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Thursday, August 15, 2013


So what? Why I cannot? 

This has got to be the WHAT THE FUCK story of the week!  It was discovered in the Ministry of Tourism and Culture's web portal that one of the 'employees'or staff listed is the minister's son Nedim! Nazri is listed as a "special officer". Just what does a special officer do? And why are there 2 special officers? What is so special about these officers?  

When questioned, the minister alledgedly said  he could choose to name his son's designation anything he chose as it was he who paid his son and not the government.

And as if that wasn't WTF! enough, Nazri also was quoted as saying that a minister has the prerogative to draw up his own employee roll and that "IT CANNOT BE QUESTIONED"!!!

Hands up those who want Ng Yen Yen back or Sabaruddin Chik even.



xtcher said...

What a precedent! I shall not be surprised if the next Minister of Tourism will appoint his wife and their maid as "Special Officers". Hopefully, I shall be proven wrong, and the person appointed will be one with a different and higher sense if integrity!

Anonymous said...

He thinks the ministry is owned by his father! Niamah!

BNationalFeed&LOOTcenter said...

Specialised in 6-stars hotel rendezvous and champange parties, all paid for by GST!!!

Tiew said...

He is short of saying(like what Samy Vellu said)'It is my bloody right to appoint anyone to my office'.

Anonymous said...

He said his son is rich and no need to be on BN payroll.

Did you forget that his son has a millionaire friend who can lend him the luxury car?

Why so far niamah already miss Yen Yen?

Anonymous said...

Here is the best song to dedicate to these arse-holes:

Chiak Sai!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is the best song to dedicate to these arse-holes:

Chiak Sai!!!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah Patrick,

Special officers means they are special lah. They are so special that even their job description is special. Especially when they are special, they need to be specially rewarded as they specially cater to the special needs of a special Minister of Culture and Tourism. If you are specially not happy with this particularly special officer, please migrate specially to your special country.

Anonymous said...

those 2 are fucking son of bitches!