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Friday, November 29, 2013

So many Niamah's, so little time

Apa lagi saya mahu? Apa lagi lu ada?
"Malays and other Bumiputeras will be unable to enter the automotive business without the AP system because they are unfamiliar with the market" - Dr Mahathir
If you're unfamiliar then LEARN. Don't ask for handouts! Whoever started out being familiar with anything already? Did Mahathir asked the university to give him a degree because he wanted to be a doctor but was unfamiliar with how to become one properly?
This headline in The Malaysian Insider caught my eye......

Dr Mahathir says ending APs means ending Proton and Perodua

As a Malaysian consumer I say that I could care less. What do you say?

Read the whole ridiculous story here...


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bumiputra Schmumiputra!!!

If my limited understanding of Bahasa Indonesia is correct then I am every bit as much of a Bumiputra as this Zahid baarger claims to be.

Selamat kembali ke tanah kelahiran. Indeed.


Niamah boo toot la ni!

We must look at it from both perspectives. Both. You know what I mean? Two sides.

Good morning. I just read in The Sun that Syed Hamid Albar, the boss of SPAD told bus operators asking for fare increases that "we just can't simply increase the fares. We cannot just look at one side. We have to look at it from the public's perspective...they don't want any rise in bus fares."
How nice! Have you noticed that these flers are so so sensitive to our perspective and needs when it suits them?
Then how about temple demolitions.
Rise in electricity tariffs.
Sugar subsidy cuts.
Increase od DBKL rates.

In those cases the rule then changes to, in the words of that Tengku fler, "I will decide what is best for the rakyat."


Alcohol-free zone. Tobacco-free zone. And you say PAP never give anything free. Hiyoh!

Our right-wing flers better get their act together or those pesky Singapore baargers will outdo us. Again! I just read that one of their PAP Ministers (Is there any other variety down there?) has proposed ALCOHOL-FREE ZONES in the city. On ...the positive side, maybe they are learning the finer points of knee-jerk reactions from our YB's. Cross border cooperation.
 And by the way, next time you want to know things about us just ask nicely la. No need to spy spy all. K?
Sorry lor for spying on you baargers. Don't angry ok.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some juicy bits you might have missed

I read this headline in yesterday's edition of The Malaysian Insider......

The Malay rulers: To be feared or respected?

I don't know about being feared since I have no experience in that area. But being respected. Do we respect them? Sure...
, if they walked into a room I would respectfully stand up to welcome them. Sure, I would never use coarse language in their presence. Sure, I would even pull to the side as their motorcade comes howling by. But RESPECT? Hmmmm...I am not so sure. What have I, as a ordinary citizen got to go by? Other than the good princess, the consort of the Sultan of Johor who regularly goes to the ground to do good work for the less fortunate residents of the state, I cannot remember the last time I've ever heard of another member of Malaysian royalty doing anything that I would respect them for. Don't get me wrong. Perhaps they all go about doing wonderful work on the quiet and the Malaysian media never give them space or time. And if that is the case how do we know if they are deserving of respect? Right or not?
This headline in The Malay Mail made me...I also don't know what la.

PM tells ‘silent majority’ to drown out extremists

Najib said, "diversity should be celebrated and the right to co-exist should be defended. We cannot afford to allow voices of extremism to dominate the political discourse."

This is the most schizophrenic prime minister we've ever had.
Why is it that whenever our government is questioned about anything, some moronic YB or other will quickly draw comparison between us and something else. Remember the old joke about us being better than Ghana? And of course our petrol is ch
eaper than (insert country name here). Our sugar is cheaper than (you know the drill)

 The latest "comparison" is when the minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Shahidan Kassim said that the RM2.2million electricity bill for the PM's official residence last year was "among the lowest in the world"!!!

But when pressed further Shahidan said that he needed more time to compare Seri Perdana's utility bill with other official residences in the world.

Yes I am sure he will find some other banana republic to compare us to.

But for those of us Malaysians still struggling to come to terms with paying more for petrol and our daily meals Shahidan had one last barb to stick under our fingernails. He said that the multi-million Ringgit utility bills for the PM and DPM residences were because of the "frugal" system adopted.

There you go folks. So don't be so spendthrift okay. Full story HERE
"Why should the marginalised support a political system if it only widens the gap between the rich and the poor?" - Najib Razak, Prime Minister, Malaysia.

Yes, Najib. Why indeed. And while you're at it, why is it that after so many years
of affirmative action by the BN government, Malays remain the poorest in the country?
You got the answer?
People of various races (must) embrace two fundamentals of harmony - work together in a strong bond of friendship and allowing richness of culture to flourish. - Najib Razak, prime minister.

 Anybody knows what that means exactly? Thank you.
Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmad Maslan says that GLC's have been directed to spend more advertising money with Umno-linked newspapers Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian. Why? The YB says it's because "Malay language newspapers must receive mo...
re support in light of their “struggle” for the country

I am now struggling to understand that logic from one of Putrajaya's finest.
Now ya'all have a great week ahead ya'hear?