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Monday, August 19, 2013

It's only natural

Breast-feeding. What can be more natural? What can be better for your child? Nothing! Read this. Join up. Support.

Salam and hello dear friends and soon-to-be friends....,

We'd just like to take a moment to tell you how this whole event came about so that you know what you 
are getting yourself into. It's a bit lengthy but please do read means a lot to us.

Late last year, a group of us realized that our breastfeeding advocacy stops where the sign says "BIG MONEY INVOLVED". We love breastfeeding so much and we feel that it can grow bigger with more awareness IF ONLY BREASTFEEDING IS A PATENTED PRODUCT WITH LOTS OF FUNDS TO GO INTO ITS MARKETING like formula milks. But this is not the case. BREASTFEEDING IS A PUBLIC COMMODITY. It does not belong to anyone therefore the responsibility to let it grow bigger is not in a corporation but to those who love it and want it to be back as the norm. And that is US, YOU and ME, the lay parents.

We dream big. We dream of TV commercial, we dream of posters to be put in public places, we dream of Malaysia being the first country to support breastfeeding that there is no need for alternative anymore. We dream of happy and thriving Malaysian generation.

But all these dreams are nothing without MONEY and we are just lay-parents like you. We have our ethics and can't be endorsed by certain companies that violate the Milk Code even if they can give us the money we really need.

So from early this year, we've started doing our background research on how to produce a campaign by end of this year. We are already halfway through. Our next step is to actually look for a production and advertising companies that want to work with us to produce a television commercial on breastfeeding in Malaysia. Lots more work to be done but this current phase; the fund-raising phase is the most important one of all.

This whole charity bazaar and the Malaysia Book of Records Simultaneous Breastfeeding event is one of the steps for us to realize that goal.

We still have more work to do but once we have the money, we can have more options and aim for high quality end-product. We hope to inspire future younger breastfeeding advocates to carry on this sort of campaign on annual basis. If we can do it, so can you. You can no longer say money is an issue for something like breastfeeding campaigns.

So when you sign up for this event, your RM20 means a lot to us in realizing this dream. We are sorry that we only came up with the Malaysia Book of Records so last minute (10 days before the event to gather 500 moms-and-babies to be exact) but this is where the fun lies. To see whether or not our breastfeeding-supportive community is made of the people who want to see it work.

So each time you sign-up at, we feel relieved. We feel relieved that 500 moms-and-babies is a record we can indeed break.

And with that break, we will proceed to produce the first by-community to-community television commercial for breastfeeding. All funded by the empowered community.

We are big dreamers. If we can break this 500 moms-and-babies record for Malaysia Book of Records, we will go to Guinness World Record and commit to beat the 3000-strong moms-and-babies record set by the Philippines a couple of years ago.

But for now we are at 160 registrations. We need at least 340 more before 22nd August 2013 (3 DAYS TO GO). It seems crazy but we believe in the power of God and social media. You can share but YOU MUST SIGN-UP too. So please do so at: and help us make this dream come true and let breastfeeding play on the same level field as the big formula giants.

God bless,

The Gift of Love Charity Bazaar 2013 Committee Team


Anonymous said...


This Breast Feeding Guinness Book of Malaysian Records event is insensitive to certain people's upbringing and insulting to their religion. The sight of a few hundred/thousands mothers with their breasts partially exposed will rouse the fire in the loins of certain males and could set their minds delirious and beyond control. August 24th 2013 could go down in the Guinness Book of Malaysian Records for the most sex crimes committed in 1 single day attributed to the breastfeeding moms.

And of course one has to be particularly careful that mothers of certain ethnic group and religion should not participate in this Guinness Book of Malaysia Records because it is against their culture and religion to breastfeed their babies in public which again is insensitive to certain people and insulting their religion. The organizers of this breast feeding frenzy certainly do not want the national and state religious authorities like JAKIM and JAIS and even saintly Perkasa clamouring all over the hotel with their high power camera lens and video cams to catch just a glimpse of an partially exposed nipple and the whole event will be done for. I hope the organizers are prepared for a 4 day stay at the nearest police "hotel" for organizing this breastfeeding frenzy.

I also hope that Grand Season Hotel owners know what they are doing as they too may sample a 4 day stay in the police hotel and then still end up having to demolish the hotel as the breastfeeding frenzy event had defiled the Grand Season Hotel which I particularly know is quite fond with a certain ethnic group.

And finally, don't you think that an alcoholic product called Guinness should be associated with this breastfeeding event? It is okay to have a few thousand men (me included) trying to set a Guinness Book of Malaysian Records by downing the most number of good ole' Guinness draught in a single hour or something like that but to associate breast feeding with Guinness might give the wrong impression to certain people that the moms are feeding their babies with Guinness draught instead of mother's natural milk.

A Bad Boy said...

I am a father of three children.

None of my children were breastfed as their mother developed complications during breast feeding.

As such, I have a lot of empathy for women who do want to breast feed their children.


Personally, I do not care whether a mother flops her teat out there and then to brazenly feed her child in full view, or whether she chooses to feed her child in a modest, unobtrusive manner.

To me, it is the welfare and wellbeing of the child which comes first - not my sense of social modesty, not my sense of political correctness, not my sense of religious conformity.

Talk of religious sensitivities towards breastfeeding is only for those who have very tiny brains and most likely, very tiny dicks.

If I could, I would curse any man who objects to a woman breastfeeding. I hope that such a man will lose his already tiny dick, grow a pair of teats and be burdened with a horde of screaming hungry children.

Anonymous said...

I salute all the mothers who will be taking part in the breastfeeding at the Grand Seasons Hotel. Of course not forgetting those who are feeding their babies at homes. You all are great mothers. Don't care about those who easily turn and classify anything as sensitive and disrespect to them. If they do that they would have forgotten that their mum had also fed them the same ways. They are what they are today beacuse of the feeding done by their mothers.
Thank you to all mothers for your love and nourishment, in the form of milk, given to our youngs.

AdD Buchat said...

Hello MR. Anonymous... what a nonsence u are talking about... haiyo!!! I'm muslim and i'm breasfeed my kids in public... so what's wrong with that... u never heard of nursing cover haaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Shabery Cheek, we can now sing Negaraku in the cinema hall!

Anonymous said...

Dear,AdD Buchat, sorry for getting on your nerve with my reference to those sensitive ones' possible reaction to the great occassion, in this sensitive period.
It was an intended friendly reminder to the origaniser and all the participating great loving and caring mothers.
My sincere apology for the unintended "offence" to incur your anger and displeasure. It wasn't in any faintest sense, a nonsense, but rather in fact, a sincerest and sensible reminder with the very best intention from a fellow being. No ill desire at all.
Thanking you in advance for accepting my clarification of my intention.
I'll make no more response to any reply to this, if there is .Have a nicee day.

Anonymous said...

"That" Book of Records can add another book simultaneously with this event. It will be the "Largest number of males having an erection simultaneously." How about that ?

Hanonymous said...

Mr/Mrs Anonymous should've put /s so that people know it's sarcasm...

Anonymous said...

Soon Malaysia Book of Records will have the largest number of people "pang sai" at the same time?