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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wouldn't you want to know?

Berhenti!!! You mustn't progress any further my Melayu brothers. Otherwise you will not be lagging behind the other races. And that will not be a good thing. Kan?

Umno supreme council member Noh Omar says that the government is on the right track with its race-based policies as Malays were still lagging behind the country's other races.

That headline from The Malaysian Insider made me think. Ok...when I look around I see that all the major businesses in Malaysia, TNB, Petronas, most of the media including television stations, banks are all in Malay hands. So why are my Malay brethren still lagging behind after more than 40 years of affirmative action? I don't understand la. As a non-Malay Malaysian I would like to know what a Malaysia where the economic pie is equally shared and where Malays no longer "lag behind", as the Umno and BN politicians like to keep reminding us, will look like. Can you picture it? If you can, please share.



Anonymous said...

Mahathir's idea lah....and these so-called Umno leaders conveniently continue to latch on. What is there to lose? In fact, ALL to gain. I know what Mahathir wants....that the non-Malays are all squeezed to the sidelines in businesses....where you are given crumbs at their whims and fancies, An evil despotic man! With that, that is why Umno is the way it is today.

Mr Lonely said...

i think he means those kampung area people bah~

Anonymous said...

This Noh Omar is the greatest clown & joker in our country.

najib manaukau said...

Just one simple question, why are the non Malay population of this country reflected in the employment of this country ? Yet they want to know why the non Malays are not supporting Umno in the recent GE. What have MCA or MIC got to say about this or better still what did they do when Umno implemented this policy. This is why MCA and MIC are being rejected by their own kind. Stop polishing or better still kissing the ass holes of Umno !
Should have left the coalition yesterday but it is nonetheless better late than never, leave Umno as the opposition and kick them out as tenants Putrajaya. Right now you are not the partners, all I repeat all the important posts in the government and in the cabinet are kept for Umno and you are there to fill in the minor roles. This is not what partnership is all about !

A Bad Boy said...


Noh Omar is a racist bigot who will continue the use of race to divide Malaysia.

Most social security models elsewhere help their citizens who have fallen below some pre-determined income level. NOBODY is disadvantaged by their race or religion.

Noh Omar, on the other hand, insist on marginalising the Chinese and Indians just for his own political purposes.

Racism is alive and well in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Umno Baru continue to con the rural malays to enrich the elite group of Umno Minions!

Anonymous said...

Umno Baru continue to con the rural malays to enrich the elite group of Umno Minions!

najib manaukau said...

This is what the Umno supreme council member will say as an excuse to continue implementing the race based policy. The real reason is all the rights and privileges for the Malays are taken up by only the Umno warlords in the name of the Malays !
It is for this reason the Malays will never get out of the poverty they are in and they are beginning to realise and notice that, hence they are voicing their dissatisfaction in the recent GE.
Of course, these Umno warlords are just only trying to divert the public attention to this and is coming up with this excuse. Please note this extra special rights and privileges for the Malays have gone on since 1969 and it is now more than 44 years. Are you suggesting that you need another 44 or 440 years before the aims to help the Malays will be achieved. The Malays are aware of the monkey business hence their rejection of Umno in the last GE. No doubts the Umno warlords are still giving this as the excuse to marginalize the non Malaysians for themselves. The warlords just cannot have enough of the extra rights and privileges not for the intended Malays but for themselves !

Anonymous said...


Its easy to imagine that this country will be prosperous and progressive like Korea, Taiwan and Singapore if the Malays are not brainwashed and influenced by UMNO that they are incapable to compete on a level playing field with not only the non Malays but the global community.

Unfortunately the Malays are unable to think and act independently because they are living like crabs in a basket whereby if they try to climb out of the basket, the UMNO malays at the bottom of the basket keeps pulling them back into the basket.

This is what UMNO stands for: CRAB mentality or put it in another way, CRAP mentality.

Adnan Sempit said...

Unfortunately most of the rural malays are not 'awakened' (like Pak Lah) and happy with BR1M RM500 a year while the elite Umnoputeras get millions a year.

Tutup said...

Malaysia tutup lampu menang,
China tutup Aircon menang!

Anonymous said...

Pat, suggest you and the rest of the non-Malays resigned to being second-class citizens for the rest of your miserable lives. Malaysia will be the only pariah country on earth in the not too distant future, just like South Africa in the old days.

My advice is for every non-Malay to get out of Malaysia while you still can.

limpehkong said...

Creating fear among the Malays over possible loss of political power, distributing hand-out, paying more bonuses to Government servants and other promises only appeal to a section of the electorate. A clean, efficient, accountable and responsible Government would appeal to all the electorate. Who believes that UMNO leaders do not know these basic prerequisites for victory in an election? It is solely because the BN have so many shortcomings that they have to resort to such tactics.

Anonymous said...

because they are greedy .the world is not enough for them.