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Thursday, July 11, 2013


You tell me if it is something to be proud of ok? We Malaysians must have the best imagination of the human race. First, minister Khairy's house gets burgled. Then my friend got his phone taken by a snatch thief in KL, returned home to find his house had been broken into and things stolen. Yesterday, this Tan Sri shoots dead a robber who was trying to rob the clinic he was in. So much crime and yet our government tells us it is just our perception. Crime rate is down. You all just don't believe only. Ya right


I am waiting for the day that Najib tell us, "I have always said that change doesn't necessarily bring good. Nah you see you ask for repeal of ISA and EO all> We sayang the rakyat so we say ok. Ha! Now you see crime is going up because all the bad flers we kept behind bars using ISA and EO are now roaming around and robbing your assl. You let us bring back ISA, EO all I guarantee you no more crime."


It seems that the Ministry Of Transport has demanded that Air Asia reassess its female flight attendants' uniforms to "reflect the Malaysian culture". As a Malaysian I say that unless and until someone comes up with an acceptable definition of Malaysian culture, the ministry should shut the fuck up and the phrase be consigned to the tong sampah.


So Home Minister, Zahid has openly told Najib to go fuck himself. I wonder who is next. Poor Najib. Tough times ahead for the man. I help you, you help me. Who's going to help him now? Wonder if he cries into Rosmah's coiffure?


You are suspected of committing a crime. The police investigate. If you are found guilty you are thrown into jail. That's the way kan? Not if Home Minister and IGP have it their way. They would rather...a) you are suspected of committing a crime; b) the police come and take you away, throw you in jail; c) when they (the police or whoever) are free they will investigate; d) if you're lucky you will be sentenced to jail. At least that has a finite term. The Malaysian Way! 

Let's see what debate ensues when the new laws are tabled in Parliament. Follow this closely folks. It might affect you and/or those you love one day. Story HERE


Islam is better taught than fought. 

Best phrase I've read this year. Goes for all religions.


The home minister says that most crimes recently were committed by ex-detainees released after the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance Act. Errrr....and your point is?


Oh I had almost forgotten about this embarassing 'fact'. Just before the 13th GE our kerajaan announced that our crime index had decreased by 26.8% since Najib launched the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) in 2009. Kerajaan Barisan Nasional also informed us that Malaysia was the most peaceful country in South East Asia. Better than Singapore, Hong Kong and even Britain and the USA. Phwaaar!!! Good hor! So when was the last time you got robbed? 



Anonymous said...

Methinks that the Home Minister needs to attend course on criminality. Those detained or banished under the EO are "organized" criminals like pimping, extortion, underground gambling etc. This is where CID and vice handles the culprits.

Since he announced that he will present the statistics, we want to know whether the snatch thief, the guys that broke in Khairy's house, the guys shot by Tan Sri were previous detainees under EO. Datuk, please don't tokkok ok?

First, come hard on organized crime. Second, stop free flow of visas to South Americans (who steal ATM machines), Iranians who import drugs, Africans that con etc.

Third, catch illegal immigrants from Indo, Burma, Bangla, Pakistan etc that contribute to crime.

Fourth, step up enforcement & level harsher sentences to criminals - consider a motorcycle a weapon in snatch theft cases and those carrying weapons like parangs should be whipped. Imagine, minum beer, kena rotan. Pakai parang, no rotan.

najib manaukau said...

The truth is the Home minister and the IGP just have no answer for the rising crime in Malaysia and have to find an excuse for themselves. Thus, the blame is on the repeal the OSA especially when there is no statics right now to prove they are wrong.
Yet now even the restaurants need the protection of armed guards very soon every business operating in K.L., to begin with, with need to hire armed guards for protection. What the hell are we having the police for ?
To have the people in their custody killed and demanding for bribes in broad day light ? What a bloody shambles to claim Malaysia is Asia, you don't get killed or having to pay a policeman in broad day light in Singapore, Hong Kong Japan or Taiwan ! At these rates soon the number of tourists coming to Malaysia will come to a halt, except Malaysians living in Singapore returning to visit their families.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, the government is right that Malaysia is far safer than Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and the US. Don't just take our leader's words at face value. Study the true meaning, okay!

If you go to those places, you get 'robbed' the moment you landed and you continue to get 'robbed' until you leave these countries. Any Malaysians going there for holiday or business will testify that you have to constantly take out your purse to pay for heaps of shopping and expenses when you are there. These are much worst cases because they 'robbed' you in broad daylight!!!

Unlike in Malaysia, you get robbed occasionally.

Stripped out the fancy meanings of the word and you will find that "rob" involves parting with one's money or wealth. It doesn't matter it is done voluntarily or by force. Damn chiiim (deep in Hokkien) isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi must explain why former detainees under the now repealed Emergency Ordinance (EO) are still free if there is evidence against them, as he had claimed.

This is the second tell tale he made after the trios of Suluk incident. he haven`t say the names of the trio yet, which he claim holding evident are from the opposition!

Remember not to long ago he swore he will go Paris and defend Najib Razak good name? And not to long after that he refused to go and cooperate giving all lame duck excuses. I am pretty sure after this parliment session is over he will give more lame duck excuses. Most probable reason would be OSA or easily politicized.

foo wy len said...

maybe I'm stupid or what because I don't seem to understand what our "smart" Home Minster/IGP's logic. Come on, if you are so dead sure (so not just claim) some hardcore criminals have committed a crime, then why are they still walking free on the streets? Surely you have gathered enough EVIDENCE to back up what you said, haven't you? Now if you have enough evidence, the only sensible thing is the police should just CHARGE these fellas? Why do you need EO, ISA,SA?

Anonymous said...

4A's in STPM also cannot get to study Medicine in local universities. Don't waste time in Bolehland, go study in NUS or NTU in Singapore.


Mr Lonely said...

i was totally speechless when seeing this~ =(

Anonymous said...


I say we bring back all the ISA, EO and any other F**k**g Ordinances that the Home Minister and IGP can think of to boost their excuses on the reasons for the pandemic crime increase. Better still if they declare 23 hours curfew daily and only allow us out for 1 hour to buy our groceries and essentials until crime rate has fallen to zero.

Anonymous said...

It was often reported in the newspapers that Malaysia's police force was short of manpower and this was the reason the crime rate was increasing. Don't you think it is the other way round i.e. because we have too much manpower in the police force that crime rate is increasing? Look at Singapore, it only has a police force of 10,000 people and we seldom hear of robberies and snatch thefts. Its basic economics/management bla bla bla.... a good worker can perform better work than 3 lousy workers. Wouldn't it be better if we cut down the police force and increase their pay? In this way, we may be able to reduce corruption also. Isn't it time we think about quality vs quantity? It was a known fact that u would normally find the police cari makan here and there and going after the members of the opposition. If you have more policemen then wouldn't you have more of them cari makan and going after opposition members? No wonder crime rate keep on increasing. NIAMAH 99.

nkkhoo said...

Non-muslims are not questioning the place of Islam under the constitution. The objection is imposing Islamic knowledge on non-Muslims.

If knowledge is the issue and the object is teaching all Malaysians about all religions then that will not be objectionable.

But this piecemeal attempt to advance Islam is clearly a breach of the constitution, which states in clear terms that all are equal under the law and freedom of worship is guaranteed.

Asmah said...

The last PM was an absent and a sleepy head and the present one is a silent as well as an absent one. Malaysia is on auto pilot mode once again.

Bintang RTM said...

Music Video of our First Lady:

Anonymous said...

PM Najib Razak is on record as having said that Zulkifli Nordin had apologised for his very public derogatory comments on Hindus and Hinduism.

That apology was clearly good enough for the Umno high command to field him as a winnable candidate.

Since we have tremendous love for the PM and greatly admire his stellar leadership, I suggest MCA do the same: put up Alvin Tan or Vivian Lee as a candidate for any by-election that may come along soon.

Malays with 'keyakinan' aka 'nambekai' will definitely support the move.

Hello~ said...

Dear Anonymous 8.52am

Not very 'chiim' (deep in Hokkien). It is only you who are not able to comprehend such simple concept, hence creating a bother

You say you are being robbed in broad daylight for your expenses there. Excuse me, if you have problem with spending money then don't spend loh. Easy ma
Not that they are forcing you to buy their stuff. Don't fine dine, go char keow teow can already

Here, people got robbed literally with machete up their necks. Do they have a say to say 'no' to being rob? And literally again, in broad daylight

Come'on la, it does matter between volunteer and force. If I ask you to volunteerily hand over your bank account ID and password, are you so stupid to do so?

Your brain not 'chimm', so don't make assumption. Making an ass out of yourself there

Floris said...


Better tell you Adam not to do too well in exams but play more to score more points in extra-curricular activities in order to stand a better chance of admission to local universities.

Anonymous said...

三个月内不推动改革工作,净选盟号召的Bersih 4.0将会在十月份,上演另一部“黄潮围城记”...

净选盟联合主席安美嘉今天公开放重话,把矛头直指选委会,重申选委会在重划选区之前,必须确保选民册干净,否则的话,将透过今年十月份的Bersih 4.0集会,再次施压。

Anonymous said...

It is so SAD INDEED that the rural kampong Malays are ignorant of all these going on. That's why UMNO continue to cheat them wholesale of their votes. The bottom line is they can be bought with a small amount of BRIM and bluff them agama Christian aspires to be the national religion, converting Malays to Christianity and top it with a Christian Prime Minister of Malaysia. Then Mahakutty will shout from the top of his voice and top of his house that the Malay will retreat to stay in the jungle like orang Asli.

Ganges Boy said...

What the Alvivi duo did was wrong and is insensitive to the feelings of Muslims. But what about thoroughbred racists like Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah?

How about the neo-Nazi newspaper Utusan Malaysia? These racists are immune to persecution. They have disparaged Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.

This country is going to the dogs. I shudder to imagine what will happen to the non-Muslims in 20 years' time when their population shrinks to 20 percent or so.

I envisage that the brain and capital drain will continue and may even accelerate as the country is in danger of being run by religious and racist fascists, who are ever willing to trample over the sensitivities and feelings of the minorities.

And the law has been deafeningly silent on these bigots. One country, two classes of citizens.

limpehkong said...

Civil servants and politicians can never seem to learn the basic common sense where when you try to defend the indefensible, you inevitably end up looking like a complete idiot. Penchant for uploading contents that could stir public ire? Alvivi posted how many times? A grand total of one time. The first time the Alvivi duo rose to infamy they merely published naked photos of themselves. No harm to anyone. Compare this to the number of times Ibrahim Ali, Dzulkifli Nordin, Zahid Hamidi, Hishammudin and the Perak Mufti have ridiculed the faiths of non-muslim, I really wonder if the AG has been sleeping on the job in past decade and only recently woke up.

Gerak Khas JB said...

ADUN Pakatan Rakyat Negeri Johor telah mengadakan satu lawatan mesra ke IPK Johor semalam. Ketua Polis Negeri Johor Dato' Mohd Mokhtar Bin Hj. Mohd Shariff menyatakan bahawa 70% kes jenayah yang dilaporkan di negeri Johor berlaku di kawasan Iskandar (Greater Johor Bahru), 39% daripada semua laporan adalah kes pencurian motosikal. Beliau juga minta wakil rakyat mempromosikan APP telefon bimbit yg dipakai oleh IPK Johor agar mengatasi masalah jenayah, iaitu "Community Alerts" dan "E-Alerts".

Orang ramai digalakkan menggunakan "Community Alerts" kerana sistem GPS dalam APP itu boleh menentukan tempat anda berada apabila anda tekan "button" merah untuk laporan kecemasan. Orang muda minta membantu warga emas yang tak pandai mengguna telefon bimbit pasang APP kecemasan ini dan mengajar mereka cara penggunaan.

Selain daripada itu, penduduk-penduduk Johor jangan lupa nombor telefon IPK Johor kecemasan adalah 07-2212 999. Angkota-angkota polis yang fasih dalam bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Cina dan Bahasa Tamil sedia membantu anda.

Maria said...

There is no reason why Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and Ridhuan Tee CANNOT be charged – even now.

After all, the insults they made are exactly the same as what the Alvivi sex bloggers have done.

Can we expect PDRM to be speedy in detaining IA, ZN and RT, without bail – immediately?

Or is PDRM exercising double standards?

Whay say you PM Najib?

Hasyim said...

Ajar Melayu pancing ikan

Muhammad Ali Hashim
15 Julai 2013

HARI ini diperhatikan semakin ramai Melayu-Muslim menyuarakan rasa kecewa dan ‘frustration’ terhadap kedudukan politik dan ekonomi bangsa berbanding persepsi positif dan optimis di dekad awal selepas merdeka.

Ramai semakin hilang keyakinan diri melihat kedudukan ekonomi dan politik Melayu-Muslim bukan semakin bertambah baik dan kukuh seperti diharapkan; malah semakin merosot dan membimbangkan. Bangsa Melayu kelihatan seolah-olah kehilangan punca.

Jangan tersalah fokus kelemahan

Dalam dekad pertama selepas merdeka, Melayu-Muslim percaya penjajahan punca utama kelemahan dan kegagalan mereka. Justeru, penjajah dipersalahkan dan dijadikan kambing hitam atau ‘scapegoat’.

Kemerdekaan berjaya menamatkan penjajahan, sekali gus menyingkir halangan terbesar kemajuan. Kuasa pemerintahan di tangan meyakinkan tidak akan ada lagi penghalang bangsa dan umat membangun. Namun hakikatnya, setelah lebih lima abad berkuasa sendiri, hari ini Melayu-Muslim Malaysia masih kecewa dan semakin ramai hampa dan hampir putus harapan.

Sekali pun majoriti Melayu-Muslim tidak lagi miskin, ekonomi masih bergantungan, menekan hidup dan menjejas kebebasan. Paling membimbangkan, jurang kaya-miskin semakin melebar, bukan sahaja antara kaum, malahan juga dalam kalangan Melayu-Muslim sendiri, berpotensi berpanjangan memecah-belah mereka.

Paling Melayu-Muslim takuti: andainya tsunami politik PRU13 berulang lagi pada PRU14 dan seterusnya, kali ini menenggelamkan semua, melemas dan langsung menghapuskan ekonomi setelah pupus kuasa politik Melayu! Siapa pula yang akan Melayu-Muslim persalahkan kali ini, setelah lama merdeka dan penjajah tidak boleh dipersalahkan lagi?

Bahayanya, diperhatikan ramai Melayu hari ini cenderung memarahi dan mempersalahkan warga Cina sebagai punca kelemahan dan kegagalan. Sentimen anti-Cina semakin bersemarak setelah keputusan PRU13 dilabel satu tsunami Cina. Label seperti ini menyebabkan ramai cenderung menjadikan warga Cina kambing hitam mutakhir Melayu.

Apakah wajar Melayu-Muslim menjadikan warga Cina Malaysia kambing hitam terbaru zaman ini? Persoalan lebih besar yang sebenarnya Melayu-Muslim wajib tanyakan: Apakah mencari dan menyalahkan kambing hitam jalan keluar terbaik mengatasi kelemahan Melayu-Muslim?

Hasyim said...

Belajar daripada kejayaan Cina

Trend pemikiran seperti ini berbahaya dan tidak wajar dibiarkan berleluasa. Hakikat yang wajib Melayu-Muslim terima ialah: mencari kambing hitam menyalahkan orang lain bukan jalan keluar dan jika dituruti cuma akan memburukkan masalah kelemahan Melayu.

Satu cara mudah mengatasi kelemahan diri ialah mempelajari pengalaman sukses orang lain. Umat Islam pasti teringat hadis Rasulullah SAW menggalakkan menuntut ilmu, sekali pun “sampai ke negeri China”. Pada pandangan saya bangsa Melayu dan umat Islam Malaysia sebenarnya bertuah dan harus bersyukur kerana terdapat ramai warga Malaysia keturunan Cina di negara sendiri. Belajarlah daripada pengalaman mereka, terutama dalam bisnes!

Perhatikan, ketika warga Cina mula datang beramai-ramai ke Tanah Melayu. Mereka berpindah ke sini bertujuan melepaskan diri dan keluarga daripada cengkaman kemiskinan dan penderitaan hidup di Tanah Besar China yang ketika itu kerap dilanda kebuluran, pergolakan politik dan kesempitan peluang ekonomi. Ertinya, mereka sanggup mengharungi kepayahan berpindah ke tempat tidak dikenali, lari daripada keselesaan hidup bersama bangsa di tanah air sendiri menuju ketidakpastian hidup sebagai minoriti di tanah asing.

Perpindahan satu tindakan besar dan nekad membabitkan terlebih dahulu kesanggupan berhijrah minda dan pandangan hidup, melepaskan semua pegangan kepada kebiasaan lama.

Pengajaran pertama buat Melayu-Muslim ialah mereka mesti sanggup berhijrah pandangan hidup dan memperbaharui diri. Sikap dan minda pendatang minoriti sanggup menghadapi segala ketidakpastian wajib Melayu budayakan, atas realiti mereka sebenarnya juga warga minoriti dan pendatang baru. Melayu-Muslim minoriti dalam ekonomi negara dan pendatang baru dalam dunia bisnes, justeru memerlukan kekentalan mental dan pembaharuan jiwa luar biasa.

Majoriti Cina datang ke Tanah Melayu dalam keadaan sangat miskin, berhutang dan bergadai golok. Ramai yang terpaksa menumpang, menyewa tanah milik Melayu; hidup sederhana dengan serba kekurangan. Ada yang terlampau miskin kesusahan hingga terpaksa menyerah anak perempuan untuk diangkat dan dibesarkan keluarga Melayu.

Namun, mereka segera menerap budaya survival. Disiplin diri, budaya kerja tanpa mengenal penat-lelah dan berjimat-cermat diutamakan. Mereka gigih menabung, pandai menghimpun harta, menghormati orang lain dan sangat mengutamakan semangat kerjasama, membulatkan persepakatan kaum. Akhirnya mereka berjaya melepaskan diri daripada belenggu kemiskinan. Semua ini wajar segera Melayu contohi dan budayakan.

Sesungguhnya sangat banyak yang Melayu-Muslim dapat manfaatkan dengan belajar, bekerjasama dan meneladani kejayaan warga Cina. Saya berpendapat cuma sedikit gaya dan pandangan hidup Cina yang tidak perlu Melayu-Muslim tiru dan contohi; iaitu aspek menyentuh akidah dan iman, khasnya yang bertentangan dengan nilai ajaran Islam.

Anonymous said...

The RM377 million ‘bribe' in federal and state developmental projects that had been pledged to the people of Kuala Besut at this juncture when a by-election is taking place is a normal BN's modus operandi.

The BN leaders worship money, obviously they think that money power can beget votes; thus the wanton throwing of millions of fund into the constituency.

In this holy month of Ramadan, where pureness of thoughts and actions are important to all Muslims, we hope the voters do the right thing - reject the party that offered the ‘bribe'.

It would be an interesting scenario in the corridor of power in Putrajaya if PAS were to deliver an upset by winning the by-election. PM Najib Razak's fate as the president of Umno could be linked to the outcome of this by-election.

Semut said...

TNB untung $4.3 billion.....crony di dahulukan, rakyat di ketepikan!

Anonymous said...

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad keeps insulting the non-Malays all the time and not a word comes of concern comes out from the mouth of the country’s leading party, the Barisan Nasional alliance.

Likewise, Mahathir’s protege, Ibrahim Ali who founded the Maly extremist party Perkasa and his deputy Zulkifli Noordin who have little to fear each time they take pot-shots at the non-Muslims.

Then there are others in powerful positions who keep stirring racial tensions by warning the non-Malays to refrain from using the word ‘Allah’.

The word “Allah” has been used by the Sikhs and Christians for a long, long time or for that matter Arab Christians have been using the term “Allah” for over 600 years before the Muslims began doing so?

The word “Allah” is used 12 times in the Sikh holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, by Sheikh Farid, Guru Nanak and Guru Arjan Dev while Sant Kabeer has uttered the word 18 times.

Despite that, Umno continues to live by its fallacy that only Muslims have the right to use the word “Allah” despite the fact that the term has been used by the Sikhs and the Arabic-speaking Christians of Syria and the rest of the Middle East.