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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The comedy is becoming a little scary

By now, a lot of us would have heard the Zahid fler's speech threatening the press at an Umno event in Malacca.
He couldn't give a flying fuck what you think about him. He is the Minister. He is riding high. He is a damn shrewed politician. And I think it would do us well to learn to live with and deal with this arrogant piece of shit in the years to come.
Below is a reprint of the MalaysiaKini report on this latest step in the direction of ketuanan something or other.

Zahid's speech was mainly about his role in securing amendments to the Prevention of Crime Act 1959, or what his described as "my law", that was... peppered with jokes about Malay gangsters and some off-colour comments that are bound to annoy the Indian and Chinese Malaysian communities.

About 11 minutes in, Zahid appeared to be aware that there were journalists in the room and instructed them to omit certain parts of his speech.

"Sorry. If there are reporters, don't write this," he said.

However, towards the end of the event, Zahid appeared to have a change of heart and warned journalists, in a loud and angry tone, not to write about the event or their newspapers would be closed down. The transcript of this portion of his speech follows:

"They (journalists), don't write. This is closed door session, please. Don't write anything. Don't take any photograph of me and the crowd. I do not allow it. This is a closed-door session.

"I don't want; as informed by the CM (chief minister), this is a closed-door meeting; this is only for Umno delegates. If any news about what I say appears in the newspapers, be it in Malay, English or Chinese or Tamil, I will shut down that newspaper.

"Do not write, I say do not publish, do not put on Facebook, do not anything... [inaudible]."

The remarks were followed by loud cheers and shouts of "Keluar!" (get out) from those present.

Read more here:
Have you noticed that an ex-prime minister is appearing more often in all media, and saying lots more about everything from public safety to economy to Bumi rights than the prime minister?
The Chinese president comes to visit and is welcomed by only the Malaysian minister of health. Correct protocol meh? China is Malaysia's biggest trade partner wor.

 There! It's confirmed true. The minister has said it. Now SHADDUP or emigrate to another country if you don't like it.
And before that you thought it couldn't get any worse after......
Aiyooooooh!!! How to top comedy material like this la. Baarger! Even here also the garmen want to pecah our rice bowl meh?
If you are Muslim and are about to bite into that McDonald's cheese burger, DON'T!!! You may unwittingly be contributing to attempts by the USA to colonise Malaysia. Or rather YOU in particular.
The Malay Mail story HERE.
Okay, the big guy has said it. So no more arguments okay?
NEP does not benefit cronies - Dr. Mahathir

The old man says the NEP is not about cronysm. And that no one is going to lose anything from t...his policy but will gain from the growth of the country and share what they get from the growth.
He also said that the NEP is to distribute wealth to everyone.
I wonder how the mak cik and pak cik in the kampungs feel about this when they light the fire to boil the water they'd carried from the polluted river 2km from their leaky house?
 It's not often that 1 politician can come up with 2 great comedy routines within the space of a week. Comedic masters though they may be. But this fler managed it la. His name is Shahidan Kassim and he is a minister in the prime minister's department.
First, he said............
Malaysia antara negara terbersih daripada perbuatan rasuah. (Malaysia is a country that is totally free of corruption)
and then he followed it up with this howler. He proudly announced in Parliament that it was Mongolia and Israel who copied our slogan ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES and not the other way around.
Phew!!! What a relief. Now I can leave my gates unlocked. My wife can put her handbag on the passenger seat. Safely. My children can play in the park by themselves. Thank you Kerajaan Malaysia for passing The Prevention of Crime (Amendment and Extension) 2013 Bill. Ha??? No meh? But you say one ma. If got PCA then all the bad guys will be put in jail. No more crime ma. No ah? Then we are fucked. Again!


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of fools,morons & idiots. The sight of these clowns make me sick.

Anonymous said...

You're a brave man Patrick, hats off to you....all the best...

voyante said...

Hello, I enjoy reading all of your post. I like to write a little comment to support you.

Chin Too Lan said...

Zahid is trying hard to justify himself to be Umno's VP.

In a bout of Chinese-bashing, Ali Rustam blamed the Chinese voters for his defeat in the Malay-majority Bukit Katil parliamentary seat in Malacca, oblivious of the fact that he would not have lost in the May general elections if he had not also lost the support of the Malay voters in his constituency.

Is Ali Rustam going to blame the Chinese again if he loses in the UMNO Vice Presidential elections next Saturday?

Anonymous said...

A bunch of UMNO goon ministers and IGP.
How Malaysia can progress if we have these clowns around?
It is a waste of public money!
No wonder the Education ministry has to spent RM20mil to engage oversea consultant to 'invent' the education 2013-2025 blueprint.

Anonymous said...

Zahid Hamidi is a potential future PM?

Now that is a very frightening thought and potential.

I am truly afraid for Malaysians, not from crooks but the the very lawmakers we have now.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

first of all Ali Rustam lost in a Malay majority area, secondly, didn't he once remarked that he didn't need Chinese votes, so what is now barking about?

Anonymous said...

I have many good muslim friends here, and can honestly say that I am embarrassed for them and feel really sad at the state of Islam in Malaysia. I say "the state" but I really mean the way that the government and many fanatics regard their own religion in such disparaging ways. Here, every muslim is deemed to be under some unexplained threat. There is an all pervading siege mentality, created and prolonged by the endless diatribe of ridiculous statements, rulings and actions of a desperate government trying to sustain their reign over the subservient muslim populace at almost any cost, including their revered religion. I despair for the country as a whole - while Najib in his ivory tower trots around the globe spouting about Malaysia's peace and harmony, back home, the wedges are being driven even deeper between the races and their religions. At some point I can see an massive conflagration occurring. Such a sad happening in such a once great country.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is doing good as a country. Its definitely peace and prosperous. You only think its going down the drain because youre one of the few who are left behind n still cry foul. Im not saying the author of this article, who has a point. I'm criticising these fella up here in the comments section