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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

Netizen, Yusuf Hashim wrote this open letter to the PM which I would like to share will all of my friends. Please share and spread too if you agree.

On this fine Tuesday morning, I would like to post an open letter to our Prime Minister, Datuk Najib. Please disregard your political affiliations and your race for a moment. If you support what I am asking the PM to do, please LIKE and SHARE this open letter to Najib with ALL your friends on FB.
In 2013 it is estimated that there are 14.5 mil FB users in Malaysia. As our population in 2013 is 29 million, this means half of the population of Malaysia is on FB. If every one of the 14.5 million FB users in Malaysia likes and shares this open letter to the PM, the PM better listen and do what I am asking. Here's my open letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

Greetings and Selamat Hari Raya to you from 50% of the people of Malaysia. We have a simple request for you to implement by the end of this year. We really don't want to listen to any excuses. If there are any issues or problems, please ask your cabinet ministers to solve them. We want you to Just Do It. If our request is implemented, maybe, just maybe, we might consider giving you our vote in the next general elections. Be assured however, we will NOT vote for you if you don't do this.

First consider these statistics:

Estimated Population of Malaysia in 2013 is 29 million
Median life expectancy is 74 (Male 71, Female 77)
Proportion of Malaysians who are 65 years and above is 5.1 %
Therefore number of Malaysians who are 65 years and above is 1.45 mil
Petronas 2011 income after tax was RM 68 billion (RM90.6 bil before tax)
Malaysian Corporate tax rate is 25% so Govt has already taken RM22.7 bil

Our request is very simple. The oil in the ground belongs to the people, so the revenue of Petronas rightly belongs to the people. For every dollar that Petronas earns, the government is already taking away 25 cents as tax. Now its our turn. We've never had any clear accounting of what actually happened to the trillions that Petronas has given the government as dividends over all these years, but that is not the issue we are raising here.

All we are asking is, we would like you to enact a law to set aside whatever amount is needed from the net income after tax of Petronas, to set up a fund that will provide a guaranteed annuity or pension, of at least RM2000 per month for every Malaysian man or woman that is aged 65 and above, no matter what his race, his colour, his religion or his political affiliation is. This will be paid to them monthly from January 2014, till the day they die.

As the number of years that a person, on average, is expected to live after 65 is 9 years (ie 74 minus 65), for each of the 1.45 million elderly Malaysians, you only have to set up an investment fund that generates a paltry 2000x12x9=RM216,000 over 9 years for each person. To illustrate how easy it is to earn RM216K, if you have access to capital, you can buy a house in Bukit Jelutong for RM900K last year, and this year you can double your money by selling it off for RM2 mil. That single investment will take care of the post 65 pensions of at least 6 warga tua. Easy Peasy.
Recognizing the considerable financial wizardry in your cabinet, we are confident this can easily be done.

Mr Prime Minister, if you can do this, you will go down in Malaysian history as the Prime Minister who was brilliant and visionary enough to have provided a lifelong pension of RM2000 per month to every Malaysian man or woman above 65 years, till the day he or she dies, no matter what his race, religion or political affiliations are. We already have a good government hospital system that theoretically can provide for all his healthcare requirements. This universal pension scheme for every male or female Malaysian will complete a financial and healthcare package that will be the envy of every country in the world.

Mr Prime Minister, we know you can do this. Announce this incredible pension scheme in your Hari Raya message, and let your cabinet worry about how they are going to do it. In one brilliant move your stature will eclipse that of every Prime Minister before you, including your visionary late father as well. You can do it Mr Prime Minister. Just do it. And do it NOW.

Yours Sincerely,

Yusuf Hashim, on behalf of ALL Malaysians.


najib manaukau said...

Hi Mr. Yusuf,

Your analyst is very detailed and meticulous but what you overlooked is if the P.M. is to do what you are advocating then there is not very much left in the pool for the P.M. and the Umno warlords personally.
And that is not what they are in politics for, one thing for sure, they are not in it for the love of their own kind. Even though they are trying to project the image that they are dedicated to serve the people and most of all to ensure their own kind, the Malays, are to get a fair share of the country's wealth as allowed in the constitution. Well, at least this is what they are trying to represent, or at least that was what the mamak rapscallion Mahathir was trying to con them. Of course the Malays though it has taken
them sometimes to realise their mistake that they were robbed blind by this mamak for so long. Also most of them are beginning to realise, why he lied to them is because to begin with he is not a Malay. More importantly instead of helping the Malays, under the NEP (Never Enough Policy) the rapscallion has hijacked the NEP to help himself with the rights and privileges extended to the Malays. And made himself the richest man in Asia with US$44- billions and also his 'Chap Chong' schlub son to be a multi millionaire or even a billionaire.
That is perhaps the reason why the Malays are not listening to him anymore, as demonstrated in the recent GE. Not a single one of the candidates won instead one of the Umno winning candidates even held him responsible for the smaller margin than he thinks he should have won.
Najib immediate concern is to ensure that he remains as the president of Umno and nothing else matter. Therefore his mind right is solely on his own survival as the P.M. and has no time to worry about anything else. Not even his promise to build one million affordable houses for the people before the GE. It only shows the kind of empty promises he made before the GE they were made to get the votes !

A Bad Boy said...

Yusuf Hashim,

If Najib does what you suggested, i.e. create a pension fund for elderly Malaysians, how will he pay for Rosmah's hairdos and overseas shopping?

And then, there are his other UMNO/BN cohorts to think of.

And then, there are also their family members to take care of.

Now, if you were talking about a pension fund AFTER Najib and his friends have gorged themselves at the feeding trough, AND you were talking a more "reasonable" amount like RM50 per month.....

Anonymous said...

Is there a PM in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

This is a real stupid suggestion by a desperate old Malaysian (mr.Yusuf).

Why pay pensions to old ppl? Shouldn't it be better to invest for future Malaysians like better education and health care. Nobody owes the old a living, if you didn't save in your younger days then so be it.

The dumbest thing is the population is not a fixed ratio, the population above > 65 will grow exponentially in years to come based on the current demographic. Not feasible.

This is so stupid it make me laugh and compelled me to reply.

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim Malaysians, and Mr.Yusuf too.

Arunzab said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha good joke Yusuf , good way to welcome Ed Al Mubrak.

Anonymous said...

If he do this ,
Malaysia will be reaching 2020 . otherwise we will be call a BANANA country,
pity the small fry who don't make end meet everyday. Yet some one enjoying food in 5 star hotel and unfinish food to be throw away.

Anonymous said...

UMNO & this Najib fella cannot be trusted anymore.

Anonymous said...

We should be lucky to repay the RM500 billion+ debt incurred by the BN government over the years and lift the country's negative outlook rating. As for me, I would feel very happy if the government manages the country's finances prudently and clamp down hard on corruption by the big guns, ministers included.

Anonymous said...

We should be lucky to repay the RM500 billion+ debt incurred by the BN government over the years and lift the country's negative outlook rating. As for me, I would feel very happy if the government manages the country's finances prudently and clamp down hard on corruption by the big guns, ministers included.

Anonymous said...

look man, i know things are looking bleak right now and as much as we would like our prime minister to do something i am pretty sure nothing is going to be done until his life is personally under threat. sure he can promise this and promise that, after one shot in the hand lets see if he dares to promise something he cannot keep. the simple matter of fact is a country is made up of its people. most people think that these countries are represented by its leaders and thats the mistake. they are not our leaders so called but our servants, we put them in office to help run the country. as far as i have seen the leaders of not just malaysia but pretty much everywhere in the world have taken control. all the wars being waged were never sanctioned by the people. think about it how many law changes are you personally aware of that have taken place in the last 10 years? have you yourself have any part or say in whether this "law" has been sentenced? elections are rigged as well my friend, as much as you vote how can you tell that those are the numbers being revealed to you? the opposition could have won by a landslide and because this is not the outcome they desire they simply flip the results and who then is there to question the verdict? don't believe me? its ok like you said 1/2 of malaysia is on facebook. next time there actually is an election if you could somehow make a way for people to put who they vote for anonymously i am sure you will understand what i mean. last but not least, the prime minister keeps bragging that malaysia is one of the most developed country in the world. to an extent i guess he would be right, but i honestly havent seen a developed country where people cant get the basic necessities of life take for example water. when confronted he said that if rain doesn't fall within catchment areas selangor's dam would be at critical levels and thus should ration more water. whew talk a dumbass. in other words he is saying lets roll the dice and if it lands of 6 and 6 we are going to get water if not we should conserve water and roll again. what are we in the ruddy bronze age or something? we present a problem and he says lets take a chance (in other words do nothing). the funniest part about this prime minister is that he says " rain does not seem to fall within catchment areas despite cloud seeding " hey he actually did something =D. hooray for our pm. but he seeded the wrong place??...? solution turn to thailand for rain making methods. i mean like seriously?!?!?!?!?!? yes sir taxpayers you are paying a lot of money for this kind of mind to "lead" this nation. mate the water wont come to you so you go to the water its really that simple. we know that rain happens by nature and despite seeding apparently they do not know how the seeding works. basically they are just doing it and hoping it lands in the right place.... and each of it costs 30 grand. great way to spend money man way to go sir. we are in peninsular malaysia man. we are surrounded by the sea. i mean even a kid would ask " why don't we distill water from the sea?" this is year 8 knowledge. the more comments i read from him the more he seems like a clown

Anonymous said...

Here's the standard reply, "We will look into it. It's a possibility and I will tell my ministers to set up a special committee to see this project. Moreover, if I help you and you help me, why not? Apart from that, if this goes through, i will sign another RM5 million worth of check into this project. The check is on my table now. We shall see but it's a possibility.".