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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hey!!! The old man finally says something sensible. Thank you, Dr. Mahathir.

So come on, Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary, Daim, Nazir Razak...and also Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan and Gnanalingam and those flers with all the AP's selling Porches, Ferraris and Lamborghini's. Do your patriotic duty wor. Hee hee hee...

Can work ah?



Anonymous said...

You have to be careful with Syed Mokhtar he may have more debts along with the assets.

Mico said...

From what this son of Mahathir is saying, I am beginning to be convinced he must have inherited his extreme form of racism both biologically as well as socially - growing up in a house whereby daddy has been preaching the naturalness of racism all along.

No wonder he is so racially screwed up. It's a real tragedy for him. His sister Marina must have realised that but has spoken nothing of it in respect for daddy. Theirs is a house but not a home. A home does not cultivate such hatred.

Anonymous said...

With Amanah Saham Bumiputera 1 & 2, poor malays should get rich easily with annual 8.8% return without having to work hard.

But it is the rich malays who have the money to invest.

Thus the wealth disparity between the rich and poor malays are growing each day, and the minority Chinese becomes the easy target for Umno to blame.

Aminah Sobri said...

Harus berhati-hati dn harus faham bahawa kita berada dalam sebah negara yang terdiri dari berbilang kaum yang masih rapuh.Mudah pecah berderai. Lihat artikel berjodol,'MALAYSIA BUKAN HANYA MILIK MELAYU' dalam

Anonymous said...

Recruitment consulting firm Kelly Services has revealed recently that 20% of Malaysia's highly educated population now opted to leave the country for richer economies, frustrated by the lack of opportunities at home. Many have settled in neighbouring Singapore. The exodus of local talent means that Malaysia faces a shortage of skilled professionals, including bankers, researchers and engineers.

Economists say Malaysia's economic potential has been stifled by affirmative action policies which favour Bumiputeras. Critics say the policies, introduced in the 1970s to eliminate poverty and close wealth gap between Malays and other communities, have only enriched a handful of individuals close to the ruling coalition.

Melodi Terjah Meletop said...

Anak Nazri berintim dengan Nora Danish?

Anonymous said...

This mamak Devil must be joking or senile.

DSAI said this said...

The government is full of leakages, wastage and embezzlement, otherwise how can an officer go to Switzerland just for a few days and rack up a RM300,000 expense bill? It seems that from top to bottom, everyone is just waiting for a chance to spend public funds.

Those at the top spend on submarines, those in the middle spend on cows and those at the bottom spend on watches. But at all levels of the government, they do not hesitate to waste public funds the moment they spot an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

When I was younger then, my Malay friends would visit each others home, and we would play and eat together and there was no worry as long the foods are halal. Nowadays, It is so uneasy to invite Muslim colleages to home cos there are so many taboos. We use took shake hands with people we meet including female customers or visitors. Nowadays it is a no no to extend your hand for a handshake with a muslim females.

Malays under Umno Baru will have hard time integrate with other races, not only in Malaysia, but everywhere in the world because of too many 'Tak Boleh'.

Anonymous said...

Vincent Tan tried to be funny in Cardiff. He might as well appoint Rajagopal as his Cardiff coach and Rizal Hashim as hus global advusor.

Lembu NFC said...

Ernst & Young's recent survey of business executives that Malaysia is highly corrupt was confirmed by the excesses, wastage and financial wrongdoings exposed in the 2012 Auditor-General Report.

sharpshooter said...

The Malays remain poor because of Malay leaders who abuse the NEP and hijack it for their own benefit and self enrichment. It’s not because of other minority races. Only a selected group or few Malays are extremely and exceptionally rich while the rest remain poor. Their riches could in fact alleviate the poverty of other Malays in the country. There is no fair distribution of wealth among the Malays. So, extremist Perkasa should look into this picture and stop blaming other minority races.

Anonymous said...

The Ali Baba way is the ideal way for the bumiputra contractor; you don't need brain, you don't skill, you just get born into it. Where else in the world can anybody make a hell of a good living by merely being a fool.

Singapore Fan said...


I am still waiting for you to have you Youtube show like Mr Brown of Singapore

Siti Hajar Aladin said...

Surat Siti Hajar Aladin Kepada Najib Razak (Perdana Menteri). Gaji Bersih RM2032 di KL?
Simpanan RM213.40. Boleh Beli Rumah Apa?

Beban atas kenaikan minyak amat dirasai pada golongan kami.

◾Gaji kasar : RM2300 (fresh graduate)
◾Gaji bersih : RM2032 (masih tidak layak menerima BR1M)
◾Kereta : RM 400 (Kawasan yang sukar mendapatkan public transport seperti di kawasan Damansara, maka kami memerlukan kereta)
◾Tol: RM1.60 x 2 kali sehari : RM 3.20 x 23 hari = RM73.60 (melalui LDP, masih tidak menerima 20% rebate touch n go)
◾Parking : 23 hari x RM5 = RM115
◾Minyak : RM 12 x 23 hari = RM230 (dari Taman Melati ke Damansara dan untuk ke kerja sahaja)
◾Sewa : RM 200 (paling murah di Kuala Lumpur untuk satu bilik)
◾PTPTN : RM150 (minimum)
◾Makan untuk sebulan = RM 450 (sehari RM15)
◾Ibu Ayah = RM200
◾Baki : RM2032 – RM400 – RM73.60 – RM115 – RM230 – RM200 – RM150 – RM450 – RM200
◾TOTAL BAKI : RM213.40

Ah Beng said...

Ali Rustam tried to upstage Mahathir with this statement:

“We can't have casinos, 4D, Toto, gambling, lottery, massage parlours, ah long. These are all illegal. And the Chinese are the ones dabbling with all the illegal businesses,”

He is is being investigated (another sandiwars, obviously) by the police for allegedly making seditious remarks against the Chinese community at a recent event in Kuala Lumpur.

Anonymous said...

Is Mohd Ali Rustam indirectly complaining that why he is not selected to be in the directors board of Genting, Magnum, Sportstoto, Guinness, Carlsberg and get to receive big $$$ ?? If not why he don't ask those Muslim directors and employees to resign from those companies?

thambiah said...

ISMA said Hindus as a minority cannot complain that cows are slaughtered as korban in school compound.

Anonymous said...

Good that Ali Rustam lost big time!

Wonder who he would blame now?

Awakened Malay said...

Umno Baru is actually a tall beautiful looking tree with rotten roots. It will fall when enlightened Malays free themselves from the UMNO shackles. When Malays wake up and realize that they have been zombified by UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Most interesting article of the day:

Is this Mahathir’s downfall?

Anonymous said...

bilions not enough for the kerala family. wanna more. how to share with you, dude.
wake up and brush your teeth, niamah. stop dreaming

suresh said...

The Indian community had a choice prior to GE13, but opted for BN instead. Despite the past for over 56 years people just never learn to wise up. All those promises made by BN during their campaign availed to nothing, yet the Indian community, and other component parties ignored realities, past lessons, and allowed those 'crooked' leaders in Umno to helm the gov't. Given the recent spate of incidents inflicting the Indians by those so-called 'trigger-happy law enforcers' with their brutality, evidently the community had not been granted the respect as rightly citizens of this country. With such a PM who cared for nothing except his head-on objectives and self-acclaimed dignity propelling himself forward, what or who else matters? Despite calls to boycott CHOGM, Najib blatantly ignored those calls - that's UMNO/BN for you!