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Thursday, October 10, 2013


" is time for the massed ranks of the moderates everywhere to stand up and to say to the extremists with a single breath a firm, resounding “no”....." - Najib Razak

My friend, Art Harun posted the speech transcript below.
This was a speech made by Najib in 2012.

After I read it, all I could say was CIBAI LA. NIAMAH!!!

" we can best foster tolerance and understanding not by silencing the voice of hatred but by making the voice of reason louder" ah?

Yormarder la!!!

A great and magnificent speech about the goodness of moderation. This is an example of how a great leader can change the world by espousing moderation to fight extremism.
 This should be emulated by every leader in the world.

 "In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad counsels that “moderation is the best of actions”; in Christianity, the Bible says “let your moderation be known unto all men”; and in Judaism, the Torah teaches that moderation in all things is a “way of life” in the truest sense of Jewish custom.
 But if moderation has long had a home within the world religions, then the reverse is also true: extremism has never been welcome inside our mosques, churches, synagogues and temples. Perpetuating hatred is, by its very nature, a lonely pursuit, flying in the face of widely held morality – and it is this dangerously untethered animus, coupled with a head-in-the-sand refusal to acknowledge the views and the values of others, that makes extremism such a potent threat.
 And yet, time and again the side of righteousness has triumphed. History has been made not by those who espoused extremism but by those who, without surrendering their beliefs, stayed true to the path of moderation. We are all familiar with the extraordinary strength of will and leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Aung San Suu Kyi, but you don’t have to be a world leader to be an inspiration. Moderates can make a difference wherever they make a stand – and it is time for the massed ranks of the moderates everywhere to stand up and to say to the extremists with a single breath a firm, resounding “no”.
Because one thing is clear: we cannot rid the world of extreme views by force. Violence begets violence – so we can best foster tolerance and understanding not by silencing the voice of hatred but by making the voice of reason louder. Persuasion, negotiation and co-operation: these must be our weapons in the face of enmity and malice." : End quote
 Date : 17/01/2012



Anonymous said...

His brain is compartmentalized. the Notice carefully, he goes by the adage, "All the world's a stage..". So he can go here and say one thing and then go to another place. wear a different set of clothing and say another. When he does not know for sure, he will sit and smile and say nothing.
Its best we watch what a man does than what he says. And what Nazib say has no shadow..hokkien say..kanna lan aneh...

Anonymous said...

Ah JIb, tokkok oni! Tok one thing, do another thing! Waste time la!

AC Bachik said...

'Baik Punya Cibai' is a sequel for 'Baik Punya Cilok'?

Aminah Sobri said...


Please continue 'educating' the UmnoBputras on the dangerous course their racist leaders (Zahid Hamidi & Ali Rustam) are steering the country into. Because of your standing and status in the malay movie industry, the malays will listen and if they don't take heed, they one day will wake up to regret it. They may one day themselves become the victims of these elites.

Anonymous said...

ALLOO,,Apek Cibaii....we all waiting for the day ..where we can take all this chingky's head off...especialy your mother fucker!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.38,
Allo ...the apeks will be inspecting your the other head just like the nazis did on the jews when the apeks take the country ......hehehe!That time you will also deny you are malay....

A Bad Boy said...

Hm, I think there is a video/pic somewhere which has Adolf Hitler in a similar pose.

I had a look on Google images but nothing, so maybe Youtube might have something.

Alternatively, a bit of photoshopping on Najib's pic would probably get me the same result :)

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I think you blog is good.
But those Umno jokers are certainly not happy.
Dig them further to create more jokes to amuse us!

Anonymous said...

Where is Prime Minister DS Najib Tun Razak? He is missing in action (MIA). It is a shame that the Prime Minister of the nation is silent on a crucial matter such as the Allah decision. Is the Prime Minister silently celebrating the Court of Appeal decision or he is afraid to air his views in public? The Malaysian public wants to know what he thinks on this issue which has clearly divided this nation. The BN parasite parties are at least right this time in saying that BN will be destroyed come GE14 if this issue is not resolved amicably. IT IS NOT JUST A DISPUTE BETWEEN THE MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS BUT BETWEEN ALL MINORITY COMMUNITIES AND THE UMNO MALAYS.

Anonymous said...

Endless Possibilities.
Unlimited Stupidity!

Anonymous said...

All rakyat should know that Najib was never a 'moderate'. If he was one, he would have had no need to to spend millions branding himself as one. Najib actually stands for nothing. He is a characterless, self-absorbed, narcissistic wimp who will say anything, do anything ...if it pleases the gallery. That's the reason for his measured performance in front of a civilized audience in the US and Europe and the blood curdling, keris waving rabble rousing antics when facing the semi-literate hordes in UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Fucking moron & idiot. Who is he trying to fool? He thinks all of us is stupid is it?