided their own time and energy to exposing Umno-BN's misdeeds, abuse of power, dishonesty and niamah moments.

Umno just can't believe these people are purely private volunteers. To Umno, the only logical explanation is that it has to be a well-funded DAP conspiracy.

Just because Umno can spin lies on Utusan and TV3, it cannot shift the focus to the opposition who have more supporters in the cyberspace!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The prevailing security situation in the country now if we look at a positive angle it's not that bad after all at least it creates job opportunities for the guards at the eateries. Also seems the police force is so uneffective we might down size it in order to cut cost. This will save up our taxes for more projects beneficial to the general public.

Anonymous said...

You are really funny Bro. I would like to see you do standup comedy on the subject of security in Malaysia. It would be a real laugh for sure.

Now back to serious business. Your Damansara Village restaurant should hire armed, I mean really armed security guards with sub-machine guns and maybe some hand grenades, to protect your customers from happy parang slashing and gun wielding hardened criminals. However please do not charge the cost of your armed security guards into your customers food bill because the food bill alone will give your customers heart attacks.

Better still, you should hire some of these Rela fellas who are very good at bashing up Bangladeshis or migrant workers. I'm sure with the uniformed Rela patrolling your restaurant in combination with the heavily armed security guards, your customers will enjoy their meals knowing their safety and security is guaranteed unless of course the Rela fellas and armed guards do not rob your customers instead.

circuit sud maroc said...

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Anonymous said...

Only in Malaysia do restaurants get raided by parang wielding robbers. The closest and most similar example I can think of that relates to these "raids" are medieval hordes raiding the countryside for loot. The only difference is that Malaysia is apparently a civilised country with a "working" government with basic infrastructure such as the police force, in effect. What I'm trying to say is, our country has deteriorated into a big mess of governance to the point where our restaurants can be raided by bandits for loot. This is not the wild west, yet we live in the same type of fear. All we need now is steam trains, cowboys, taverns, and sherifs. Yeeee Haa!!

Ian Ewing said...

Before Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin's house was broken into, Malaysia's crime rate had reduced, and Pemandu's KPI showed improvement in public confidence in the crime situation. Now everything is not okay? How so?

Because BN has swept things under the carpet, and now it gets smelly and is being exposed? That's why they should let the experts carry out their duties. Politicians are supposed to monitor and suggest constructive ideas, not talk bull and waste the rakyat's money.

Gan Clan said...

Almost 80,000 people have signed a petition seeking justice for Chee Gaik Yap who was raped and murdered 7 years ago.

The suspect, Shahril Jaafar was acquitted of murder two weeks ago, with the court ruling there was no evidence to show that he killed the 25-year old.

This is despite having found traces of Shahril’s semen inside the victim.

OMM said...


Anonymous said...

Lies after lies to cover up the truth about the indelible ink and to hide the source who supplied it – yet Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin continues to insult the intelligence of the people by defending the Election Commission, whom the rakyat have lost all faith in.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Shahidan Kassim had at first told PAS’s Kuala Krai MP Dr Hatta Ramli that the indelible ink used during the polls contained elements of silver nitrate at the level of one per cent.

But recently, Shahidan in his written reply to DAP’s Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng declared that the indelible ink was devoid of chemicals and contained only food colouring is the final straw that has broken the camel’s back, as far as the rakyat and their trust in the election regulator goes.

Lies, misuse of taxpayers money and cover-ups – need there be any further reason for the rakyat to demand that heads must roll at EC?

Anonymous said...

come dine here at seafood restaurant, we have guns carrying by security. no worry , just order some food or a drink. you are in safe haven.
Malaysia is also call bolehland.///MALAYSIA which can spend RM 6 million on edible ink JUST for election.

Anonymous said...

EO is not the reason for the increase in crime rate. My understanding of EO is that it was used to put those involved mostly in illegal activities such as empat ekor. Since robberies and thefts (including snatch thefts) are criminal activities, how does EO help solve the increase in crime rate?

Anonymous said...

If Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi does not like to see the 1969 Sedition Act abolished, he can always emigrate to another country.

Anonymous said...

Tengku Adnan is arrogant as he talked about "shit stirrers".

I hope politicians from both sides of the divide will respect the holy month of Ramadan and restrain themselves from uttering derogatory words with malicious intent. I know BN representatives will find it hard to do that. One fine example is this man.

Niamah Stirrer said...

Umno is desperately scrapping the bottom of the barrel for talent. Just see what they have come up with:

Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim (best known as the cheerleader for mat rempits and the ring leader of a hair-brained misadventure to Israel put in charge of the multi-billion ringgit Tabung Haji.

Zahid 'Migrate Lah' Hamidi, a fellow facing a civil suit for a bloody assault on an individual held down by his friends, as 'home' minister.

An ex-meter reader sitting in as deputy PM, linguistically challenged judges who have occasional difficulty with singular and plural, and ministers with 'instant three-in-one degrees'.

When Dr Mahathir Mohamad loudly reminisced about his 'half-past six cabinet' not too long ago and more recently about how meritocracy is so unjust and racist, Malaysians should have caught on to the fact that the worst is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Why all the Home Minster starting from the balded Syed to Hisapmuddin and now the boxer all doesn't using their brain when presented their cases?

No concrete answers and deliberate an issues with conscience. What a shame Minister we have!

Anonymous said...

Bung Moktar Radin (Umno MP from Kinabatangan) has confirmed that Umno Baru-BN has been giving lucrative contracts besides all sorts of other cash cows to its politicians all these years. We have seen how, for example, a certain politician habitually splashed hundreds of thousands on his mistress. A few of the male ones take on extra wives or keep voluptuous mistresses who are invariably young enough to be their daughters. Then there are those who live well beyond their means and have children owning and running multi-million-ringgit and billion-ringgit businesses.

Semut said...

Nazri nasihat Sharizat bayar $250 juta....kami rakyat bagi Sharizat 10% discount. Sila bayar $225 juta!