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Monday, July 22, 2013

NiamahSutra - the repeat

the repeat again once more show 
is on next week. 
July 31- August 3 at PJLA. 

This show is especially for the people who missed it in May, 2013. It is NOT a new show. Or a revised show. Or a sequel show. It is a REPEAT show. If your English is that bad it means that this show contains the same material as the one in May. There is nothing new. So do not come again and then say, 
"What la! No new material one?!"

There will not be another repeat of this repeat. So if you don't get your tickets this time, too bad. Maybe somebody will post it up for you on YouTube. Or you can be creative and tell your friends, "Alah! What's so good about those two baargers? I got watch Russell Peters what?"


ticket details HERE


Diman said...

You should audition for the new RTM under Shabery who is desperately trying to revive RTM with hard-hitting local TV shows.

Do not let your talent goes to waste.

Anonymous said...

Is the show related to the indian version of 'Kamasutra'?

Malaysian Talks (MT) said...

I am not sure how I came across this blog. But Niamah!!! I enjoyed it. hahaha

ravi said...


I think you deserve a nomination in the 2013 Shout! Awards in the social media category!

Anonymous said...

Has ravi nominated Patrick?