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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why you all so like that?

Hiyah! Why you all so like that? Small thing only ma. Every department also lose things what.

The Auditor-General says that we are angry at the government over his findings of wastage because we have not read his report properly.

He said the main reason behind the wastage and asset mismanagement is due to civil servants not adhering to procedures and guidelines.

"In many instances, problems arose simply because the proper procedures had not been followed"

Yes, Tan Sri. So procedures were not followed. So who is responsible for making sure procedures are followed?

So sad. Now the Auditor-General also thinks Joe Public is stupid. Sigh.

But the most shocking thing I read in that Malaysian Insider story is that the Auditor-General wondered why the police were under the spotlight over the RM1.33 million in lost assets.

He basically said, "Hiyah! Why you all so like dat? Other departments osso lose assets what!"

I don't know la. This is a very strange country I live in.



Anonymous said...

I think he kena scolding by the boss(PM)when the press and public made a hue and cry about the wrongdoings in the govt.
So in order to please his boss,now he has to talk something to defence the govt so that his ricebowl is not at stake.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They have no shame! I want to study Islam to know what Islam taught.

Anonymous said...

The Sarawak Chief Minister's son has assets worth more than RM1 billion in Malaysia. Datuk Seri Mahmud Abu Bekir Abdul Taib's ex-wife, Shahnaz A. Majid, said he has assets ranging from RM916, 073,565 million to RM1.3 billion.

daniel said...

One phone call or being summoned to the office of some of the gangster types in the cabinet would have these wimps wetting their pants. Their pension and appointment to a GLC board of directors is at stake. So, about turn and quickly do some damage control lor.

Pasti Spontan said...

Everything this "stupid and careless" government does has turned into fiasco. You know what, stupid and careless people should do less. Just sit quietly, collect your pay and perks and please don't anything. There is no need for Hari Belia or Hari Nincompoops. Only third world nincompoop nations have hari ini and hair itu.

Anonymous said...

All records, findings, reports and surveys from local and all over the world have showed that msia is an extreme corrupt country in this world and even been labelled as world champion and to our disbelief the head of macc have the cheek to say that all this are only stupidity act and cannot be taken any action and also to our amusement they macc is one of the best in this region. With this kind of anti-corruption agency in this country, what hope do we have ?

saraly said...

Time to go then?