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Thursday, October 10, 2013

HUH??? How come like this one?

Some are just more equal than others.

When I read this headline in The Malaysian Insider today I did a double take.

Pro-Putrajaya senators slam PCA critics, say law defends basic rights of majority 

A law that only defends the basic rights of the MAJORITY???

Wasn't it always the case that the MINORITY needs defending? Or have things changed that much in our world?



Aminah Sobri said...

I gave up The New Strait Times sometime back and now i am giving up The Stars as well. So sad, it no longer what it was. Seriously hope we can continue to instill good moral value to our young generation and stop destroying this country. We had many good people and leaders, just read what Mr Niamah Teoh has to advise fellow Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

The senate is only a place for all the ass lickers of Umno especially so when they are there because they are appointed by Umno and used by them as back to become ministers without having being elected !