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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

It's alright one. Don't worry.

Najib at the United Nations telling everyone how moderate he/we all are in Malaysia.
And how we all live in perfect harmony. They applauded him too.
Proves that the world is ruled by idiots.
God help us.
The government wants to amend the Prevention Of Crime Act (1959) which will include detention without trial for up to 2 years. They tell us not to worry. It is not the same as ISA. Najib, himself re-assures us that the powers to detain indi
viduals without charge or trial would be removed from the hands of the home minister under the new amendments.

“But this time (under the amended PCA), the decision will be made by a judge. So, if the police were to arrest anyone, they have to convince the judge that the particular individual should be detained”

The only thing wrong with the PM's reasoning is that these days not many Malaysians trust in the impartiality of the judiciary. Any more.

And some Perkasa fler says “If no offence has been committed, why is there a need to fear (the PCA)?”
Maybe he should talk to some of those people who have been detained under the old ISA. It all depends on whose interpretation of "offence" is being used at the time I guess.

The Perkasa fler also said ".....those who do not want the PCA, there must be a reason. Maybe they want this country to be in chaos or they have plans to create chaos in the country”

Really? I think Perkasa is doing quite well already in the chaos creating department. And they didn't need the PCA either.
What la!


Anonymous said...

perkasa is running the chaos department -lah- now again some nutty story pop-up again- haha nam tien? what the shit is nam tien?

Anonymous said...

Our country are run by a group of clowns & idiots.

Anonymous said...

Cakap tak serupa bikin. Endless possibilities in action.

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