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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The NEP benefits all Malaysians. But of course some benefit more than others. Natural ma. Isn't it?
The statement most likely to cause you severe heartburn and much shaking of head in disbelief...

NEP does not benefit cronies - Dr. Mahathir

The old man says the NEP is not about cronysm. And that no one is going to lose anything from this policy but will gain from the growth of the country and share what they get from the growth.
He also said that the NEP is to distribute wealth to everyone.
I wonder how the mak cik and pak cik in the kampungs feel about this when they light the fire to boil the water they'd carried from the polluted river 2km from their leaky house? Maybe in another 56 years their share of the NEP will arrive. Oh they'd be dead then wouldn't they? Sorry ah?


najib manaukau said...

This half breed egregious Mahathir hijacked NEP for the benefit of himself, family, his proxies and his cronies in the name of Malays. That is why he adamantly claims he is a Malay when he is not even by a long long shot. And if disputes that, all he has to do is to have his DNA tested to prove he is a Malay. If the cost is going to deter him, I said this before and I am saying it again. I will be more than happy to pay, with a bank guarantee, for it if the test can prove that he is a Malay. How is that to settle the long time argument ? With him as the lord of all he surveyed in Malaysia for more than half the time the late Tu Razak wanted, not to mention who would dare object any of his proposals. Yet, according to him NEP (Never Enough Policy) he could not even achieved half of the target. If that was and still is the case obviously the policy has failed very badly. Who else could have achieved the 30% target ? Or is it because they need another 44 years to achieve another couple of percentages ! Even with another 44 years, I can predict with my life, that it will not be achieved, Just so the aim of NEP ( Never Enough Policy) will never be achieved according to the figures and calculation of Umno. Clearly this 30% target to help the poor Malays will be an excuse for the half breeds Malays to keep enriching the warlords for as long as they want.
Remember what happened to Prof Khoo when he came up to confirm that the 30% has been achieved and see what happened to him. He had to resigned from his post, the best solution to this is for the Umno morons to come up with an open calculation how the 30% is to be based on. Or the morons may as well say it is a never ending policy, which is what it is !

Anonymous said...

Why don't this eblood suckers declare their asset like opposition?

Anonymous said...

when is he going to have a conscience and stop speaking untruths?

sri hartamas

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A Bad Boy said...

Mahatir might well say that the NEP is not for cronies but strangely, only cronies seem to benefit from the NEP.

Anonymous said...

This is going to upset many as you can read the comments under each of them:

Milking the country dry

The Auditor-General’s report, a tale of greed from top to bottom

Endless possibilities in auditing Putrajaya - Syahir Sulaiman


Anonymous said...

Malays now need 2 tongkat: NEP and BEE! Thanks to Umno OKU!

Spirit of Brooke said...

Impian Sarawak: Return Water Rights

Remember the water shortage we had recently in the Klang Valley? Just a few days without running water caused havoc for many of us and made our lives difficult. By comparison, in many rural areas in Sarawak, running water is a luxury. Villagers will have to get their water supply from a nearby river, as well as bathe and wash their clothes in it.

Watch this video to see for yourself the predicament the people in rural Sarawak are facing just to get access to clean running water.

Anonymous said...

What kind of character do we have here for national development?

Perkasa chief warns of fresh race riot if Malays not helped economically

Nothing surprises me anymore nowadays:

Wasteful overruns

Good piece of advice here but who would listen? The chief above??

Give a man a fish