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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Hiyah! What have we become after 56 years of nationhood?

While on the way home just now I drove past a bunting advertising......


Can anyone think of another country in this day and age, with the possible exception of North Korea, where this kind of thing is allowed to happen? Seriously.



Melayu Miskin said...

Despite the 40 years of affirmative action policy aimed at helping Bumiputeras, the bottom 40% of their households today earn a “measly” average income of RM1,686 a month, as opposed to the rich, politically-connected individuals. The disparity of wealth among Bumiputeras would mean that the elite would continue to reap the benefits of the 10 billion units of the new unit trust scheme, Amanah Saham Bumiputera 2 (ASB2), rather than the common man.

The proposed launch of 10 billion ASB2 units is highly questionable. Who is set to benefit from more ASB shares made available?

Would the bottom 40% of Bumiputera households be able to invest in these high yielding shares considering that they hardly earn enough to get by?

c0c0nut said...

Ok what boss.. the china-man would've built it for $10.00.. the Indian fella would've made $1.00 from labour for it.. and Malay fella is gonna pay $100.00 after bumi discount for it.. everybody wins!

Anonymous said...

Did this happen in South Africa during the "good, old, apartheid" days too? Or we have outdone that by a few notches?

Anonymous said...

Don't you all love this guy for his wonderful prescription here?

Dr M to minorities: Make sacrifices to prevent ‘discontent, rebellion’ of majority

Are we in The Matrix or what the heck is going on here??

The government’s fiddling of the corporate equity statistics to under-estimate Malay share as well as recently also exposed the fiddling of crime statistics, expects the racial and political manipulation of official statistics to continue..

NEP target: Gov’t keep changing the ground rules
The true colours of NEP now EXPOSED
UM report released in 2002 found that Bumi equity hit NEP target 10 years ago