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Friday, August 16, 2013

So what you wanna do about it?

Does anyone remember the term "government servant"? I remember hearing it a lot when I was growing up. It referred to the people who work in government departments, ministries or anything to do with government la. Later, in school we we told/taught that government servants 'served' the people. Okay that's cool with me. But these days things seem to have changed. "The description, "Government servants" nowadays seem to refer to us la. We are there to pay taxes and serve the government or more precisely those in high offices in the government. Have you ever felt that is the way it is?

Recently, it was discovered that the minister of tourism and culture, Nazri Aziz had employed his son as a special officer in the ministry. Naturally, a lot of questions were asked. Nepotism? Is this allowed? What is the son's job function? But we, being servants to the government were told by the Yang Berhormat, menteri......

"I am a trained lawyer and I know what I am doing."

"He (his son, Nedim) shall remain a special officer to me."

"I don't care what people think. I don't care what bloggers, netizens, journalists write about me. Today I am still a minister appointed by a bigger majority in my constituency, so what do they have to say?"

"I don't please anybody but myself. If making him a special officer makes me happy then that's it."

When we vote politicians into office do we also grant them the licence to become arrogant arse-holes? No? Perhaps we should check the fine print.



najib manaukau said...

This is what rapscallion from Umno is good at besides make hay while the sun shines. For this is the last time Umno will be around as government servants.

Mariam M said...

When Hishammuddin Hussein was the Home Minister, he claimed that the public only perceived a rise in crime. Within weeks of becoming Home Minister the new man on the job, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, had uncovered 260,000 hardcore criminals.

Either Hishammuddin was sleeping on the job or Zahid has really tackled his work with utmost dedication.

Anonymous said...

Niamah! why the shock face?
Niamah! Singapore PM oso son of the old fart.


Anonymous said...

Remember once hearing your show on Redifussion - on "oxymorons" Someone called and said "civil servants."

So the boss says that his son will help him run his constituency. Can have someone from tourism ministry help in BN politics? Can meh?

aiyaah... civil servants..

Anonymous said...

So what you gonna do about it?
"Go and bang Balls" and cursed why do we have such minister around.
Bloody Hell!

Anonymous said...

By BN's logic very soon a minister will employ a mistress as special officer to provide ‘special services' whenever the minister is stressed.

Of course, she will not be paid by the government but the minister can claim as expenses.

Anonymous said...

While the second echelons of Pakatan are busy fighting for basic human rights for all, scions of BN YBs are busy getting entrenched into the gravy trains and piggy troughs.
More pain is inevitable before a PakLah's sudden ZENlike satori to awaken the masses to empower themselves. Must it culminate in TARIQ SQ II? TDM doesn't give a RAT's.


Antares said...

Nedim Nazri has been given all the perks a minister's son is entitled to but can a swaggering playboy gangster-wannabe succeed in any kind of enterprise even with the full backing of the system? Obviously not, that's why he has to eat humble pie & accept a sinecure in his father's office - where he can receive a monthly stipend & his father can keep a close watch on him.

Mr Lonely said...


Nur Farah said...

Nedim as Pegawai Khas gets allowance from his father who in turn gets money from BN who gets money from rakyat.

Rakyat is the ultimate loser.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for any fine print. Once the UMNO and BN fellas are voted into office, they decide what the fine print should and should not be. They can choose to appoint their grandmothers to be their special officers or special aides if they wish. If you are not happy with it, just migrate to another country. Understand or not?

Anonymous said...


How come you no more on Mediacorp tv shows?

jericho said...

As most of us already know, Umno is hell bent on painting the Chinese as rabid anti-Malay traitors and a grave danger to Malay 'supremacy' and survival. The illegitimate party in power has the evil intention of weaning away as many Malays as possible from a genial Pakatan's embrace. The Tanda Putera rubbish is merely another installment in the continuing sandiwara, written, directed and produced at Putrajaya and the Umno HQ.

Luckily Patrick is not dumb enough to participate in this stupid movie.

Anonymous said...

So Azilah and Sirul didn't kill Altantuya, Abdul Razak didn't kill her, Najib and Rosmah have nothing to do with it, Altantuya never came to Malaysia and in fact there was no such a person as Altantuya that existed on this planet! Wonderful! A great storyline for the next episode of Twilight Zone!

What can you Malaysians do about it! What can the Mongolian government do about it! What can the world do about it! Nothing.

The powers be in Malaysia are the supreme, everyone else can go and fly kite!

Endless Possibility by Najib indeed!

Anonymous said...

国歌法令规定播放时需起立 不尊重者可判监.

Lionking said...
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